Turkey: Social Media Campaign against Jewish Writer Mario Levi

London, 25 July 2014 – PEN International condemns a social media campaign started earlier this week to boycott the work of Turkish-Jewish writer and PEN Turkey board member Mario Levi. Levi s novels have been included on a list of  Israeli products to boycott  that has been circulated on social media in response to the conflict in Gaza. PEN condemns the targeting of Levi and expresses its solidarity with him during this difficult time.One of Turkeys most loved novelists, Levis targeting has been met with widespread condemnation in the countrys media. Turkeys Culture Minister Ömer Çelik and parliamentarian Hakan ^ükür have described the campaign against Levi as a hate crime, while Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet ^im_ek  called it an abdication of reason and profoundly wrong.

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Federal System with Degree of Autonomy Essential for Iraq’s Survival, say Obama Advisors

25.07.2014 – Laura Kokotailo – BasNews, Washington – In its first official account to Congress of the events since the fall of Mosul, senior Obama administration officials proposed the establishment of a “functioning federalist” system in Iraq in a five-point counteractive strategy aimed at the threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).The US Department of State’s senior official on Iraq told Congress on Thursday that Iraqi commanders’ lack of initiative and unwillingness to cooperate with Kurdish Peshmerga forces contributed to the sweeping advances of ISIL since early June.

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Iraqi Kurds Risk Hamas Rockets in Israel to get Surgery for Sick Children

RUDAW – 25-7-2014 – By Lazar Berman – JERUSALEM, Israel – Three times since arriving in Israel for life-saving heart surgery on his baby boy, Kheiri from Kurdistan had to scurry for shelter at the charity hosting him in Jerusalem, as Hamas rockets flew overhead.  The Kurd from Shengal and his year-old son Wassam are among some of the Kurdish families staying at the Shevet Achim NGO, which brings ailing children from Kurdistan and other parts of the world for heart surgery at Israel’s world-class hospitals, at no cost to the families.   The few Kurdish parents and children there had not counted on getting caught in the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

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MESOP: BASHAR GOING DOWN AGAIN – Losses for Syrian regime rise sharply

Marlin Dick| The Daily Star – 25-7-2014 – BEIRUT: Syrian regime forces and allied groups have suffered more than 800 casualties in the last week, a leading anti-regime activist group said Wednesday, amid signs of a “significant” lack of manpower.The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a total of 1,769 people lost their lives in the one-week period following President Bashar Assad’s inauguration for a third term July 16.

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MESOP : INTELLIGENCE GOES ALWAYS UNDERGROUND – Tunnel intelligence failure a wake-up call for Israel

AL MONITOR 25-7-2014 – Ben Caspit – Apparently, there is no way to avoid the creation of a commission of inquiry once Operation Protective Edge is over. The commission will have to discuss what Israeli cabinet ministers are describing as a “resounding security failure.” Why didn’t Israel mark the threat posed by the Hamas tunnels as a strategic threat, as is now so obvious? Why didn’t it devote thought, effort, budgets and attention to this threat, just as it did to the rocket threat, which received an appropriate response in the form of the Iron Dome air-defense system?

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Kerry Proposes Cease-Fire Plan as Protests Erupt in the West Bank / HAMAS HAS REACTED NEGATIVE ON CEASEFIRE

An estimated 10,000 Palestinians gathered in the West Bank Thursday to protest the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Clashes broke out between Israeli soldiers and demonstrators, and three Palestinians were reported killed and up to 200 wounded. Blasts at a U.N. school, which was being used as a shelter, in Gaza’s northern city of Beit Hanoun killed an estimated 16 people Thursday. On Friday, Israeli airstrikes hit 30 houses in Gaza, reportedly killing the head of Islamic Jihad’s media operations. In the past 18 days of fighting, an estimated 819 Palestinians have been killed, mostly civilians. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in negotiations in Cairo, has proposed an initiative to end hostilities. The initiative would begin with a weeklong cease-fire, starting Sunday, though Israeli troops would be permitted to remain in Gaza throughout the truce. During that time, Egypt would mediate negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

MESOP : GET THEM OUT OF TURKEY ! – Karkamish Camp is ISIS Training Centre: IHD

ANF – ANKARA 25.07.2014 – The Turkish Human Rights Association (IHD) has issued a report today that says the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is using Turkey as a logistic base, citing claims that a camp near the Karkamish dam is being used as a training centre by this group.  

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MESOP : “Can the Islamic State Survive? What Can the US Do?”


by Matthias Baun Brubaker Christensen – @matthias1981

July 22, 2014Islamic state: a lion and a fox?

The Islamic State (formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham) emerged out of the ashes of two conflicts. It was born as a result of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and then used the power vacuum created by the civil war in Syria to create a base out of which it could create the foundations for an emerging state. However, how likely are they to succeed in their goal of establishing a functioning state? In answering this question, it is crucial to understand their strategy: do they only operate based on ideological fervor, or does their strategy contain elements of realism? Machiavelli taught us that a successful prince should learn to be both a fox and a lion, does IS have the ability to act as both?

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MESOP : PUK (MASUM) IN CONCORD WITH TEHRAN – Masum: I will be neutral & committed to the Constitution & Iraqi laws . 25  July 2014 12:58 – Shafaq News / Kurdistan Alliance candidate for the presidency, Fuad Masum announced that he would make all efforts to solve problems, and pledged neutrality in dealing with the conflicts among the political parties and abide by the constitution and the laws of Iraq.

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Kurdistan Region parliament passes referendum law


25-7-2014 – Kurdistan Region Parliament passed a law that demands establishing an election independent commission and holding a referendum that will ask people in the region whether they want to remain a part of Iraq or want to quit the country. The law was passed with 83 votes in the legislative body’s meeting yesterday.

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