IS THE ISIS FATWA DEMANDING FGM A HOAX ? / Thomas von der Osten Sacken (WADI)

SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) – The Guardian should know better

Shortly after a Fatwa was widely distributed ordering all girls and women to be mutilated in territories controlled by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) some doubts arose this document could be a hoax. Very fast international media took that claim, although no high rank member of IS denied the existence of this Fatwa so far and in Iraq Human Rights organisations and Women Activists believe IS is going to forcibly mutilate girls and women in the near future.

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Let Sunnis Defeat Iraq’s Militants / New York Times

TODAY’S MESOP COMMENTARY : Let’s move quickly – together with our American Friends

By RAFE AL-ESSAWI & ATHEEL al-NUJAIFIJULY 27, 2014 – New York Times – ERBIL, Iraq – THE situation in Iraq today is perilous, particularly for Sunni Muslim Arabs. Their prospects for inclusion in Iraq’s government and fair treatment from it have been declining since 2010, when Iraqiyya, the nonsectarian coalition to which we belonged, drew more votes than any other parliamentary bloc but was denied a chance to form a government. We might not have succeeded, but letting us try would have built public trust in democracy.

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Petition tp the Obama administration to: Support Kurdish Independence

For over a century, the Kurdish people have been repeatedly tortured, gassed, and brutally repressed in every country they live in. Denied an independent state of their own, the Kurds have suffered innumerable injustices at the hands of the people ruling them, including but not limited to a horrific genocide at the hands of Saddam Hussein in the late 80s. Recently, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, announced his support for an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq. The Kurds, already given self-autonomy in part of Iraq, have proven themselves more than able to run a country and are currently fighting against the malicious terrorist group, ISIL. As such, the Obama Administration should support Kurdish Independence for the betterment of the region and the world.

Created: Jul 23, 2014 – Signatures needed by August 22, 2014 to reach goal of 100,000

Total signatures on this petition :93 800

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Six Assyrian Students Detained, Tortured By Kurdish Intelligence Service

2014-07-27 15:53 GMT – Alqosh, Iraq (AINA) — Six Assyrian students were detained by Asayish, the Kurdish intelligence service, on June 30 outside the town of Alqosh in the Nineveh plain. The students were verbally and physically accosted by the armed Kurds. One of the students who tried to call his relatives was beaten on the spot. The students were taken to the Asayish headquarters in Alqosh where they were ordered to sit on their knees for several hours. They received death threats, beatings and torture before being released late in the night without their wallets and cell phones. They were told to come back in the morning to collect their belongings.

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Iraqi Shiʿi Politics in the Wake of ISIS / By Elisheva Machlis

MESOP ANALYSIS : TEL AVIV NOTES – Volume 8, Number 14 – July 27, 2014

More than two months after Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s bloc attained the largest number of seats in nationwide parliamentary elections, the Iraqi assembly still had not begun the process of choosing a new prime minister. On July 15, the parliament approved the nomination of Salim al-Jaburi, a Sunni, as speaker of parliament, and, on July 17, the assembly elected Fuad Maʿsum, a veteran Kurdish politician, as president.[1] These were two important steps in breaking the political stalemate in Iraq. Yet the country still remains without a constitutionally appointed prime minister to fend off the acute threat posed by the Islamic State of the Iraq and al-Sham (“Greater Syria”; ISIS).

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ISIS Hasn’t Gone Anywhere – and It’s Getting Stronger


July 24, 2014 - By Janine Davidson and Emerson Brooking -  Council on Foreign Relations – Amid dangerous escalation in eastern Ukraine following the MH17 tragedy and a widening war in Gaza, it’s easy to dismiss last month’s lightning offensive into Iraq by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq’s (ISIS) as “old news.” Unfortunately, as global attention has shifted elsewhere, ISIS has only grown more virulent. The self-proclaimed caliphate has redoubled its efforts in Syria, launching a series of unprecedented offensives last week that now leave it in control of 35 percent of Syrian territory and nearly all of Syria’s oil and gas fields. The tumor is growing.

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Kurdistan Parliament supports Masum & calls him to solve Erbil – Baghdad problems

MESOP : Who chooses Mahsum selects Tehran – NOT Kurdish Independence          

 27 July 2014 14:34 – Shafaq News / Parliament of Kurdistan Region announced on Sunday, its support for the elected president , Fuad Masum , asking him to exercise his role in addressing the problems between the region and the federal government.A statement of the presidency of the parliament received by “Shafaq News” that “ the speaker of parliament , Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq has called by telephone to offer congratulations on his accession to the post of President of the Republic, wishing the relationship to return between the regional parliament and the president of the republic and benefit the citizens of the region.

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MESOP : KDP official survives assassination attempt in Mosul

SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ)  Shafaq News / 27-7-2014 – The official of 14 branch of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Mosul survived an assassination attempt by a roadside bomb explosion northwest of the city.

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MESOP Peshmerga Spokesman: Turkey Talks Were About Solution in Iraq


By RUDAW 27-7-2014 – Jabar Yawar: We did not have any security or military demands for Turkey.

Jabar Yawar, chief of staff and spokesman for the Kurdistan Region’s ministry of Peshmerga, was part of the top-level to Ankara that was headed by Kurdish President Massoud Barzani. Though the delegation was heavy with military officials, Yawar told Rudaw in an interview that military discussions were only part of the talks. “We did not have any security or military demands for Turkey,” he said.

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