MESOP : THANKS TO PUTIN ! – Sweden & Germany Suspends Flights to Northern Iraq Over Security Concerns

2015-11-27 – (Reuters) — Sweden has suspended all flights to northern Iraq because of concerns about increased military activity in the area, the country’s transport agency said on Friday.

Iraq closed its northern airspace for at least 48 hours earlier this week because of military traffic from Russia’s air campaign in neighbouring Syria.Commercial routes from the Middle East and Europe were disrupted, as were reconnaissance and resupply flights for the U.S.-led coalition that has been bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria for more than a year, separately from the Russian campaign.

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MESOP : More decay – MORE Civil War – Iraq’s Shiite militias vs. Kurdish fighters: A sign of the civil war to come?

 27 Nov 2015 – niquash org – TUZ KHURMATU,— Last week’s clashes between Shiite militias and Kurdish fighters resurrected the spectre of ethnic fighting. A peace deal has been signed. But it’s never that easy in Iraq and the area remains “a ticking time bomb”.

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MESOP OPINION : How renewed Turkey-PKK conflict threatens the KRG / Mohammed A. Salih

25 Nov 2015 – Iraqi Kurdistan’s prospects of stability might be affected by the renewed resolve by Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) to fight the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), even after its spectacular victory in the snap elections on Nov. 1.

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Konkurrenz zwischen YPG und Peschmerga / Peschmerga Führer wütend auf PKK Milizen

Am Morgen des 12. November seien die PKK und ihre Verbündeten aus dem Norden und Westen eine Stunde vor Barzanis Peschmerga nach Sindschar eingerückt, behauptet der grauhaarige Sengal, der einst in Deutschland für die hierzulande verbotene Organisation neue Mitglieder rekrutierte. Mit den Offizieren der irakischen Kurden sei die Offensive auf die Stadt nicht koordiniert gewesen, sagt Sengal. Man habe vielmehr eigene Interessen verfolgt. Bereits in den vergangenen Monaten war es den YPG schließlich gelungen, in den syrischen Orten westlich des Sindschar-Gebirges den „Islamischen Staat“ zurückzudrängen; die Provinz Hassakeh etwa und Gemeinden nördlich der IS-Hochburg Deir al Zor stünden nun ganz unter der Kontrolle des syrischen PKK-Ablegers. Um diese Erfolge nicht zu gefährden, sei die Einnahme Sindschars strategisch folgerichtig gewesen.

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 DENISE NATALI – Dr. Denise Natali is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Strategic Research at National Defense University’s Institute for National Strategic Studies – NOVEMBER 25, 2015

The U.S.-led coalition’s recent offensive in Iraq’s Sinjar Mountain, supported by Kurdish Peshmerga forces, represents a much-needed tactical victory against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The successful combination of Operation Inherent Resolve’s precision airstrikes, intelligence, and advise-and-assist support to over 7,500 Kurdish and Yezidi forces from Iraq, Turkey, and Syria effectively expelled ISIL from Sinjar and allowed Kurds to seize parts of the strategically important Highway 47 between Mosul and Raqqah — a supply and transportation route to Syria that ISIL depended upon. ISIL territorial losses in Ninewah have also helped facilitate the gradual return of persecuted local populations, including the Yezidis, to their homes.

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MESOP : GREETINGS FROM PUTIN WITH LOVE ! – Iraq Closes Airspace in Kurdish North for Russian Missiles

By Sharon Behn – 2015-11-26 – MENAFM:COM – Iraq has shut down two airports in the northern Kurdish region of the country in anticipation of Russian cruise missiles crossing Iraqi airspace to hit multiple targets in neighboring Syria.

The Irbil and Suleymania airports closed down Monday for 48 hours. As a result all commercial airlines have suspended operations to the Kurdish regional airports “until the integrity of the airspace” can be confirmed according to a statement released by the Irbil International Airport.

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MESOP: The general madness continues on all sides – Muslim Kurds demonstrate against Yazidis in Iraqi Kurdistan

25 Nov 2015 – ezidipress – DUHOK, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— A demonstration was held Monday against the Yazidis in the Kurdish city of Dohuk located in Iraqi Kurdistan, Ezidi press reported. Dozens of Muslim Kurds gathered at the office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK – Liqa 1) on Monday afternoon with banners and Kurdish flags, accusing Yazidis in Shingal (Sinjar) of “using violence against Kurdish Muslims”.

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MESOP : ETHNIC CLEANSING IN SINDSCHAR ? Arabs Accuse Kurds of Exploiting War with Islamic State to Grab Land

By Sam Dagher and Ben Kesling – Washington Post – 25 Nov 2014 – After U.S.-backed Kurdish forces drove Islamic State militants from the Iraqi city of Sinjar this month, some of the fighters involved began looting houses of Sunni Arabs suspected of ties to the extremist group.

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MESOP Nordirak – Luftverkehr aus Angst vor Marschflugkörpern eingestellt

Alle Flüge in und aus der Autonomen Region Kurdistan im Nordirak wurden gestrichen. Die Kurden kämpfen gegen den IS, aber in der Luft fürchten sie anderes: russische Marschflugkörper. Von Alfred Hackensberger , Erbil 25 Nov 2014 – DIE WELT

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First independent student newspaper in Northern Iraq

On october 28th the first edition of the student newpaper “Pers. From the university to the university” was released. It is planned to publish a monthly edition for at least six months. It is the first independent regional student newspaper in Northern Iraq targeting subjects beyond the university and networking with students of other univeristies. The Kurdish word “Pers” meant topic but also problem. The newspaper is planed, written and published by students and tackles a number of topics surrounding student and university life: Interviews with university staff, statistics, surveys and reportages. The editorial staff comes from the university of Sulaymania and is taking part in WADI’s Local Democracy Projects, which are supported by Hivos and Oxfam Novib.

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