MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : LKA ERMITTELT – Jesidin beklagt mangelnde Zusammenarbeit mit deutschen Ermittlern

MESOP 18 August – Nach BASNEWS – Sie war als Jugendliche von der Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat verschleppt und als Sexsklavin missbraucht worden, danach kam sie als Flüchtling nach Deutschland. Nun hatte sie in Schwäbisch Gmünd eine unheimliche Begegnung.

Eine 19-Jährige Jesidin, die als Jugendliche von der Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat (IS) verschleppt und verkauft worden sein soll, ist nach eigenen Angaben in Deutschland ihrem ehemaligen Peiniger begegnet. Der Mann soll sie auf der Straße in Schwäbisch Gmünd bei Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg) verfolgt und angesprochen haben.

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New border crossing to create direct Iraq-Turkey link

Amberin Zaman August 14, 2018 – AL MONITOR

Article Summary – Ankara and Baghdad have announced plans to open a second border crossing, tightening links between the two countries.  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reiterated their commitment to creating a second border crossing linking their two countries today following wide-ranging talks in Ankara. Speaking at a news conference, both leaders underlined the importance of what Abadi called a “direct link” with Turkey. It would be established in addition to an existing border gate that has been run by the Kurdistan Regional Government since the fall of Saddam Hussain in 2003.

“Concerning the border crossing between the two countries in Fish Kabur, we are working on it. It is important for us for it to be a direct crossing,” Abadi said. His words suggest that he views the Iraqi Kurdistan Region as separate from Iraq, even though he viscerally opposed the Iraqi Kurds’ ill-fated referendum on independence that was held and overwhelmingly approved last fall.

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Iranian media stunned by Iraqi PM’s compliance with US sanctions


Al-Monitor Staff August 9, 2018  –  Article Summary – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s decision to cooperate with US sanctions has surprised a number of analysts and media in Iran.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s comments that his country would abide by US sanctions has taken Iranian media by surprise.”As a matter of principle we are against sanctions in the region,” Abadi said at a press conference Aug. 8. “Blockade and sanctions destroy societies and weaken regimes.” He added that they are a “strategic mistake” but that Iraq “will abide by them.”Given Iran’s immediate and unconditional support for Iraq after the rise of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in northern Iraq in 2014, compared with that of the delayed and conditional support of the United States, Iranian media and social media users were very critical of Abadi’s support of US sanctions. One official even mentioned memories of the Iran-Iraq War.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS ANALYSIS TODAY – In Southern Iraq, Iran’s Intentions Backfire

Dr. Haitham Numan is an Iraqi scholar located in the United States – THE WASHINGTON INSTITUTE – Also available in العربية  – August 9, 2018

Iraqi media is currently reporting that the Basra protests—which have spread to Wasit, Maysan, Dhi Qar, and Karbala provinces—resulted solely from the energy crisis and rising unemployment. However, the truth is that these major economic and political crises emerged as a result of the increase of Iranian influence in Iraq, and protesters recognize this. Though contributing about 80 percent of Iraqi oil exports, Basra has been neglected for decades, both by Saddam Hussein and later successive governments. Recent reports have noted that some residents of the south have been forced by severe poverty and unemployment to flee to Anbar governorate to search for agricultural work. These protests also reflect Iraq’s continued struggle to rebuild following a three-year war against Islamist militants that destroyed the country’s infrastructure.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INSIDER : NATO Expanding Training Mission to Aid US-led Coalition in Iraq

By Scott Wyland – -2018-08-02 NAPLES, Italy — NATO will provide 500 personnel to train Iraq’s security forces to prevent the Islamic State from regaining a foothold in the region, a top U.S. commander said.Joint Force Command Naples will lead the training mission, approved at NATO’s July summit, and will deploy sometime after this summer to set up the expanded training program, JFC officials said.

“We have people who understand how to maintain the infantry branch, maintain the armor corps, how to teach strategy and tactics, how to disarm bombs,” Adm. James Foggo, head of JFC Naples, said Tuesday in a Defense Department news report. “We’re going to find things where there may be gaps or seams where the Iraqi armed forces might need help with.”

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS BACKGROUNDER IRAQ : No Solutions – Why Iraq’s Anti-Govt Protests May Be Doomed To Fail – By Mustafa Habib

There are anti-government protests in Iraq every summer. But the recent batch are different, and in ways that could hinder any resolution.

2.08.2018 NIQASH –  The protests that have been rocking the Iraqi political establishment for almost a month now began when dozens of unemployed young men from the village of Bahila, on the outskirts of the southern city of Basra, gathered outside an oil company premises demanding jobs. The protests then spread to the city centre and widened their scope, with participants demanding better state services and regular water and power supplies.

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Shabaks, Yezidis, Assyrians protest settlement of Arab families in Nineveh

By Rudaw 1 hour ago  –  2 Aug 2018 – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Nineveh’s religious minorities have written to the head of the provincial council and the Iraqi interior ministry to protest the planned settlement of 450 Arab families from other parts of Iraq. They warn the move violates the constitution and will create instability.
The joint letter, penned by three Nineveh provincial council representatives from the Shabak, Yezidi, and Assyrian communities, warns the move “will lead to instability in the areas of these minorities and will open the door to demographic change, which violates Article 23 of the Iraqi constitution that bans any demographic change in areas where minorities live.”Article 23 of the 2005 constitution states: “Ownership of property for the purposes of demographic change is prohibited.”

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Amberin Zaman‏Verified account @amberinzaman 2h2 hours ago

31 July 2018 – Oops! “Peshmerga near Duhok told Al-Monitor that during the clashes with the central government forces in October following the referendum for independence, a senior Zeravani commander sold a MILAN system to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Sinjar”

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Amberin Zaman‏Verified account @amberinzaman 2h2 hours ago

30 Juli 2018 – Rebel says of Turkey “They are just using us to try to remove the Kurds from the border. And when this finishes, they will abandon us, too.” The Last of the Syrian Good-Guy Rebels … via @thedailybeast

MESOPOTAMIA NEWS REPORT – Explosions at arms depot dent peshmerga’s confidence in leadership / MILAN ROCKETS SOLD TO PKK

SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) – Fazel Hawramy July 30, 2018 – AL MONITOR –  Article Summary Recent explosions at several weapons and ammunition depots have deepened mistrust between rank-and-file peshmerga forces and their leadership in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

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