MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : ISLAMIIC STATE – STILL ALIVE ! Insurgents use intimidation to amplify influence


Islamic State militants thrive in large security gaps across northern Iraq, moving freely among villages, shopping for supplies, and using threats to enforce compliance.

By Mohammed Hussein, Samya Kullab and Staff of Iraq Oil Report – Published Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

In the village of Fariq, southeast of Kirkuk, the militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) group entered the local mosque with an air of casual confidence that shocked the assembling worshipers.  “They positioned themselves among the rows of worshipers and joined the collective prayer,” said one resident who was there. More via


German delegation meets KRG PM, welcomes closer ties

German delegation meets with the KRG cabinet on April 22. Photo: KRG
German delegation meets with the KRG cabinet on April 22. Photo: KRG

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Germany hope to develop closer ties following a meeting between Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and a visiting German delegation.
“Today Sunday, April 22, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, welcomed Gerd Muller, Germany’s Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development and his accompanying delegation, composed of a number of German parliamentarians,” a readout from the KRG states.
During their meeting, the German delegation praised the Peshmerga and the people of Kurdistan for their fight against ISIS, and welcomed the normalization of ties between the KRG and Baghdad and the wider world.

“[Muller] reiterated that humanitarian and military aid from his country to the Kurdistan Region [will continue],” the readout adds.
“He reveled that Germany pays great attention to its old ties with the Kurdistan Region and wishes for relations at all levels to progress forth, especially in economic and trade sectors,” the statement said.
The KRG PM asked for Germany’s continued military and humanitarian aid, “and emphasized that developing ties is Kurdistan Region’s priority.”
“In another part of his talks, his excellency pointed out that the Kurdistan Region and Iraq have good opportunities for investment, for this regard, he showed facilitation and help for the arrival of foreign companies.”

The two sides touched on the topic of Iraqi elections, KRG-Baghdad relations, and IDPs – especially the Yezidis, thousands of whom have been relocated to Germany for asylum and rehabilitation following their ordeal at the hands of ISIS.
Speaking ahead of his visit to Iraq, Muller told German media that supporting efforts to help IDPs return to their homes is a top priority. “We are now in the phase that these internally displaced people can return to the destroyed cities. And our job is to help the government rebuild,” he told the Tagesschau news service.

“Iraq needs support in managing these large refugee movements in the country itself.”
Germany supported the Peshmerga forces with MILAN anti-tank weapons and training. It has also contributed substantial humanitarian aid.The KRG Prime Minister was invited to Berlin in December last year. Germany played a role in facilitating talks between Erbil and Baghdad when ties between the two collapsed following the Kurdish independence referendum.



Die Vorbereitungen für die Nahost-Jugendkonferenz haben begonnen

Das Vorbereitungskomitee für die Nahost-Jugendkonferenz hat heute eine Presseerklärung abgegeben, in denen sie bekannt gegeben haben, dass die Arbeiten begonnen haben.

SILEMANI – Die Nahost-Jugendkonferenz wird mit dem Slogan: “ Die Jugendlichen aus dem nahen Osten diskutieren Jugendprobleme und Lösungswege”, durchgeführt. Heute haben die Vorbereitungsarbeiten angefangen, dass hat heute das Vorbereitungskomitee in einer Pressekonferenz bekannt gegeben. Die Konferenz wird am 18.Mai in Silemanî stattfinden.


In der heutigen Pressekonferenz hat das Mitglied des Vorbereitungskomitees Erîş Şarezorî gesprochen, er hat wichtige Informationen wie Datum, Standort und weitere Informationen bezüglich der Konferenz bekannt gegeben.

Şarezorî hat erklärt:

„Unsere Konferenz, welches die Probleme und Lösungswege der Nahost-Jugend diskutieren wird, wird ein Fundament um einen gemeinsamen Kampf zu führen. Die Konferenz wird am 18.Mai in Sileymanî durchgeführt. Im nahen Osten wo der dritte Weltkrieg stattfindet, dominiert eine Staatsmacht, diese fügt den größten Schaden den Frauen und der Jugend zu. Der Angriff auf den Nahen Osten zielt auf die Jugend ab. Aus diesem Grund denken wir, dass wir eine Konferenz organisieren müssen und die bestehenden Probleme und möglichen Lösungswege diskutieren.

Weiter spricht er über die Führung der Jugend:
„Der Nahe Osten braucht eine starke führende Jugend. Wir möchten als erstes die Jugend von Nordkurdistan und die gesamte Jugend des Nahen Ostens, um die Revolution des demokratischen Nahen Ostens zum Sieg zu bringen.”

(Serhildan Sema – NC)






Dr. Saman Shali |

The leaders of the political parties in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq decided to hold a referendum on September 25th, 2017 for the purpose of deciding the fate of the Kurdistan Region and the disputed areas including the oil reach city of Kirkuk.

After the announcement came, the enemies of yesterday, become friends of today. The lobbying forces of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria—which is representative by the Iranian government—actively colluded to halt the referendum by all means. And this strategy was gauged to minimize the rule of the people of the Kurdistan Region so as to ensure that they would play no role as power brokers in the future of the region.

They apparently took the bid for a referendum as their excuse to blindside the people of Kurdistan, because after the war against ISIS the popular army (Iranian’s proxy arm) in Iraq were determined to retake the city of Kirkuk and other disputed areas. We all know today that the leaders of the popular army are running the show in Iraq, while undermining the Iraq Government.

After a meeting in Ankara between the Presidents of Turkey and Iran including their top generals, they strategized to take back all the disputed areas under the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government—areas which the Kurds had defended from ISIS attacks in 2016 and thereafter.

But Turkey took advantage of this agreement to make the deal based on the following conditions—and, of course, to be silent about it:

  1. The Turkmens would get a larger and more important role in the future of Kirkuk.
  2. Iran would not react to any attack on the city of Afrin or other areas under control of the people of the Kurds in Syria.

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The great Russian oil game in Iraqi Kurdistan


Dmitry Zhdannikov – LONDON (Reuters) – Last October, at the height of a political crisis in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, a letter arrived at the Iraqi oil ministry in Baghdad from Igor Sechin, head of Kremlin oil major Rosneft (ROSN.MM).  21 April 2018

The Baghdad government was showing a “lack of constructive position and interest” about Rosneft’s offer to develop southern Iraqi oilfields, Sechin wrote in the letter, a copy of which was seen by Reuters.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : A NEPOTISTIC RULE – Kurdistan Regional Government on the Brink of Collapse

By Barham Khalid – 2018-04-18 16:03 GMT – nrttv

After 27 years of misrule and authoritarianism by Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) the people of Iraqi Kurdistan Region have had enough of suffering. Government can no longer perform its duties. In late of March 2018, another phase of demonstrations erupted when protesters began taking to the streets to demand their salaries, profound reforms from a government they can no longer abide.

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16 April 2018 – Interview with Comrade Salam Ali, member of the Central Committee – Iraqi Communist Party


IRAQ: Towards a Civil Democratic State, Social Justice and Citizens’ Rights

The following interview with Comrade Salam Ali, member of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party, was conducted by “Nameh Mardom”, the central organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran. It was published in its edition No.1047 on 19 March 2018.

The interview deal with the recent important developments in Iraq and the electoral alliance of the Iraqi Communist Party in preparation for the parliamentary elections on 12 May 2018.

  1. To begin with, please could you briefly explain the current state of political affairs in Iraq and its effect on the daily lives of the people there? What urgent matters are the people facing?

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TOP PAPERS FROM YOUR NEWSFEED  –  Edith  Szanto Edith Szanto –  “Zoroaster was a Kurd!”: Neo-Zoroastrianism among the Iraqi Kurds

15 April 2018 – Disgusted with ISIS, some Kurds turned away from Islam following the fall of Mosul in 2014. Many became atheists, while others sought comfort in Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism, according to converts, was the “original” religion of the Kurds before they embraced Islam. In 2015, two Zoroastrian centers opened in Sulaimani, both of which are recognized by the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq. Notably, neither has tried to recreate Zoroastrianism the way it is currently and has been historically practiced in Iran and South Asia. Instead, they have created their own versions of…

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  • Organised by EU PKK-Organisations – 12 April 2018

3th international conference on #faylee #Kurds in European Parliament with prof M. Van Bruinessen, prof T. Schmidinger and prof S. El Din Ibrahim – More via



Basnews English – 12/04/2018 – Coalition Jets Hovering over Iraq-Syria Border – ERBIL — As tensions escalate over Syria, the US-led Coalition has reportedly sent warplanes to the country’s border region with Iraq, a source said on Wednesday.“The coalition jets have been heavily hovering over the al-Tanf region on the border between Iraq and Syria, without clarifying the reasons for that,” the source told al-Maalomah website.

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