MESOP Iraq – ISIS cleric: no exchange of Peshmerga hostages

By RUDAW 27 Feb 2015 – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A pro-ISIS imam has rejected prisoner swaps of captured Peshmerga, calling the any possible hostage exchange a “lie of the media,” a Rudaw reporter in Mosul has learned.

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MESOP THE HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH FULL REPORT : Iraqi Kurdistan: Arabs Displaced, Cordoned Off, Detained

Harsh Restrictions in Northern Iraq While Kurds Move Freely FEBRUARY 26, 2015  – I aqi Kurdish forces have confined thousands of Arabs in “security zones” in areas of northern Iraq that they have captured since August 2014 from the extremist group Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Kurdish forces for months barred Arabs displaced by fighting from returning to their homes in portions of Ninewa and Erbil provinces, while permitting Kurds to return to those areas and even to move into homes of Arabs who fled. Some restrictions were eased in January 2015, after Human Rights Watch communicated with the Kurdish regional government about the issue, but others remain.

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MESOP REPORT : Iraqi Kurds ask for heavy weapons, push for delay of Mosul attack: Envoy / Bayan Sami, Kurdistan government representative to the US

WASHINGTON,— Washington Times – 27 Feb 2015 – A vital ally in the war against the Islamic State (IS) is making it increasingly clear that it wants the United States to call off its planned spring offensive. The Obama administration lacks a clear strategy to contain the chaos in Syria and should build on the battlefield successes of Iraq’s Kurdish forces by accelerating shipments of heavy weapons to the front, one of Kurdistan’s top diplomats said Thursday.

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SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) – KRG tanker unloads in Israel after abandoning US delivery

By BEN LANDO of Iraq Oil Report – Friday, February 27th, 2015 – The oil tanker at the center of a lawsuit over Kurdistan’s autonomous exports appears to have unloaded at the port of Ashkelon, having abandoned its quest to deliver crude to the U.S.The United Kalavryta, carrying more than 1 million barrels of oil produced and exported by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), sailed away from Texas in late January.It arrived at the Israeli port of Asheklon, where several other KRG-chartered tankers have unloaded their cargoes, and was last seen by …


Irakisch-Kurdistan: Araber vertrieben, ausgegrenzt und eingesperrt

  1. Februar 2015 – Pressemitteilung – „Arabische Bewohner auszugrenzen und ihnen die Rückkehr in ihre Heimat zu verwehren, das geht weit über eine vernünftige Reaktion auf die Bedrohung durch den IS hinaus” – Letta Tayler, HRW – Expertin für Terrorismus und Terrorbekämpfung

Irakisch-kurdische Sicherheitskräfte haben Tausende Araber in sogenannte „Sicherheitszonen“ in Gebieten im Norden des Irak gebracht, die sie seit August 2014 von der extremistischen Grupperung Islamischer Staat, kurz IS, zurückerobert haben. Monate lang hinderten kurdische Sicherheitskräfte Araber, die durch die Kämpfe vertrieben wurden, daran, in ihre Heimat in Teilen der Provinzen Ninawa und Erbil zurückzukehren. Kurden jedoch konnten ungehindert in diese Regionen zurückkehren und sogar in jene Häuser einziehen, die die geflüchteten Araber zuvor bewohnt hatten.

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MESOP NEWS ON THE HOUR : Kurdish Government Responds to HRW Report on Kurdistan / HRW accuses Kurdish security of discriminating Iraqi Arabs

Basnews – 26.02.2015 20:13 – ERBIL – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has responded to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization, which accuses Kurdish security forces of abusing Arab civilians in northern Iraq. After the release of HRW report on Thursday, Kurdish government angrily rejected all the accusations and information that have been published in the report.

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MESOP REPORT : Kurdish peshmerga, IS reach stalemate

Fazel Hawramy – February 26, 2015 – Al Monitor – MULA ABDULA, Iraq — “How are the skies?” a gruff voice asks in Iraqi Arabic dialect. “The skies are clear,” is the reply, after a crackle of static on the walkie-talkie through which a Kurdish major is listening to the conversation between two Islamic State (IS) militants on the other side of this front line, southwest of Kirkuk in Northern Iraq.An irrigation canal no wider than 10 meters (33 feet) separates the lightly armed Kurdish peshmerga forces from the extremist militants in Mula Abdula, where Maj. Aziz Ahmad stands behind a defensive berm, holding the walkie-talkie up to intercept the enemy’s communications.“They change the frequency regularly and it is not easy to intercept,” he told Al-Monitor. “IS is terrified of bomber aircraft, especially the French.”

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MESOP FOCUS : New Bill Would Punish Kurdish Genocide Deniers in Iraq

Rudaw – 26 Feb 2015 – SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — As the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) awaits The International Criminal Court to recognize the ISIS atrocities in Shingal, an earlier act of genocide is back in the news at home.Members of the Kurdish parliament’s Human Rights Committee put forward three bills to the regional legislature two months ago with the aim of amending the Iraqi penal code. Two of the bills are related to women’s rights and family laws.

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MESOP REPORT : Bishop Slams Turkey for Abandoning Syrian Christians to ISIL

A prominent Syrian bishop says Turkey is complicit in the abduction of dozens of Syrian Christians by ISIL terrorists.Syrian Catholic Archbishop of Hasakah-Nisibi said on Wednesday that Turkey is to blame for the recent abduction of at least 150 Assyrian Christians from villages in the border areas.

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Iraqi Kurds Confine Thousands of Arabs in ‘security Zones’

26 Feb 2015 – MIDDLE EAST EYE- Iraqi Kurdish forces have confined thousands of Arabs in “security zones” in areas of northern Iraq that they have captured since August 2014 from the group Islamic State (IS), Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Thursday. Kurdish forces for months barred Arabs displaced by fighting from returning to their homes in portions of Ninewa and Erbil provinces, while permitting Kurds to return to those areas and even to move into homes of Arabs who fled, according to a new report by HRW.

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