MESOP : PUK’S TRICKY INVITATION TO PKK (PYD) – PUK asks PYD to mend ties with Kurdistan Region

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), a ruling party in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, asked the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) to md its ties with the Iraqi autonomous region.

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MESOP REPORT : Europäische Parlamentarier unterstützen die Unabhängigkeit Kurdistans

Der EU- Vizepräsident Richard Chernetskiy sagte, das kurdische Volk habe das Recht auf Selbstverwaltung und die Unabhängigkeit.

Basnews – 29.01.2015 – Basnews (Redaktion) – Der EU- Vizepräsident Richard Chernetskiy sagte, das kurdische Volk habe das Recht auf Selbstverwaltung und die Unabhängigkeit. Der KRG-Vertreter für die Beziehung zum EU-Parlament, Dilawar Ajgeyi hat ein Treffen mit dem EU-Vizepräsidenten Richard Chernetskiy bezüglich der Zukunft Kurdistans verwirklicht.

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Bundeswehr-Trainer für Kurden: Bundestag erteilt Marschbefehl in den Nordirak

Von Matthias Gebauer – DER SPIEGEL – 29 Jan 2015 – Mit großer Mehrheit hat der Bundestag die Trainingsmission der Bundeswehr im Nordirak gebilligt. Trotz rechtlicher Zweifel sollen die ersten Ausbilder schon im Februar zu den kurdischen Peschmerga aufbrechen, um sie auf den Kampf gegen den IS vorzubereiten.

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Yazidi Commander: PKK & YPG Creating Tension between Kurds & Arabs / Women kidnapped and youth killed by PKK & YPG, says Yazidi Peshmerga Commander

Basnews | Biryar Koyi – 29 Jan 2015 – ERBIL – A Kurdish Yazidi Peshmerga Commander alleges that Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters have kidnapped Arab women and killed a Yazidi youth.

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Iraq Escalates Internal OPEC Scrap / The Kurdish Pipeline – By Grant Smith – Bloomberg – 2015-01-28 – The battle for customers among OPEC members that helped trigger oil’s collapse is about to escalate.

Iraqi crude production is climbing from a 35-year high as it adds growing Kurdish supplies to its exports, while southern oilfields remain unscathed by Islamic State militants. Finding buyers for the new output means offering more attractive terms than rivals in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, say Citigroup Inc., DNB ASA and Barclays Plc.

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US Senate Calls for the Establishment of a Province for Christians in Nineveh Plain

SHHAFAAQ COM – 2015-01-29 – 17 members of the US Senate Foreign Minister, John Kerry called to support the Iraqi government’s efforts to establish a province in Nineveh Plain that includes Assyrians and other Christian minorities inhabiting the area.The senator’s call came in a letter sent to Kerry and included signatures of highest-level Democrat in the Intelligence Committee, Dane Feinstein, a member of the Armed Services Committee, Ted Cruz, the official for voting of Democrats , Senate Richard Durbin, tthe member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Council, Jane Shaheen, and the member of the financial allocations Commission ,Mark Kirk. The signatories stressed the need for the United States to provide assistance and training to the responsible forces for this province and provide the necessary assistance for minorities, including the Assyrian to end the persecution that they have experienced in Iraq.

MESOP TODAY’S RECOMMENDATION : Meeting of anti-FGM Teams in Sulaimania, As Sulaymaniyah, Iraq (Click for pics)

On 27. of January members of eight mobile teams from all over Iraqi-Kurdistan and Kirkuk met in Wadi office to discuss the next steps how to combat Female Genital Mutilation. This is part of an ongoing campaign funded by UNICEF and Hivos. – Suaad Abdulrahman, Wadi’s Women Project Co-ordinator explained the concept of establishing Free FGM Villages. Until now seven of such villages exist in Iraqi-Kurdistan, this year it is planned to create at least five more Free FGM Communities. For more information see:

Beyond front lines in Iraq, a forgotten force faces Islamic State

BY MITCHELL PROTHERO – McClatchy Foreign StaffJanuary 28, 2015

JAR-ALLA, IRAQ — Sheikh Mohammed jumped into his battered Toyota pickup and offered a visiting journalist his rusting Kalashnikov assault rifle for the three-mile ride to the front lines. The offer rejected, he told his cousin Ali not to mention the journalist’s presence on the internal radio system because Islamic State fighters less than a mile away monitor the channel and they might mount an attack specifically to capture a journalist. “Every last man of ours will die to protect you if they attack,” Sheikh Mohammed said with a rhetorical flourish. Then he laughed. “But there are a lot of them and they have tanks.”

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” 29 Jan 2015: Said another Kurdish military leader in Irbil, speaking only anonymously because of the sensitivity of the subject: “We have had more than 800 martyrs since June among the peshmerga. We can look at their families and say, ‘Your son died to protect Kurdistan.’ Retaking Mosul will cost thousands of lives, for a Sunni city that we don’t want and it doesn’t seem like Baghdad wants. So what do we tell the families then?” Read more here:

MESOP FOCUS : Kurds ready to retake Mosul’s control – Fuad Hussein

28 Jan 2015 – MESOP – The chief of Kurdistan Region Presidency Office Fuad Hussein said the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga are ready to retake the control of the Iraqi second-biggest city of Mosul from the militants of the Islamic State (IS) but need cooperation to defeat the jihadist group.

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