In Disputed Iraqi Territory, Rebuilding A City Means Doing It Yourself

January 11, 20174:59 AM ET – By Jane Arraf/NPR  – Shopkeepers like Omar Najeeb have made repairs and reopened after the market in Jalawla was destroyed in fighting with ISIS. Some received $500 grants from aid agencies to help with repairs.For all of the terrible things that have happened to his city of Jalawla in northern Iraq, Yacub Youssef seems like a happy man.

Youssef is the sub-district director – essentially the mayor — of this small city just a few miles from Iran and about 90 miles north of Baghdad.

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MESOP NEWS “NO FREE PRESS IN IRAQI KURDISTAN?” – Metro center says violations against journalists ongoing in Iraqi Kurdistan – The Metro Center for Journalists’ Rights and Advocacy

15 Jan 201 – SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The Metro Center for Journalists’ Rights and Advocacy said journalists were not only killed on the frontlines against Islamic State (ISIS) in 2016, but were also killed and kidnapped in cities in the Kurdistan Region.According to a report by Metro, 175 violations were recorded against 148 journalists in the Kurdistan Region, including murder, injuring, illegal detention, and breaking and seizing of journalists’ equipment.

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MESOP SCANDAL : PKK TERROR IN SOUTH KURDIST AN – PKK Arrests Peshmerga Official near Qandil – The whereabouts & fate of the official remains unknown

Mohammad Dargalayi  – 15 Jan 2017 – BasNews –  ERBIL — Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on Saturday arrested head of media department at Peshmerga forces’ 7th brigade in Qandil mountainous areas. Barham Ali Yasin, commander of the brigade, confirmed the report to BasNews and revealed Ali Wsou, the arrested Peshmerga official, was taken into custody at a PKK checkpoint near Zargalie village, Rawanduz district of Erbil province.

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MESOP NEWS : TEHRAN MULLAHS RULES IN KURDISTAN ? – Saudi Arabia consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan should be closed, Iranian commander warns

15 Jan 2017 – HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— An Iranian top commander warned on Friday that the consulate of Saudi Arabia should leave the Kurdish capital of Erbil because their presence in Kurdistan Region destabilizes peace and causes chaos, he claimed.

Mohammad Hossein Rajabi, the commander of the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in the Kurdish province of Kurdistan also raised questions about the presence of more than 30 regional and international diplomatic representations in Erbil, Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported.

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Nordirak: Der Mythos der Einheit – Die Bundeswehr bildet im Nordirak Peschmerga-Kämpfer aus, das Mandat soll bald verlängert werden. Aber Kurdistan ist wirtschaftlich am Boden und politisch tief gespalten.

Von Birgit Svensson, Erbil  – 14. Januar 2017, 19:16 Uhr  – DIE ZEIT

Es tropft im Internationalen Flughafen von Erbil. Vor den Schaltern von Iraks staatlicher Fluggesellschaft fangen Plastikschüsseln das Wasser auf. Die Passagiere müssen einen Bogen um sie machen. Auch vor dem Gepäckband tröpfelt es von der Decke. Dabei ist das Flughafengebäude erst sieben Jahre alt. Mit einem pompösen Festakt wurde es 2010 eingeweiht.

550 Millionen Dollar hat sich die kurdische Regionalregierung das Prestigeobjekt kosten lassen. Geschwungene Dachkonstruktion, offene, helle, transparente Hallen aus Glas, Chrom und Metall. Der Flughafen war das Symbol einer aufstrebenden Region, nun ist er ein Symbol für den heutigen Zustand von Kurdistan.

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Tensions Rise Between Abadi and Maliki Over PKK in Sinjar: Official

ERBIL — BasNews 14 Jan 2017 – The presence of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) forces in Sinjar has caused tensions between Iraqi prime minister Haidar al-Abadi and former premier Nouri al-Maliki as the latter supports PKK’s stay in the district.

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SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) MESOP NEWS FOCUS: TROUBLE AHEAD – KDP Warns of Plans for Violent Demonstrations in Sulaymaniyah – A political party is directing the demonstrations towards the KDP offices

  Basnews English – 14/01/2017 –  SULAYMANIYAH — Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has warned of a plan by “a political party” to incite violent acts in front of the party’s provincial leadership council in Sulaymaniyah province on Saturday.

In a statement issued late on Friday, the council, without mentioning a name, said that a political party is plotting violent demonstrations directed at the KDP bureaus, for which the months-long protests of educators is being misled. The plan comes in a crucial time when KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) are drawing a roadmap in hopes of tackling the political deadlock and financial crisis in the region. The two major parties met on Thursday for closer cooperation and a solution to the prolonged hardship.

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Open letter to the French president François Hollande / By Dr. Salar Basira – Scientist – Germany

To French messages French Foreign Office / President of France, Mr. François Hollande  – the general public 

Dear Mr. president François Hollande your viste in the DKP of Kurd’s leader “ Barzani puts many questions.

1)    you visited Barzani for the second time, or you invited him personally to Paris, although his term of office has run off according to the constitution for a long time, however, he is not ready to deliver the power.

The region Kurdistan Iraq owns defacto neither government nor parliament, then it puts to itself the question whom have you visited, actually?

Since almost to one year no full salary is paid to the population, and the policy of the hunger is pursued.

4)    Barzani represents merely the interests of his clan, that has got rich at the expenses of the civil population, and transfers billions to foreign banks. You know this Mr. president better than I, this starves all during the population. This also counts to the Talabanis clan, but Barzani has the upper hand.

5)    The human rights are kicked by the so-called political system of Kurdistan Iraq with feet. I myself was poisoned because of my criticism in Barzani-KDP in the Turkish-Kurdish border control by KDP Secret Services.

6)   B. has pursued bewiesenermaßen trade with the IS, and has the Jeziden place Schengal to the IS without a fight leave, so that thereby the Jeziden were put out to the genocide by the IS.

Now the question positions itself what get you to visit Mr. president, according to a clan? Was that a private visit in the name of the state? Many state politicians pursue private shops to own advantage under use of the preexisting political contacts, above all after her office times. I hope, Mr. president, you do not fall under this category Politician.

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Salar Basira – 8. Januar –  نامه‌يةكي كراوه‌‌ بۆ سه‌رۆكی فه‌ره‌نسا سةبارةت بة سه‌ردانه‌كه‌ی بۆ هه‌ریم به‌ زمانی ئه‌لمانی

Offener Brief an den französischen Präsidenten François Hollande

An die:

Französischen Botschaften / Französisches Auswärtiges Amt

Präsident von Frankreich, Herr François Hollande

Sehr geehrter Herr Präsident François Hollande

Ihr Besuch bei dem „DKP Kurdenführer“ Barzani stellt viele Fragen.

1) Sie besuchten Barzani zum zweiten Mal, bzw. luden Sie ihn persönlich nach Paris ein, obwohl seine Amtszeit nach der Verfassung schon lange abgelaufen ist, er aber nicht bereit ist, die Macht abzugeben.

2) Die Region Kurdistan-Irak besitzt defacto weder Regierung noch Parlament, es stellt sich dann die Frage, wen haben Sie eigentlich besucht?

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MESOP NEWS “POOR MAHMOUD” : Turkey seeking to fight Kurds with Kurds: Mahmoud Osman


Iranian backed Kurds Press – 9 Jan 2017 – Kurdish prominent politician Mahmoud Osman believes the Saturday visit of Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim to Kurdistan Region and meeting the high-level official of the region is to fight Kurds with Kurds.

……. While he prefers to fight Kurds with Iran via Bagdad !

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