MESOP : BROTHERLY HELP WITHOUT PASSPORTS / UPDATE: Kurdish president’s brother to lead Kobane relief force

By Alexander Whitcomb RUDAW – 25-10-2014 – Sihad Barzani, the commander of the region’s artillery brigade and brother of the Kurdistan Regional Governnment’s (KRG) President Massoud Barzani, will lead the Peshmerga in Kobane.The initial force will be led by Sihad Barzani, the commander of the region’s artillery brigade and brother of the Kurdistan Regional Governnment’s (KRG) President Massoud Barzani, according to a KRG official.

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MESOP : HOW TO LIBERATE SINJAR ? – Kurdish Yazidi Commander: Zumar is the Key to Freeing Sinjar

25.10.2014 – BasNews, Zumar – Kurdish Yazidi Commander Qassem Darbo has spoken about the liberation of Zumar in the Mosul area, claiming that it will facilitate the Peshmerga to free Sinjar too as Zumar is on the strategically vital road to Sinjar.In a statement to BasNews, Darbo said that in the four days that Islamic State (IS) militants have been continuously attacking the Peshmerga forces in Merka and Sulav around Mosul, IS have retreated because fighting in the current heavy rain was not in their interests.

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MESOP TODAY’S COMMENTARY BY DAVID IGNATIUS – Iraq & the U.S. are losing ground to the Islamic State

AMMAN, Jordan – 24-10-2014 – WASHINGTON POST  -Jalal al-Gaood, one of the tribal leaders the United States has been cultivating in hopes of rolling back extremists in Iraq, grimly describes how his home town in Anbar province was forced this week to surrender to fighters from the Islamic State. The extremists were moving Wednesday toward Gaood’s town of Al-Zwaiha, the stronghold of his Albu Nimr clan just east of the Euphrates River. The attacking force had roughly 200 fighters and about 30 armed trucks. Al-Zwaiha’s defenders were running out of ammunition and food and wondered whether they should make a deal with the marauding jihadists.

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MESOP : Questions over Peshmerga capability against ISIL / CLICK VIDEO REPORT

 Al Jazeera English  - 24-10-2014Those defending the city of Kobane are to receive reinforcements from the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.. But there are concerns about whether its fighters can be spared, as they are already involved in their own fight against ISIL in Iraq. Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from the Iraqi Kurdish capital Erbil. Subscribe to our channel Follow us on Twitter  -    WATCH VIDEO DOCU

MESOP : THREE YEARS !? OR MORE ? Kurdish military leader: ‘three years until extremists driven out of iraq’

  | عربي | کوردیniqash | Shalaw Mohammed | Kirkuk | 23.10.2014 – The deputy head of Iraqi Kurdistan’s Ministry of Peshmerga, Anwar Haj Othman, was interviewed near the front lines.The deputy head of Iraqi Kurdistan’s Ministry of Peshmerga and a senior leader in the Iraqi Kurdish armed forces, Anwar Haj Othman, spoke to NIQASH about how much Baghdad was helping them fight IS, plans to support Kurdish fighters in Kobani, Syria, and how long he thought extremists could survive in Iraq.

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MESOP : FORGET ABOUT IRAQI ARMY – Ground offensive against Islamic State months away in Iraq: U.S.

BY PHIL STEWART – MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE Florida Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:14am EDT –  (Reuters) – Iraqi forces are months away from being able to start waging any kind of sustained ground offensive against the Islamic State and any similar effort in Syria will take longer, officials at the U.S. military’s Central Command said on Thursday.

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 US Officials: Iraqi Army Regrouping Slowly

By Robert Burns – 24-10-2014 –  (AP) — Iraq’s fractured army has begun to regroup and stage modest, localized attacks on the Islamic State militants who routed them last spring and summer, but they are unlikely to be ready to launch a major counteroffensive for many months, senior U.S. military officials said Thursday.”We’ve seen them start to act like an army,” one official said in a lengthy exchange with a group of Washington reporters who were invited to U.S. Central Command headquarters for the command’s most extensive briefings on operations in Iraq and Syria.

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MESOP : THE KURDISH FLYING DUTCHMAN (II) – US Not to Intervene in Baghdad, Erbil Dispute Over Tanker of Kurdish Oil: Official

By Herman Wang – 2014-10-23 17:22 GMT – – The Obama administration will not intervene in a legal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil over a tanker of Kurdish oil that has been circling off the coast of Texas for months, the top US energy diplomat said Wednesday.For three months now, the United Kalavrvta tanker has remained in international waters near the port of Galveston, Texas, according to Platts cFlow vessel tracking program, awaiting a US District Court ruling on whether its cargo of 1 million barrels of Kurdish crude will be allowed into the US for sale.

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MESOP INTEL : General Dempsey to the Rescue – How America’s top military leader dragged Obama back into Iraq.

By MARK PERRY October 23, 2014 – POLITICO MAGAZINE – Apart from an occasional Thursday afternoon meeting between Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the White House, Gen. Martin Dempsey—the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—rarely has opportunities to get face time with the president. So when he does, he presses his advantage. One of the few times this happened was during the early evening hours of Aug. 6, when Dempsey joined Obama in his limousine at the State Department, where the president had been attending a session of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. The ride to the White House allowed Dempsey his first one-on-one with Obama in several weeks. As the two sat across from each other in the presidential limousine, Dempsey turned to his commander-in-chief.

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MESOP THODAY : Air strike targets IS militants on a hill in Kobane / WATCH AFP VIDEO

24-10-2014 – An air strike targeted Islamic State group militants on Thursday who were standing near their flag on Tilsehir hill in the embattled Syrian border town of Ko… –

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