Seminar on Religion, secularism and the idea of public sphere in Kurdistan – Iraq

Freitag, 25. April um 18:00 (UTC+01) School of Oriental and African Studies in London, United Kingdom

A TRUE EASTER RISING !? : Nechirvan Barzani is willing to end conflict with PKK

Baxtiyar Goran @BaxtiyarGoran  - @NBarzani showed his will to end the conflict between #PKK & #PDK and ready to meet PKK leaders … #TwitterKurds6:15 PM – 18 Apr 2014

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PUK: No mass resignations in Mosul and the Alliance in Diyala & Kirkuk is coherent


Shafaq News / 18.4.2014 – A leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Diyala denied on Thursday, the existence of mass resignations in the ranks of his party in Mosul and joining Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), while stressing that the resignations were by individual and has ruled out the presence of any splits or signs of the differences between the two parties in Diyala and Kirkuk.

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New Agreement for Kurdish Cabinet Does Not Include PUK

By RUDAW – 18.4.2014 – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said it has signed the final agreement for the next Kurdish government with two other parties, while its strategic partner the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said its leaders were still mulling options.

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12,000 Kurdish families leave Mosul

18.04.2014 – Omar Awara – BasNews, Mosul – As a result of the conflict and violence in Nineveh province, almost 12,000 Yazidi and Shabak families have left the city. On Thursday, the Director of the Mosul Office, Mohammed Abd, told BasNews: “so far, 12,000 Yazidi and Shabak families, mostly Kurds, have left the city and migrated to other places in the province due to the on-going terrorist threats and attacks in the province.”

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MESOP NEWS : KRG tells PYD: Don’t play games with the Region’s security

18.04.2014 – Hemin Salih – BasNews, Erbil – The security committee of the Iraqi Kurdish city of Dohuk has warned the Democratic Union Party (PYD) that they will not allow gaps to appear in the security of the Kurdistan Region.

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Iranian spy balloons monitor borders with Kurdistan

17.04.2014 – Bestun Kakayi – BasNews, Iran – Iranian military commanders have revealed that Iran monitors its borders, including that with the Kurdistan Region, with spy balloons.

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MESOP SOUTH KURDISTAN : Kurds finally reach agreement on new government

17.04.2014 – Kurdo Shaban – BasNews, Erbil – In a press conference held by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Gorran (Change Movement), Gorran declared that they would participate in the new government. On Thursday, after much discussion, Gorran accepted the suggestions for government posts given to them by the KDP. In a press conference held by Gorran official Omar Saied Ali and the head of the KDP’s politburo, Fazil Mirani, Ali publicly announced that Gorran would participate in the new government. “We have signed the agreement with Gorran,” said Mirani, and Ali added, “Next week, the Kurdistan Parliament will choose the parliament speaker from Gorran party.”

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Wave of strike renewed in Iraqi Kurdistan for delayed salaries

April 17, 2014 – Shafaaq-com – SLÊMANÎ, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— Wave of strike have been renewed in Slêmanî [Sulaimaniyah] city again as a result of the delayed payment of their salaries for last March. Kurdistan complain from the scarcity of liquidity as a result of Baghdad ‘s reluctance to send employees’ salaries in an effort to force the region to accept the conditions with respect to the export of oil.

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Iranian delegation to meet PUK & Gorran leaders in Sulaimaniyah

16.04.2014 -  Mewan Dolamari -  BasNews, Erbil – The Iranian delegation that previously met with different Kurdish political parties and the KRG President to discuss the formation of the new government is now in Sulaimaniyah, where it is due to meet the leader of Gorran (Change Movement) today.

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