MESOP SHORT CUTS SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) Barzani reiterates on holding independence referendum

28 Apr 2015 – The President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, reiterated the region will hold a pre-planned referendum to ask the people of the region whether they want to have an independent state or remain a part of Iraq.

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U.S.: Defense bill recognizes Iraq’s Kurdish Peshmerga, Sunni militias as a ‘country’

By Julian Pecquet – Al Monitor – 28 Apr 2015 – WASHINGTON,— Republican war-policy writers are demanding that the United States recognize Kurdish and Sunni militias as their own “country” amid growing concerns about Iran’s influence over Baghdad.The House Armed Services Committee on April 27 released an annual Defense bill that authorizes $715 million in aid to Iraqi forces fighting the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS). The bill, which is scheduled to be debated and voted on in committee on April 29, carves out at least 25% of that aid for the peshmerga, the Sunni tribal militias and a yet-to-be-established Iraqi Sunni National Guard.

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MESOP : KIRKUK GOES NORTH – Kirkuk Governor: We May Consider Forming Autonomous Region / Ministries cannot fulfil their duties, the Najmaddin Karim says

Basnews – 27.04.2015 – KIRKUK – The governor of Kirkuk Province in northern Iraq has asked the central government to distribute decentralised authority among the governorates and provide more services to the people of Kirkuk.

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A Yazidi party and army  to be established in Iraq: HPS

Ezidi press – 27 Apr 2015 – HANNOVER , Germany,— A Yazidi party in Iraq is to be established on the initiative of the top Shingal Protection Units (HPS) commanders Haydar Shesho and Dawud Jindi, the HPS announced in a statement published on Saturday, stating that an establishment of a party led by Yazidis and aimed at ensuring their right of self-determination within the local borders was inevitable due to the rapid changes in the Middle East, the preventable genocide against the Yazidi people and also the political situation in Iraq.

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MESOP : Remarkable KRG/Barzani success in EU Brussels

KRG to Participate in EU-Iraq Government Meetings / EU & Baghdad have agreed to accept KRG in any future agreement or meeting related to Iraq

Basnews views – 26.04.2015 – BRUSSELS – The European Union (EU) and Iraqi government have agreed from now on to include the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representative in future diplomatic relations and meetings at all levels. Dlawar Azhgayi, the European Union representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) , told BasNews on Saturday that from now on Kurdistan Region will have a representative in any EU meetings and agreements regarding Iraq.

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MESOP : THE USUAL PHRASES WITHOUT RELEVANCE – KDP ready to normalize relation with PKK: official

25 Apr 2015 – Kurdpress . The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) stated it is ready to normalize ties with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the chief of the KDP relation office told Rudaw.

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Peshmerga Train in Ukraine for Mosul Operation / Training focuses on urban warfare

Basnews | Hoshmand Sadiq – 25.04.2015 16:01 – ERBIL – A number of Kurdish Peshmerga has taken part in an urban warfare course in Ukraine, using a variety of weapons.A Peshmerga commander who participated in the training course and wished to remain anonymous told BasNews, “More than 70 Peshmerga officers have received practical courses on urban warfare and were trained on utilising several sorts of weapons.”

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Shia relations Peshmerga in Kirkuk – Taza Khurmato

بسمه تعالى
زار الحاج (حمه محمود) احد ابرز قيادات قوات الپیشمرگه , لواء 16 ،، و أستقبل في مقر فوج القائم (عج) من قبل آمر اللواء و أمراء افواج ( القائم “عج” , تازة , بشير , تسعين ,مقدم اللواء , مستشار اللواء , حركات وعمليات اللواء) كما زار الحاج الخطوط الأمامية .
الپیشمرگه + الحشد الشعبي = دحر الدواعش و البعثيين الأنجاس
شارك آمر فوج القائم (عج) للحشد الشعبي (ابو علي الكهية) في ناحية تازة مع وفد اللواء الــ 16 للحشد الشعبي محور الشمال بزيارة ميدانية الى السواتر الأمامية غربي وجنوب غربي محافظة كركوك في (ناحية ملا عبدالله + منطقة مكتب خالد + قرية مريم بيك) لغرض متابعة الأحداث عن كثب مع الأخوة الأكراد في قوات البيشمركة .
قوات البيشمركة + قوات الحشد الشعبي = مقبرة الدواعش والبعثيين الأنجاس
بسمه تعالى
زار أمر اللواء الأول للبيشمركة في كركوك كاكا (( محمد )) و الوفد المرافق له مقر الفوج القائم ((عج)) للحشد الشعبي في ناحية تازة (كركوك) وكان في أستقبال الوفد مسؤولي الفوج وبحضور السيد حميد الموسوي ، وأتت هذه الزيارة لتوثيق العلاقات والتنسيق بين الحشد الشعبي و البيشمركة في كركوك….
A 1
بسمه تعالى
شارك آمر فوج القائم (عج) للحشد الشعبي ( أبو علي التازه لي) والوفد المرافق له مع وفد لواء 16 للحشد الشعبي في محور الشمال بالحضور في فاتحة الشهيد البطل اللواء ( شيركو فاتح الشواني ) في قضاء چمچمال…..
تحية أجلال وأكبار لشهداء قوات البيشمركة و قوات الحشد الشعبي والموت الموت للدواعش والبعثيين الأنجاس…..
بقلم علي مارد…..
درس في الشجاعه والكرامه
مشهد اعدام هذا المقاتل الكوردي الشجاع على يد اقذر خلق الله أثر في قلبي كثيرا
كل من شاهد لحظات حياته الاخيره ونظر في عينيه سيدرك انه امام رجل شجاع لا يستسلم بسهوله وان هذه الضباع البشريه بطريقه او بأخرى قد كمنت له واسرته…..
واقول لكم شيئا لم يظهر في مشهد ذبحه وربما لم ينتبه له احد… اذ بعد ان قرأ الداعشي الجبان بيانه الذي سبق عملية الذبح قاومهم هذا البطل بكل ما اوتي من قوه رغم قيوده وخرب عليهم سلاسة العرض الدموي وقد تكالبوا عليه بكل جبن وخسه قبل ان تصل السكين لرقبته…..
ولهذا كل من شاهد الفديو يجد ان هناك قطع في المشهد وان عمليه الذبح لم تظهرفي بدايتها…..
رحمة الله على شهدائنا الأبطال من قوات الحشد الشعبي و الپيشمرگه و الجیش…..
A 1

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MESOP SITUATION REPORT : Shiite militia targeted in Kirkuk

albawaba News : 25 Apr 2015 – At least five civilians have been killed and more than twenty others injured in a bomb explosion that targeted the funeral of a pro-government volunteer fighter slain during fighting with Daesh militants in Iraq’s northern province of Kirkuk. A local security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the bombing took place as people were attending the funeral in the provincial capital city of Kirkuk, located 236 kilometers (147 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad, at around 9.30 p.m. local time (1830 GMT) on Tuesday, Arabic-language Kirkuk Now news agency reported. The source added that the bomb attack left five civilians dead and 21 others injured, noting that security forces immediately rushed to the scene and launched an investigation into the incident. There has been no claim of responsibility for the bombing, but such attacks are usually blamed on Daesh miliants. The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has said that nearly 1,000 people were killed by violence last month, while over 2,170 others were injured in the war-torn country.

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Barzani Meets with Yazidis and promise KRG Support Will Continue / Kurdish Yazidis asks Barzani to make Sinjar newest Province

Basnews – 24.04.2015 15:02 – ERBIL – In a meeting with the Iraqi Kurdistan President in April 24th, people from Sinjar, northern Iraq, whose areas are currently under Islamic State (IS) control, have asked for Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani to liberate and establish a new governorate in Sinjar. Qassim Smier, the commander of Yazidi Peshmerga forces on Sinjar mountain confirmed to BasNews that “President Barzani has met with the people of Sinjar on 24th of April to discuss the current situation and latest advances of Peshmerga in those areas against IS militants”.

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