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AKP Kocaeli Youth Unit leader Emre Kahraman has used paid exemption from compulsory military service. Kahraman is well remembered for chanting “Leader take us to Afrin” volunteering to be taken to Syria in 2018; he had also greeted President Erdoğan in military uniform.
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Istanbul’s Syrian refugees fear deportation as officials step up raids

Officials in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul have stepped up operations against Syrian refugees as part of new policy aiming to shrink the country’s some 4 million Syrian population.

Istanbul hosts over one-eight, 500,000, of Syrians living in Turkey. There are increasing reports of rising animosity against Turkey’s Syrian refugees, which analysts maintain is fuelled by Turkey’s stumbling economy and rising unemployment. A large number of Turks resent Syrians, who they see as cheap labour taking over jobs and using services. Officials over the past 10 days have been raiding the homes and businesses of Syrian refugees in Istanbul, causing widespread fear of deportation among the city’s Syrians population, left-wing newspaper Evrensel reported on Sunday.

Gerry Simpson, the associate Director of the crisis and conflict division of Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Sunday said there were reports of Turkey beginning mass deportations from Istanbul.

“They rounded up a lot of people and sent them back home. Syrian workers are afraid. The owners of the workshops where they are employed too are afraid of hefty financial penalties. The owners are telling us that we have to leave. There are workers that haven’t left the workshops for days out of fear,‘’ one Syrian refugee in Istanbul’s Küçükçekmece district told Evrensel.

Küçükçekmece, which is home to a sizeable Syrian community, has witnessed an increasing number of attacks on refugees, in addition to a municipal campaign to curb Arabic shop signs following complaints from locals.

A lawyer working focusing on refugees, Abdulhalim Yılmaz  told the daily that there were signs pointing to such a move by the Interior Ministry, which had taken on an increasingly harsh tone where refugees are concerned since the March 31 local elections. The Ministry of Interior Süleyman Soylu said earlier this month that Turkish authorities would no longer register Syrians in Istanbul, excluding exceptional cases.

“The topic of deportation was in the spotlight during the local elections. If they are doing this in order to pander to the nationalist crowds, then the outcome will not be a good one,” Yılmaz said.

The lawyer said that Turkish laws regarding deportation were very “flexible,‘’ and officials had the freedom to send any foreigner outside a city or even deport them.

However, “the lives of refugees must not be under danger in the countries they are being sent to. Countries such as Afghanistan and Syria are in the category of unsafe countries,’’ according to Yılmaz.

Turkish police are forcing Syrian refugees to sign voluntary return forms from Turkey form as part of the deportation, Syrian civil society and human rights activist Asaad Hanna said on Twitter, sharing an image of said document.

Hanna also shared video footage of Syrian men handcuffed while being transported on a bus.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has in the past said up to 1 million of Turkey’s Syrian population would return to their homeland once a safe zone is established in northeast Syria along their shared border. However, following the March polls, which saw his ruling party lose five of Turkey’s most populous provinces, Erdoğan has taken on a harsher stance, announcing the deportation of Syrian refugees involved in crime and the cancellation of free health services.

Syrians in Turkey do not have an official refugee status, but live under temporary protection, which does not allow them legal rights to counter deportations.

The raids on Syrian businesses have also spilled over to capital Ankara. The municipality in the capital Ankara’s Polatlı district closed 39 shops belonging to Syrians, Akif Haber reported on Friday.


MESOPOTAMIA NEWS BOOK RECOMMENDATION :  The EU’s Approach to the Syrian Crisis: Turkey as a Partner?

Uluslararasi Iliskiler, 2019 – By  Çiğdem Nas

The article aims to analyze the European Union (EU)’s approach to the Syrian crisis and to evaluate the role it attributes to Turkey. The EU’s approach staggered between supporting transition in Syria to a post-Assad regime and the need to protect itself against spill-over effects of the conflict. Two issues emerged as urgent priorities that determined the EU’s approach to the conflict. One of them was to control the outpouring of refugees fleeing war and oppression in Syria and the other was to deal…The influx of Syrian refugees through the Aegean and Balkan route to the EU surged in the summer of 2015 leading to practical and political problems for EU countries. In the meantime, ISIL related terror attacks in the EU created a major security problem and led several Member States to bring back border controls in the Schengen area. The EU turned to Turkey and sought Turkey’s cooperation in controlling the refugee flow and also keeping away the ISIL threat. The article looks at cooperation between Turkey and the EU and also points of contention that created hurdles in this cooperation.

Doi: 10.33458/uidergisi.588912

Publication Date: 2019

Publication Name: Uluslararasi Iliskiler


Die antiimperialistisch-sozialistische Internationale… #Maduro #Erdoğan

Faruk Kaymakcı @frkkymkc  20 July 2019

The Turkish delegation is attending the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Ministerial Meeting in Caracas, Venezuela. General Debate on “Promotion&Consolidation of Peace through Respect for International Law”.…


MESOPOTAMIA NEW : DID PKK KILL TURKISH MIT-DIPLOMAT? – Veil of mystery shrouds Turkish diplomat’s murder in Erbil

Amberin Zaman July 18, 2019  – Article Summary – AL MONITOR  – As Turkey buries its diplomat shot in Erbil, little information is emerging about the man Ankara’s mourning as a martyr. – A Turkish diplomat slain in Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, was given an official funeral in Ankara today as Iraqi Kurdish authorities kept up their manhunt for the unidentified perpetrators for a second day. The diplomat, Osman Kose, was on a six-month assignment at the Turkish Consulate in Erbil, Turkey’s A Haber news channel reported.

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Ankaralı Jan Retweeted Cumhuriyet

Davutoglu launches attack on “Pelican” faction of AKP, believed responsible for having him removed from the Prime Ministry, calling them a “gang” and saying he knows who finances them.

CumhuriyetVerified account @cumhuriyetgzt

Davutoğlu: Pelikan çetesi denilen çete… Arkasındaki isimleri biliyorum, kimlerin finanse ettiğini biliyorum  …

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS TODAYS ANALYSIS : Iran’s High Strategic Value for Turkey

By Firas EliasFiras Elias is an expert in national security and Iranian studies. –

Also available in العربية  – July 17, 2019

In a time where the balance of the Middle East is in flux, regional leaders and the international community alike should be closely following the relationship between Turkey and Iran. While the relationship between Teheran and Ankara has historically been troubled, mutual interests have sprouted newfound cooperation between the two nations.

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Russland bietet Türkei auch Lieferung von Kampfjets an

Der Kauf eines russischen Waffensystems sorgt seit Monaten für Streit zwischen den USA und der Türkei. Ankara hielt dennoch daran fest – zur …

With a New World Order Taking Shape, Turkey Again Looks Eastward


עברית  – Oded Eran, Gallia Lindenstrauss – INSS Insight No. 1194, July 16, 2019


Recent developments indicate a shift in Turkey’s strategic outlook, which dovetails with intensive activity by Russia and China – each for its own reasons – in the Western-Asian-East European sphere, raising the possibility of long term change with extensive consequences that include ramifications for Israel. Turkey has demonstrated increased distance from the United States and the European Union on several core issues, with the most important among them the procurement – despite the objections of the US and other NATO states – of the S-400 air defense system from Russia. The supply of the S-400 to Turkey, which began on July 12, 2019, makes it difficult for Western states to evince flexibility toward Turkish efforts to consolidate an independent foreign policy, given the broad negative ramifications of the procurement for military cooperation in NATO.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Wohnungsbrand in Bremen: Staatsschutz ermittelt wegen PKK-Schriftzug:

POLIZEIREPORT  16.07.19 15:02 – Bei einem Wohnungsbrand in Bremen haben Einsatzkräfte von Feuerwehr und Polizei Schriftzüge der verbotenen Kurdenpartei PKK entdeckt. Jetzt ermittelt der Staatsschutz. Bremen – Das Feuer brach am Dienstag gegen 0.30 Uhr in einem Mehrparteienhaus im Bremer Stadtteil Blumenthal aus. Die Mieter waren zu dem Zeitpunkt nicht anwesend, teilt die Polizei mit. Vor Ort entdeckten die Einsatzkräfte Schriftzüge der verbotenen Arbeiterpartei Kurdistans PKK.

Der Brand entstand in einer Erdgeschosswohnung an der Straße Am Fillerkamp und wurde gegen 1 Uhr von der Feuerwehr gelöscht. Verletzt wurde niemand. Bei der Begehung sind zwei PKK-Schriftzüge aufgefallen, der Staatsschutz hat Ermittlungen aufgenommen. Bei den Mietern handelt es sich um eine türkische Familie.

Polizei Bremen und Staatsschutz suchen nach Brand Zeugen

Die Polizei Bremen ermittelt wegen schwerer Brandstiftung, der Staatsschutz prüft einen politisch motivierten Hintergrund. Zeugenhinweise nimmt der Kriminaldauerdienst unter der Telefonnummer 0421/362-3888 entgegen.

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