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That sounds about right altho I’m thinking it’s more about ending the hunger strikes and the timing is fortuitous with elections. Plus attempt to use Ocalan to break stalemate on Turkey’s Syria desires but Ocalan won’t/can’t play that game.

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Max Hoffman @MaxHoffmanDC

Replying to @Charles_Lister @NicholasDanfort @AlizaMarcus

I’m sure Aliza has better-informed thoughts, but my personal view is that it’s a (fairly brazen) ploy to peel conservative HDP voters away for the rerun election in Istanbul. I do not think it will work.


MESOP  COMMENTARY …… it might not work, because in Kandil mountains Cemil Bayik will watch his old dude APO carefully mistreating him.


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 Kurdish hunger strikers wait for news from meeting of jailed leader

Amberin Zaman May 22, 2019 – AL MONITOR – Article Summary – Imprisoned Kurdistan Workers Party leader Abdullah Ocalan has met for a second time with lawyers as a wide Kurdish hunger strike endangers lives. Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), was granted access to his lawyers today in the first such meeting since May 2 and the second in eight years, amid signs that Ankara is easing his isolation. Lawyers Nevroz Uysal and Rezan Sarica returned from the island prison of Imrali, where Ocalan has been held since 1999, following his treason conviction.

But Ibrahim Bilmez, a member of Ocalan’s vast legal team, said what had been discussed is still under wraps. “It may take one or two days for us to share this information,” Bilmez told Al-Monitor.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS Turkey Pulse – Why ‘Putin’s personal army’ chief visited Turkey

Metin Gurcan May 22, 2019 –  AL MONITOR – Article Summary – Viktor Zolotov, the head of Russian National Guard, also known as Vladimir Putin’s personal army, paid a surprising visit to Turkey’s capital.

The unannounced visit to Turkey of the chief of the Russian National Guard — an internal security establishment also known as Vladimir Putin’s personal army — will undoubtedly be given hard scrutiny by Western capitals amid increasing criticism of Turkey’s drift away from its NATO allies.

Viktor Zolotov, the head of the Russian National Guard, Rosgvardiya, a security unit that oversees anti-riot police and SWAT teams, paid a surprise visit to the capital, Ankara, from May 13-18 with a “heavily loaded” agenda, Turkish security sources told Al-Monitor. Although his Russian delegation’s carefully crafted schedule didn’t include any direct contact with the Turkish army, NATO’s second largest, the visit heralds further military cooperation between Russia and Turkey.

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I assume there will be an American response to this, smaller than what was hinted at in CNBC, but it really is seriously time to plan for the day after S400 and stop debating “if” it will be deployed

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Rob Lee @RALee85

Turkey’s Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, said that Turkish personnel began training on the S-400 in Russia today, and the training course will last “several months”.  

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Call for 3rd Global Hasankeyf Action Day on June 7-8, 2019!


We call on social movements, NGO’s, activists and others in the world to join the 3rd Global Day of Action for the defense of the 12,000 year old town Hasankeyf and the Tigris River on June 7 and 8th, 2019! It is urgent because the Turkish government announced recently that on 10th June 2019 it will start filling the Ilisu Dam reservoir.

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Can PKK leader deliver peace for Kurds in Turkey and Syria?

2019-05-20  avalnews – Turkey’s government may be turning to its public enemy No. 1 to broker a new peace with Kurdish fighters in Turkey and neighboring Syria, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday.Last Wednesday, Turkish officials said they lifted restrictions on visits to Öcalan, a little more than a week after the first visit made by Öcalan’s lawyers in eight years. All of this has occurred alongside the largest mass hunger strike in Turkey’s history, as imprisoned Kurds have urged Turkish authorities to end Öcalan’s confinement.

At last week’s meeting, Öcalan handed his lawyers a statement urging the hunger strikes not to risk their lives and calling for a transition to political struggle. “The problems in Turkey and even the region, primarily the war, cannot be solved through physical violence, but with reason, and cultural and political force,” the statement read.

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Turkey Won’t Step Back from Purchasing S-400: Erdogan

BasNews 19/05/2019 – 12:52 ERBIL – Turkey has made it clear that it will not take any steps back from purchasing Russia’s S-400 defense missile system, revealing that Ankara would even jointly produce the S-500 with Moscow.

Turkey’s close ally, the US, has repeatedly warned Ankara of buying the S-400, threatening to remove the country from the F-35 program if it doesn’t change its mind on the purchase, while the former has so far stayed determined to go for the move.

“There is absolutely no question of [Turkey] taking a step back from the S-400 purchase. That is a done deal,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday, as cited by AlJazeera.

“There will be joint production of the S-500 after the S-400,” he added.

According to the deal, Russia is expected to deliver the defense system to Turkey in the upcoming July.


MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : PUTINLAND TÜRKEI /  Türkei: Erdogan will gemeinsam mit Russland S-500-Raketen bauen

MERKUR de – 19 Mai 2019 – Der türkische Präsident Erdogan will mit Russland Waffen bauen. Donald Trump schwächt die amerikanischen Sanktionen für Importe aus dem Land des Nato-Verbündeten ab.

Update vom 19. Mai, 14.50 Uhr: Der türkische Präsident Recep Tayyip Erdogan hat im Streit mit den Nato-Partnern um den Kauf russischer Luftabwehrraketen nachgelegt. Erdogan kündigte am Samstag in Istanbul an, die Türkei werde nicht nur wie geplant die S-400-Raketen kaufen, sondern anschließend gemeinsam mit Russland die S-500-Reihe bauen. Die Pläne der Türkei, das Luftabwehrsystem zu kaufen, sorgen schon länger für Spannungen insbesondere mit den USA.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS FOCUS : Turkey’s Saadet Party could sway Istanbul elections

NORTH KURDISTAN (TURKEY) – Jasper Mortimer May 16, 2019  –  Article Summary – AL MONITOR  16 May 2019 – Turkey’s fundamentalist Saadet Party will run its mayoral candidate in the June 23 repeat election in Istanbul, possibly tipping the results in favor of the opposition party. ANKARA, Turkey — A small story tucked away in Turkish newspapers this week could become significant in five weeks’ time: The Saadet Party, which finished third in the Istanbul municipal elections, announced it would run in the repeat election June 23.

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16 Mai 2019 – Neue Dokumente belegen Einsatz von chemischen Kampfmitteln aus NS-Deutschland im Dersim-Massaker von 1937/38

Neu aufgetauchte Dokumente belegen, dass die Regierung unter Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, dem Gründer der heutigen Türkei, im Jahr 1937 chemische Kampfmittel aus NS-Deutschland kaufte, um sie in Dersim gegen alevitische Kurden einzusetzen.

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