MESOP NEWS : READ SENATOR JOHN McCAINS STATEMENT – Turkey Refuses to Join US-led Offensive on ISIS-held Raqqa If Kurds Involved

Russia Today – 2017-03-23 23:51 GMT – A rift has opened up between NATO allies US and Turkey over the part Syrian Kurdish forces should play in the liberation of Raqqa from Islamic State terrorists as Ankara has openly rejected taking part in any operation that would involve the Kurds. Turkey has “set out a model” for successfully fighting against jihadists in Syria, which it suggested should be further implemented to defeat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the region, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said, as cited by Turkish media on Thursday.

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MESOP NEWS TODAYS EDITORIAL BY AL MONITOR – Ankara’s Syrian plan falters as Moscow sets up in Afrin

23 March 20,17 – Turkey’s last-ditch efforts to harness Russian military and diplomatic heft to counter the Syrian Kurds and unravel their alliance with the United States are showing few signs of succeeding, like much else in the country’s ill-fated Syrian policy.

If anything, both the United States and Russia are steadily deepening their ties with the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and its Arab allies who operate under the umbrella of the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF). And viewed from Ankara, they are doing so at Turkey’s expense.

The latest blows came from Russia. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov cranked up pressure on Turkey today to drop its long-running objections to the participation of the YPG’s political arm, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), in the Geneva peace talks. “We will continue to look for solutions to this issue with our Turkish partners … but it is not possible to postpone it in the long run,” Lavrov said.

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MESOP LATEST TODAY – Turkey: EU Refugee Deal Nearing Collapse

 22 March 2017 – Turkey’s minister for EU integration, Omer Celik, said that if the European Union does not uphold its side of their agreement to help stem migration to the bloc (Bloomberg News), Turkey would abandon it. Celik said that Turkey has saved Europe from a “racist” backlash by implementing the deal.  More via


What Is the “Deep State?” | Fritz Lodge, The Cipher Brief
The term “Deep State” has achieved new popularity in recent weeks, but not in reference to opaque military elites in faraway countries. Today, the term is aimed at the U.S. government itself. In particular, the deep state has become a catchall term, which credits a shadow network of spies and bureaucrats with conspiring to undermine the new administration.

Expert Commentary

The Deep State Mirage in Turkey | Steven Cook, Senior Fellow, Middle East and Africa Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
The concept of the deep state can be traced back to Turkey, where an alleged network of military officers, intelligence operatives, policemen, organized crime figures, academics, journalists, and politicians work behind the scenes as a sort of shadow government.

MESOP EXTRA NEWS : Der Grünen-Bundestagsabgeordnete Volker Beck wirft der Bundesregierung und den Strafverfolgungsbehörden vor, nichts dagegen unternommen zu haben, dass spionageverdächtige Imame aus Deutschland fliehen konnten.

 FAZ.NET exklusiv Bundesanwaltschaft wollte in Spitzel-Affäre sechs Imame festnehmen lassen –  Deutsche Behörden wollten offenbar deutlich härter gegen die Imame vorgehen, denen Spionage für die Türkei vorgeworfen wird. Das zeigen Dokumente, die FAZ.NET vorliegen. Doch weil der Bundesgerichtshof die Festnahmen stoppte, konnten zwei Imame aus Deutschland fliehen.

22.03.2017, von Reiner Burger, Düsseldorf – FAZ – In der Spitzelaffäre des Moscheevereins Ditib wollte die Generalbundesanwaltschaft sechs Beschuldigte verhaften lassen, scheiterte aber am Bundesgerichtshof (BGH).

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MESOP EXCLUSIV DOCUMENTS (II) : Imprisoned Co-Mayors from Kurdish Region, Turkey Data Compiled by Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities (GABB) as of 17/03/2017

Name Title Date of Arrest Prison
1 Mr. Harun Erkuş Co-Mayor of Lice, Diyarbakır 08/05/2015 Diyarbakır D Type Prison, Diyarbakır
2 Ms. Dilek Hatipoğlu Co-Mayor of Hakkari 08/25/2015 Sincan Women’s Prison, Ankara
3 Mr. Nurullah Çiftçi Co-Mayor of Hakkari 08/25/2015 Kırıkkale F Type, Kırıkkale
4 Ms. Handan Bağcı Co-Mayor of Özalp, Van 10/11/2015 Bayburt M Type Prison, Bayburt
5 Mr. Ali Çam Co-Mayor of Hoşhaber, Iğdır 25/03/2016 Kırıkkale F Type, Kırıkkale
6 Ms. Diba Keskin Co-Mayor of Erciş, Van 15/10/2015 Sincan Women’s Prison, Ankara
7 Mr. Rahmi Çelik Co-Mayor of Bulanık, Muş 11/02/2016 Rize L Type Prison, Rize
8 Ms. Figen Yaşar Co-Mayor of Bulanık, Muş 23/04/2016 Bayburt M Type Prison, Bayburt
9 Mr. Burhan Kocaman Co-Mayor of Karakoçan, Elazığ 02/10/2016 Elazığ E Type Prison, Elazığ
10 Ms. Cennet Ayık Co-Mayor of Karakoçan, Elazığ 02/10/2016 Elazığ E Type Prison, Elazığ
11 Mr. Kasım Ağgün Co-Mayor of Hoşhaber, Iğdır 05/03/2016 Erzurum Oltu F Type Prison, Erzurum
12 Ms. Zeynep Şipçik Co-Mayor of Dargeçit, Mardin 31/03/2016 Sincan Women’s Prison, Ankara
13 Ms. Seyran Ağran Co-Mayor of Beytüşşabap, Şırnak 10/06/2016 Sincan Women’s Prison, Ankara
14 Mr. Abdulkerim Erdem Co-Mayor of Derik, Mardin 26/02/2016 Kırıkkale F Type, Kırıkkale
15 Ms. Sebahat Çetinkaya Co-Mayor of Derik, Mardin 26/02/2016 Sincan Women’s Prison, Ankara
16 Ms. Hazal Aras Co-Mayor of Diyadin, Ağrı 05/03/2016 Erzurum E Type Prison, Erzurum
17 Ms. Aygün Taşkın Co-Mayor of Ergani, Diyarbakir 07/05/2016 Sincan Prison, Ankara
18 Mr. Hüsnü Beşer Co-Mayor of Yüksekova, Hakkari 15/04/2016 Kırıkkale F Type, Kırıkkale
19 Mr. Nazmi Cuşkon Co-Mayor of Hakkari 27/04/2016 Van M Type Prison, Van
20 Mr. Şerafettin Özalp Co-Mayor of Özalp, Van 15/07/2016 Gümüşhane E Type Prison, Gümüşhane
21 Ms. Nevin Oyman Girasun Co-Mayor of İdil, Şırnak 24/08/2016 Şanlıurfa T Type Prison, No.2. Şanlıurfa
22 Mr. Ahmet Toloğ Co-Mayor of Silopi, Şırnak 03/09/2016 Şırnak T Type Prison, Şırnak
23 Mr. Mehmed Muhdi Aslan Co-Mayor of İdil, Şırnak 26/09/2016 Şanlıurfa T Type Prison, No.2. Şanlıurfa
24 Ms. Tülay Karaca Co-Mayor of Tekman, Erzurum 29/09/2016 Erzurum E Type Prison, Erzurum
25 Mr. Abdurrahman Zorlu Co-Mayor of Hani, Diyarbakır 01/10/2016 Diyarbakır D Type Prison, Diyarbakır
26 Ms. Zilan Aldatmaz Co-Mayor of Saray, Van 01/10/2016 Elazığ E Type Prison, Elazığ
27 Ms. Gültan Kışanak Co-Mayor of Diyarbakır 31/10/2016 Kandıra F Type Prison, Kocaeli
28 Mr. Fırat Anlı Co-Mayor of Diyarbakır 31/10/2016 Elazığ Prison, Elazığ
29 Ms. Suna Atabay Co-Mayor of Çaldıran, Van 02/11/2016 Sincan Women’s Prison, Ankara
30 Mr. Ahmet Demir Co-Mayor of Ovakışla, Bitlis 31/10/2016 Bitlis E Type Prison, Bitlis
31 Ms. Servin Karakoç Co-Mayor of Ovakışla, Bitlis 31/10/2016 Sincan Women’s Prison, Ankara
32 Ms. Eda Kilis Co-Mayor of Eruh 07/11/2016 Siirt E Type Prison, Siirt
33 Mr. Hüseyin Kılıç Co-Mayor of Eruh 07/11/2016 Siirt E Type Prison, Siirt
34 Mr. Nuri Akman Co-Mayor of Sırtköy, Şırnak 08/11/2016 Şırnak T Type Prison, Şırnak
35 Ms. Sabite Ekinci Co-Mayor of Varto, Muş 10/11/2016 Muş E Type Prison, Muş
36 Mr. Tuncer Bakırhan Co-Mayor of Siirt 16/11/2016 Bolu F Type Prison, Bolu
37 Ms. Nurhayat Altun Co-Mayor of Tunceli 17/11/2016 Kocaeli F Type Prison (no.1), Kocaeli
38 Mr. Mehmet Ali Bul Co-Mayor of Tunceli 17/11/2016 Kocaeli F Type Prison (no.1), Kocaeli
39 Mr. Kadir Kunur Co-Mayor of Cizre, Şırnak 16/11/2016 Şırnak T Type Prison, Şırnak
40 Mr. Bekir Kaya Co-Mayor of Van 17/11/2016 Silivri F Type Prison (No. 9), Istanbul

MESOP EXCLUSIV DOCUMENTS : List of State Commissioners Appointed to DBP-led Municipalities as of 17/03/2017 Data gathered by GABB (Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities) City – Province Population Popular Vote for the DBP

Name of Appointed State Commissioner
1 Batman Municipality 557K 55,89% Şeref Aksoy- Deputy Governor
2 Hakkari Municipality 275K 66,83% Coney Epçim- Deputy Governor
3 Diyadin Municipality – Ağrı 43K 48,43% Mekan Çeviren- District Governor
4 Beşiri Municipality – Batman 30K 50,45% Mustafa Maslak- District Governor
5 Gercüş Municipality – Batman 20K 52,43% Ünal Koç- District Governor
6 Silvan Municipality- Diyarbakır 86K 69,55% Murat Kütük- District Governor
7 Sur Municipality- Diyarbakır 121K 54,41% Bilal Özkan- Deputy Governor
8 Hani Municipality – Diyarbakır 33K 45,8% Yusuf Turhan- District Governor
9 Hınıs Municipality – Erzurum 29K 39,08% Bülent Ay- District Governor
10 Tuzluca Municipality – Iğdır 24K 51,67% İbrahim Civalek- District Governor
11 Dargeçit Municipality- Mardin 27K 60,16% M. Yaşar Yeşiltaş- District Governor
12 Derik Municipality – Mardin 62K 64,4% M. Fatih Safitürk – District Governor
13 Mazıdağı Municipality – Mardin 33K 61,71% Halit Benek- District Governor
14 Nusaybin Municipality – Mardin 116K 78,78% Ergün Baysal- District Governor
15 Bulanık Municipality – Muş 83K 45,84% Ömer Şahin – District Governor
16 Eruh Municipality – Siirt 20K 52,37% Murtaza Dayanç – District Governor
17 Suruç Municipality – Şanlıurfa 102K 52,58% Tarık Açıkgöz- District Governor
18 Cizre Municipality – Şırnak 133K 81,61% Ahmet Adanur – District Governor
19 Silopi Municipality – Şırnak 115K 78,19% Savaş Konak – District Governor
20 İdil Municipality- Şırnak 73K 78,9% Ersin Tepeli- District Governor
21 Edremit Municipality – Van 114K 50,91% İbrahim Özkan- District Governor
22 Erciş Municipality – Van 172K 49,43% M. Şirin Yaşar – District Governor
23 İpekyolu Municipality – Van 275K 48,32% Önder Can- Deputy Governor
24 Özalp Municipality – Van 71K 71,62% Serdar Karal – District Governor
25 İkiköprü Municipality- Batman 4K 56,22% Mustafa Maslak- District Governor
26 Hoşhaber Municipality- Iğdır 2K 61,75% Bilgehan Karafil- Deputy Governor
27 Diyarbakır M. Municipality 1800K 55,10% Cumali Atilla – District Governor
28 Ovakışla Municipality- Bitlis 4K 37,46% Bülent Tekbıyıkoğlu- District Governor
29 Şırnak Municipality 490K 71,1% Turan Bedirhanoğlu- Deputy Governor
30 Varto Municipality – Muş 32K 63,4% Mehmet Nuri Çetin- District Governor
31 Tunceli Municipality 86K 42,4% Hasan Çiçek- Deputy Governor
32 Siirt Municipality 320K 49,4% Ceyhun Dilşad Taşkın – Deputy Governor
33 Van Metropolitan Municipality 1096K 53,1% İbrahim Taşyapan – Governor of Van
34 Mardin Metropolitan Municipality 796K 52,2% Mustafa Yaman- Governor of Mardin
35 Sırtköy Municipality- Şırnak 2K 61,1% Ersin Tepeli – District Governor
36 Bitlis Municipality 67K 43,9% Ahmet Çınar – Governor of Bitlis
37 Güroymak Municipality- Bitlis 46K 48,1% Ufuk Özen Alibeyoğlu- District Governor
38 Malazgirt Municipality- Muş 54K 39,19% Soner Kırlı – District Governor
39 Kızıltepe Municipality – Mardin 237K 62,5% Ahmet Odabaş – District Governor
40 Karayazı Municipality- Erzurum 29K 62,1% Kamil Aksoy- District Governor
41 Kayapınar Municipality- Diyarbakır 309K 54,6% Mustafa Kılıç – District Governor
42 Yenişehir Municipality- Diyarbakır 207K 50,1% Mehmet Özel- District Governor


Erdogan’s muslimischer Kampf gegen die Moderne –  von Thomas Tartsch  – SCHLAGLICHTER)

Erdoğans Okzidentalismu: Während der Westen sich in der Propagandafalle des türkischen Staatspräsidenten verfangen hat, der mit seinen absurden Nazi-Vergleichen die gewünschten Reaktionen erzielte, ist der Propagandaapparat der AKP schon viel weiter.

So kann man in sozialen Netzwerken in Postings seiner Anhänger immer öfter die Formel „Bu bir savaş. Hilal ve Haç arasındaki bir savaş” lesen (Dies ist ein Krieg. Ein Krieg zwischen Halbmond und Kreuz).

Damit wird das Narrativ vermittelt, der Gegner westlicher Regierungen sei nicht der türkische Staatspräsident sondern der Westen verschwöre sich gegen türkische Muslime und den Islam. Diese Erzählung kann man seit 2016 vermehrt auch in türkischen Regierungsmedien hören und lesen.

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Place : Ankara – Date : 19.03.2017 – Source : AA – Detail : original text  –  “Those trying to pressure us using the terrorist groups they armed and patted on the back are exposed, says Turkey’s president. Their masks fallen, the actors who use terrorist organizations as tools have put themselves out into the open, Turkey’s president said Sunday.”

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Turkey: Crackdown on Kurdish Opposition – MPs Jailed, Elected Mayors Removed Ahead of Referendum

(Istanbul) – The Turkish government has jailed 13 members of the pro-Kurdish democratic opposition in parliament on terrorism charges and taken direct control of 82 municipalities in the Kurdish southeast region, suspending and incarcerating elected mayors, Human Rights Watch said today. The crackdown on democratically elected officials not only violates their rights to political association and participation, and freedom of expression, but also interferes with the rights of constituents who voted for them and whom they serve in office.

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