By Aaron Y. Zelin –  PolicyWatch 2810 – May 24, 2017

Even as the Islamic State continues to lose territory, its evolution in Libya since 2014 should convince Western authorities not to underestimate its capacity for directing lethal attacks abroad.After Libyan British jihadi Salman Abedi killed twenty-two people in Manchester earlier this week, a friend of his noted that he had just returned from a three-week trip to Libya only days before the bombing. Although British investigators have yet to uncover or disclose publicly that the twenty-two-year-old suspect joined the Islamic State or received training while in Libya, his brother reportedly admitted that they were with IS following his arrest earlier today in Tripoli. In addition, IS has claimed responsibility for the bombing, and the French government has since revealed that Abedi traveled to Syria as well, raising concerns that the attack was the group’s first directed operation from Libya into Europe. If so, it reiterates the dangers of foreign fighter training abroad. It also puts the spotlight on the flow of foreign fighters to Libya, which many have understandably ignored due to the even larger flows seen in Iraq and Syria.

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“I will call them from now on losers, because that’s what they are.”
President Trump used the playground epithet to describe people like the Manchester assailant in condemning the attack. It is likely to figure prominently in upcoming conversations in Europe as he continues his first overseas trip in office after leaving the Middle East.


MESOP TODAYS “SERIOUS STORY”: An Innocent Kurdish Man Held Hostage in the Netherlands

Sheri Laizer visited Hüseyin Baybaşin, held hostage in Holland for the past twenty years with Turkey having blackmailed the Dutch over the ‘Demmink Dossier’ and the intended quashing of Kurdish foundations.

The rain falls relentlessly. It is cold for a spring day. Painted in royal Dutch orange and hard blue, the designer of the 1989 built De Schie penitentiary, Carel Weeber, perhaps hoped it would appear cheerful set alongside the murky De Schie canal. Those incarcerated within cannot enjoy the view as the windows are opaque and within there is a cold blue and dirty cream. Blank windows deprive inmates of all natural perspectives on the world beyond, aside from onto the exercise yard; the clear windows are only outside the walls.

In legal terms, Hüseyin Baybaşin should not be held in this prison at all: it is categorised as a short stay or remand prison1 and he was unjustly condemned to the living-death row of those without parole. For lifers, different support facilities are the rule. But as with everything in this case an exception has been exercised – exceptions that are always against the wellbeing of Hüseyin Baybaşin. These exceptions repeat the message “We are in control!”

Determined to cover up falsified police and prosecution evidence – including the splicing together of unrelated phone recordings to create suitable scenarios for crime, the reconsideration process has already taken an abnormal seven years. The Dutch Justice Ministry continues to persecute this Kurdish man primarily to protect certain lofty heads from rolling… but roll they must. This is the Dutch ‘Dreyfus Affair’ that refuses to go away.

This is the Dutch ‘Dreyfus Affair’ that refuses to go away.

Confined to a cell 9 metres square, deprived of access to art materials and books “unless sent in by the publisher” Hüseyin Baybaşin refuses to be broken or give up insisting on his innocence. He has survived six years’ deliberate deprivation in solitary confinement in EBI Vught Maximum Security Prison intended to break his mind, body and spirit. Had he caved in the long term problems posed by his case for the conspirators would have been resolved but Baybaşin is strong willed, strengthened by the knowledge of his innocence and determined never to give up.

A prison visit

On this rainy Sunday afternoon when Hüseyin walks into the simple visiting room and sits opposite me I feel that I have known him forever: In a way, actually, I have. I first met him and his family in the 1990s while working with the Kurdish community in London. At the time I was making frequent films in the Kurdish region as well as coordinating refugee projects for arrivals from the war torn Kurdish homeland. After Hüseyin was arrested a second time by the Dutch police in 1998 I agreed to translate Mahmut Baksi’s book on the affair, despite its many flaws. My uncorrected manuscript with its translation typos went straight to print. Years later, contact having been lost, I was truly surprised to learn that Hüseyin had not been freed in the interim.

Police theatrics and media circuses

In 1998, nearly twenty years ago, when Hüseyin was manhandled into captivity in the course of a showpiece police raid on his residence in the Netherlands (he had already been prohibited from leaving after an initial arrest and release the year before) the siege was all about appearances: There was no Interpol arrest warrant. The Dutch police could have gone about their business quietly and asked Hüseyin to accompany them but the show of force was required to convey the message that something was amiss. Raids were also orchestrated on the homes of his friends and relatives – these later came to nothing. But it served the Turkish media well. A web of lies was spun that holds till this day.

The smear campaign: “My family didn’t suddenly turn into criminals overnight!”

“My family didn’t suddenly become criminals overnight!” Huseyin said, explaining that the plot was constructed in such a way to cause maximum damage to his friends and family.“ The UK had welcomed my relatives on account of my good relations with senior UK figures. They didn’t suddenly turn into criminals overnight! They led normal lives and still do. My brother, Apo, was also set up but was acquitted when no direct evidence was found to link him to the incidents concerned.2 All of my family members were checked by the UK authorities before they entered the UK in 1995 and all had clean records. They had never set foot in a police station in all their lives. People don’t suddenly become criminals when they are over the age of 40. I was taken hostage in 1995 and suddenly all my family were labelled criminals in 1996. This smear campaign was part of the master-plan to present my family as “drug barons” instead of our being just Kurds from a reputable family back home. We had resources there, including a marble quarry, very large agricultural farming lands with crops and livestock as well as watermills etc. From the early 1990s onwards we could not run the farm and derive an income because of Turkish military operations against Kurdish villages. We came to the UK and everything about our profiles and assets was checked, documented and we were cleared.

With the Turkish military and Special Teams everywhere no Kurds were growing poppies or would even have thought to do so! This is not Afghanistan – look at the map! In that area poppies don’t even grow. If it were possible, they could take a license and grow them, like they do in the west of Turkey in such places as Isparta, Karahisar, Afyon and so on. The government licences such crops in western Turkey and take their cut as with tobacco. Our environment doesn’t support such a crop so not a single license was ever sought. Lice is not situated on Syria’s border where they claimed the poppies were being harvested. A little common sense shows this is just nonsense. The Turkish government knows it to be quite impossible. It was a claim they made to the media just to suit their own purposes and damn the Kurds, my family included.

Solidarity campaigns

Over the years, a number of former prison governors and wardens have come to believe in Hüseyin Baybaşin’s innocence – and this chiefly through close proximity. One civil servant indeed organised a legal public protest. He told me he knew all about Baybasin being innocent and was fed up with the situation. He wanted to make a statement in moral support and send Hüseyin a greeting through the air. The civil servant hired a plane and left Roosendaal flying for four hours over his country trailing a banner across the Dutch skies accompanied by a second plane filming. Hüseyin was in Zuyder Bos Prison near Alkmar at the time and the plane flew overhead where by sheer chance Hüseyin saw it. The banner read “Free Baybaşin Now.” A short video was published on YouTube. Hüseyin was punished for the action and spent two weeks in solitary confinement in EBI Vught because of the protest action.

“I was then sent on to De Schie Prison, Rotterdam, where I am now and where I have no creative or other outlets. Before this I had a small garden with chickens as they sentenced me to life without parole. The “ugly treatment and pressure on me continued.”

Fabricated phone recordings –like something out of Dr Who

Several days before finally securing a visit to see Hüseyin in De Schie Penitentiary I listened to sections of phone conversations where the intercept recordings had clearly been tampered with; the recording quality changed, mechanical noises intervened, the voice quality of the speakers also changed as if from different sessions and finally, the female technician in the police recording studio who was stating the time codes suddenly interrupted the recording mid conversation rather than at the beginning or end, as required. The recording sounded like something out of Dr Who accosted by the Daleks.5 These intercepts/phone tap recordings taken from normal conversations have not been competently handled – they are not forensic, not ‘secure’ as the Dutch Attorney General has been determined to argue, ignoring the obvious.

Incredibly, 95% of the prosecution evidence used to sentence Hüseyin Baybaşin has been based on these faked telephone conversations. In key sections missing phrases and key words have been filled in by complicit police interpreters on paper so as to create a ‘criminal’ scenario where none originally existed. The recordings have also been spliced together from disparate conversations. Just to frame him.

Turkish Aydinlik newspaper recently published a series of supportive updates on the case exposing the deeper basis of the plot between Turkey and the Dutch authorities as well referring to the fabricated phone tap ‘evidence’ used to secure the conviction.6

The article reminds its audience how at the time in question, former PM Tansu Çiller was determined to “silence Baybaşin” because he had accused her and and former police chief, Mehmet Agar, among others, of heading the narcotics trade in Turkey. Çiller met with Dutch Justice Minister, Winnie Sordrager, at the beginning of 1997 and the “Demmink file” concerning the rape and violation of underage Turkish boys7 was set on the table in exchange for Baybaşin’s silencing. At the time, Demmink was Director General of International Affairs of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and as a member of the EU K4 committee he was especially responsible for the Kurdish-Turkish conflict.

Former Head of the Dutch Department of Criminal Intelligence finds there to have “been a conspiracy of which Baybaşin was the victim”

Former Head of the Dutch Department of Criminal Intelligence, who specialised in major cases of organised crime, Mr Klass Langendoen, also addressed the Helsinki Commission. He had carried out an independent investigation into the case nine years before “examining alleged manipulation of wire taps… as well as blackmail by the Turkish government…I mused that this level of corruption could never occur in my country where I had worked so hard fighting against organised crime. I used the method of the “reverse burden of proof” … “the research that I did in the Netherlands proved to me that it was possible to manipulate wire taps and also allowing innocent people to be found guilty…eventually the Dutch Justice Department hired an expert who was not qualified to carry out the research and (who) came to his own conclusion. The result was that this expert gave a wrong assessment upon which Baybaşin was sentenced for life in prison. After the sentencing I continued my research…I did extensive research in Turkey. I’ve spoken with almost all the witnesses in this case individuals and officials… the results of my research were shocking for me: there was a conspiracy of which Baybaşin was the victim – there was a set up, or cover up, between the Turkish and the Dutch government officials at the highest level…8

At the time, Demmink was Director General of International Affairs of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and as a member of the EU K4 committee he was especially responsible for the Kurdish-Turkish conflict. 9

The media circus went to town determined to brand not Çiller et al, but Baybaşin, as the drug baron. Çiller has enjoyed wealth, liberty, and perhaps a certain peace of mind ever since? And Demmink still eludes full investigation.

Obstruction of justice continues

Hüseyin sneezes suddenly – a symptom of stress. “I have had to lodge some 4,000 complaints for the various infringements of my rights and civil liberties since being taken hostage,” he went on as the raindrops slid down the slanted skylights overhead. “Every little thing that they can deny me they do deny me even though a judge has ordered otherwise. These measures against me contravene their own laws. No Dutch prisoner – not even a convicted killer – is treated like this. What does that tell you? The system is ugly and lacks all moral responsibility. The former governors that came together in support of me were horrified by their own administration and have protested loudly. They are people with morals that those who keep their fists pressed down tight on this file could learn a lot from! They have formed a foundation called ‘Restore Justice’ and my case is their project. I would like the international rights organisations to look into this case and see for themselves, ask themselves how could this happen in a country like Holland and why are they keeping silent on this case.

Huseyin Baybasin, Rotterdam prison

Huseyin Baybasin, Rotterdam prison, Nov 2015. Photo: Dutch prison service

Visit over, case continues

After months of telephone interviews and attempts to secure a visit I was in the same room but the hands of the clock were moving quickly. We’d discussed fresh aspects of the exonerating evidence, past and present prison conditions, and even details of several old acquaintances we held in common – some alive, some ill or increasingly aged, others in their graves. We were face to face and eye to eye but after just one hour the visit was nearing its last moments…

It is often said that ‘the eyes are the window of the soul’. I was conscious of looking into the soul of an innocent man.10

1 Remand prisons do not provide the facilities or services for long-term inmates. Despite repeated requests for transfer as the case continues the requests are ignored.
4 See current affairs and case notes on Hüseyin Baybaşin’s website – he is deprived of direct access to the Internet –
5 A touch of irony!
7 Demmink had also been accused of committing paedophile acts in Romania and the Czech Republic.
8 from 44.15-53.53
9 especially 34-44 minutes onwards with Adele van der Plas testimony on Demmink’s cover-ups and abuse of high office.
10 Please read and sign the petition, # Free Hüseyin Baybaşin on

Sheri Laizer, a Middle East and North African expert specialist and well known commentator on the Kurdish issue. She is a contributing writer for More about Sheri Laizer see below.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own.

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Aus „DIE ZEIT“  20 Mai 2017 – Weiße” Menschen, also Bleichhäutige, gibt es auf diesem Planeten erst seit etwa 6.000 Jahren. Damals trat bei den damaligen Europäern eine Mutation auf, genauer gesagt: ein Gendefekt, der aber dort einen gewissen Vorteil haben musste, denn er setzte sich schnell durch. Die europäischen Vorfahren waren also alle dunkelhäutig, und ihre Nachkommen sind tatsächlich “Ausgebleichte”.

“Wenn noch irgendwer hohe Kultur mit einer hellen Hautfarbe verbindet, muss er sich schleunigst von diesem Vorurteil verabschieden. Denn die Pioniere der europäischen Kultur waren Farbige.


  • Wie Alice Schwarzer in der Stadt Tilman Riemenschneiders (Würzburg) zur Frauenfeindin Rassistin wurde – und nun die Welt nicht mehr versteht – und wie in der BRD die Aktien der Aufklärung an Wert sinken

„Wen schert schon, was man tatsächlich sagt?! Das halbe Dutzend jüngerer Frauen, die in einer Gruppe zusammenstanden und danach das Wort ergriffen, auf jeden Fall nicht. Sie wussten ganz offensichtlich schon vorher, was ich sage und denke. Eine las ihre Kommentare sogar schamlos sichtbar von einem Zettel ab. „Ich dachte, Sie reden über Feminismus“, sagte die erste. „Aber Sie haben bisher nur gehetzt: Frauen gegen Männer. Und Deutsche gegen alle Algerier.“ – „Sie verteufeln alle Muslime“, sagte die Nächste. „Sie sind eine Rassistin!“ – „Sie wollen das Kopftuch verbieten“, erklärte eine Dritte. „Und Sie sind dagegen, dass Frauen sich freiwillig für die Burka entscheiden.“

“Frau Schwarzer, Sie verteufeln alle Muslime!”
“Sie sind eine echte Rassistin!”


By ROBIN LINDSAY, MALACHY BROWNE and MARK SCHEFFLER on Publish Date May 22, 2017. Photo by Rex Features, via Associated Press. Watch in Times Video »■ Twenty-two people were killed and 59 others were wounded in what appeared to be a suicide bombing late Monday in the foyer outside the main hall of the Manchester Arena.

■ Prime Minister Theresa May said the police were treating the incident as “an appalling terrorist attack.”

■ The police say a man detonated an “improvised explosive device” and died at the scene. Investigators say they believe the man acted alone, but they are trying to determine if he was part of a wider network. There were reports the device used nuts, bolts or nails as shrapnel.

■ The explosion occurred just as a concert by the American pop star Ariana Grande was ending. The police say children were among those killed. Ms. Grande was not injured.

■ Britain’s leading parties agreed to suspend campaigning for the June 8 general election out of respect for the victims of the attack.

■ Parents who were separated from their children during the mayhem were told to go to nearby hotels, where many had taken refuge. Other children were being kept in the arena.

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MESOP NEWS – LIVE COVERAGE: Trump stresses Iranian threat in Jerusalem address / WATCH PICS & VIDEO


After arriving in Jerusalem, the US president sits down for his first meeting with President Reuven Rivlin.

LIVE: Trump visit to Israel

US President Donald Trump arrived in Israel shortly after noon on Monday for a historic visit in the second leg of his whirlwind maiden foreign tour as president. Israel rolled out the red carpet for Trump at Ben-Gurion Airport, where the president is due to touch down on Air Force One after two days in Saudi Arabia.

[3;24 p.m.] Jpost Correspondent Anna Ahronheim reveals some behind the scenes exchanges between the Israeli and American presidents
[3:20] As POTUS makes his way top the Old City, Jpost Editor-in-Chief Yaakov Katz weighs in on what we’ve heard from Trump so far

[3:15] President Trump departs from the President’s Residence en route to Jerusalem’s Old city, first to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and then to the Western Wall.  

[3:08 p.m.] US President Donald Trump puts Iran in the spotlight in Jerusalem address
“Iran must never be allowed to possess nuclear weapon, never ever”

[3:05 p.m.] Trump talks about prospects of peace between Israel and the Palestinians
US President Donald Trump: There is a growing realization among Arab neighbors that they have common cause with you.”
[3:01 p.m.] Trump Calls Israel an “amazing country” in address after meeting with President Rivlin.
Trump speaks out against terrorist groups and Iran “Together we can work to end the scourge of violence that has taken so many lives here in Israel and around the world,” said the President.

[2:58 p.m.] President Rivlin and Trump Deliver statements after one-on-one meeting

Rivlin begins by thanking Trump for his visit ” Mr. President, we are happy to see that America is back in the area. America is back again.”

He goes on to speak about the hope for peace: “I welcome your willingness to help us move forward. We want to move forward, and we must do it, together.”
[2:20 p.m.] Trump talks peace at the President’s Residence

Enough of the bloodshed and killing,” US President Donald Trump said during the event at President Reuven Rivlin’s official residence in Jerusalem.

He suggested that reigniting the peace process would be at the top of the trip’s agenda: “Being in Israel is very special. We expect to have some very interesting talks.”

[2:05 p.m.] Trump meets with Rivlin at the President’s Residence

Trump is holding a bilateral meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin after arriving in Jerusalem. Trump’s schedule for the day includes a visit at the Western Wall and a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before a festive dinner at the Prime Minister’s Residence.

[2:03 p.m.] More on that embarrassing “selfie” episode:

[2:01 p.m.] From Plane to chopper to armed Limo, President Trump goes to meet his Israeli counterpart Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem
[1:51 p.m.] Marine One lands at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.

[1:44 p.m.] In a move that is sure to go viral, Israeli MK Oren Hazan causes a national embarrassment at Trump’s reception

[1:33 p.m.]

[1:25 p.m.] President Trump boards “Marine One” helicopter that will take him to Jerusalem

Next Stop the President’s Residence: The rest of Trump’s delegation will drive in a convoy to the Israeli capital on the main highway that was shut down for the visit.

[1:20 p.m.]
Bennett to Trump: We hope you’ll be first president to recognize united Jerusalem

Education Minister Naftali Bennett greeted US President Donald Trump upon his arrival in Israel on Monday afternoon at an elaborate red carpet greeting ceremony at Ben-Gurion Airport. “Welcome to Israel Mr. President,” he told the American leader. “On the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, we hope that you will be the first president to recognize a united Jerusalem.

[1:10 p.m.] POTUS shakes hands with Israeli ministers “forced” to attend ceremony

[1:10 p.m.] Tillerson in Israel: Trump is ready to engage personally in Mideast peace

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Monday President Donald Trump was prepared to invest his personal efforts into Middle East peace if Israeli and Palestinian leaders were ready to be serious about engaging in the process.

Tillerson, speaking to reporters on Air Force One, said a three-way meeting between US, Israeli and Palestinian leaders was for a “later date” rather than on this trip.

[1:05 p.m.] Trump at Ben-Gurion Airport: ‘We love Israel, we respect Israel’

US President Donald Trump reaffirmed the “unbreakable bond between the US and the State of Israel” on Monday upon arriving in Israel during his first foreign trip in office. “We love Israel, we respect Israel, and we send your people the warmest greeting from your friend and ally – all of the people of the United States.”

[12:56 p.m.] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes Donald Trump to Israel

[12:49 p.m.] President Trump reviews honor guard at Ben-Gurion Airport

[12:40 p.m.] US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump exit Air Force One

[12:39 p.m.] Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport for the welcome ceremony

[12:28 p.m.]  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara ready to meet US President Donald Trump at the bottom of the Air Force One staircase.

[12:25 p.m.] The Jerusalem Post’s Seth J. Frantzman reporting live from the Old City:

[12:25 p.m.] Police wrap up security preparations

Israeli Police confirmed that they are now done with heightened security preparations for Trump’s visit to the Western Wall this afternoon. All sites where Trump will be visiting have now been secured.

[12:23 p.m.] Air Force One lands in Ben-Gurion Airport, starting first official trip to Israel.

US President Donald Trump arrived in Israel on Monday shortly after noon as Air Force One touched down at Ben-Gurion Airport after departing earlier in the day from Saudi Arabia.

[12:05 p.m.] Here’s a useful pocket guide for the US
 President’s first day in Israel

[12:01 p.m.] The waiting game continues at Ben Gurion Airport

[12:00 p.m.] Members of the Harley Davidson club set out on a ride honoring US President Donald Trump as he arrives in Israel for the first time as sitting president.

They started the ride at 12:00 p.m. in Tel Aviv and finished it in front of the US Embassy, blocking traffic along HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv as the ceremony welcoming Trump to Israel unfolded at Ben-Gurion Airport.

[11:56 a.m.] Waiting from the US President’s arrival, Israeli Minister Ofir Akounis speaks to Jpost Correspondent Sharon Udasin

[11:51 a.m.] Police now saying suspected car ramming was a traffic accident, not terror related.

[11:49 a.m.] Minister Ze’ev Elkin speaks to Jpost Correspondent Sharon Udasin

[11:36 a.m.] INITIAL REPORT :  A car has rammed into pedestrians in central Tel Aviv. Injured people on location. More details to come

[11:15 a.m.] Trump’s arrival in Israel delayed by half hour

US President Donald Trump is en route to Israel from Saudi Arabia, where he spent the first two days of his foreign trip. He is expected to arrive in the country at 12:45 p.m. and will be received in an official ceremony at the Ben-Gurion Airport. His landing has been postponed by thirty minutes, as he was initially expected to arrive at 12:15 p.m.

[11 a.m. ] Israel awaits Trump touchdown 
[9:30 a.m.] Trump leaves Saudi Arabia for Israel

US President Donald Trump departed from Saudi Arabia directly en route to Israel on Monday morning as part of his first foreign tour in office. 

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump board Air Force One to depart for Israel from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia May 22, 2017 (Reuters)

CLICK HERE to join the Jerusalem Post reporters in the conversation on Twitter

On Tuesday, Trump is scheduled to meet Abbas in Bethlehem, and immediately thereafter the US president is slated to return to Jerusalem for a very brief visit to Israel’s Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem. From there Trump will head straight to the Israel Museum, where he is expected to make a speech with which his trip to the Middle East will conclude.

Trump arrives in the region amid repeated iterations of hope that he can help restart the frozen diplomatic process between Israel and the Palestinians. His arrival in the Holy Land also comes as all sides await to see if he will make any announcement on his campaign pledge to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump’s nine-day trip through the Middle East and Europe ends on Saturday after visits to the Vatican, Brussels and Sicily.

Daniel K. Eisenbud and Reuters contributed to this report.


  • Eine Innenansicht aus der Kultur eines Neo-Biedermeier von Günter Franzen (FAZ)

Viele böse Worte, weil das Frühstücksei zu hart oder die Bettwäsche zu rauh ist.” In ihrem Standardwerk “De arte bene senescendi” zitiert die Wiener Gerontologin Verena Rothbauer-Feuchtenschlager verzweifelte Angehörige alter Dauergrantler, denen es, vulgärsprachlich ausgedrückt, ums Verrecken niemand recht machen kann, und äußert die Vermutung, dass es sich bei diesen ungezügelten Unmutsäußerungen liebevoll betreuter Senioren um Vorboten eines im weiteren Krankheitsverlauf rapide um sich greifenden neuronalen Abbauprozesses handeln könnte.

Da ich weiß Gott kein Österreicher bin und als ordnungsliebender, auf Autarkie bedachter deutscher Eigenbrötler über einen Eierkocher verfüge und grundsätzlich alle körpernahen Textilien mit einem zugegebenermaßen umweltbelastenden Weichspüler behandle, könnte ich darauf verweisen, dass ich dafür gesorgt habe, dass mir auf dem Feld der Haushaltsführung niemand in die Quere kommt und ich demnach mögliche, durch alltägliche Misshelligkeiten und Ungeschicklichkeiten ausgelöste Gefühlsausbrüche im Selbstgespräch nur gegen die eigene Person richten kann.

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Leftist Hero Noam Chomsky: Trump-Russia Collusion Story is a ‘Joke’ And ‘Not a Major Issue’ cns News Michael Chapman


…….. Kommentar: Tagelang wurde beleidigt dementiert, daß Macron an EUROBONDS gelegen sei – das stimme nicht ! Nun, wie von MESOP vorausgesagt, exakt beim Treffen mit der italienischen Regierung fordern Macron wie Rom Eurobonds, allerdings nur für die zukünftig kommenden, nicht die alten Staatsschulden. Die Herrschaften können nämlich ihre eigenen EU-Verträge nicht erfüllen, und vertragsbrüchige Pleitiers sind bekanntlich in der allerstabilsten Lage, weil entweder ein punktueller crash erfolgt – oder man gibt ihnen weiteres frisches  Geld.

Zugleich die Forderung Macron / Mascovici / Renzi: Gemeinsamer EU Haushalt mit einem EU Finanzminister (den der Süden merheitmässig bestimmt), beides dann vom EU Parlament jeweils bestätigt, wo auc nur Leute sitzen, die sich fürs Durchwinken bedienen dürfen – und nun voller Zugriff auf produktiv erwirtschaftete Mittel anderer:

FAZ Wirtschaft 22 Mai 2017 : Europäische Finanzpolitik Brüssel fordert mehr Geld für den Euroraum

Brisantes Papier: Die EU-Kommission will den Euro bis 2025 in allen 27 Staaten einführen. Neue Fonds für die Eurozone fordert sie auch, vielleicht auch einen Euro-Haushalt.

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