MESOPOTAMIA NEWS BCKGROUNDER : The “secret” Iran-China 25 year deal: Documents and sources

SETH J. FRANTZMAN  –  12 July 2020

Since early July 2020 there has been increased interest in a China-Iran agreement that could be part of a wider 25-year strategic deal. This has become a controversy within Iranian media. Here is a look at some of the sources and notes on the wider alleged deal.

July 3 Tasnim headline – Tasnim identified this issue onJuly 3 in a series of articles. Radio Farda also began to cover it. July 8 saw headlines about the “selling of islands.” The Iranian Foreign Ministry rejected these rumors.

On July 11 the Iran-China issue got more headlines;

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS IRAN : Three-quarters of Natanz centrifuge assembly hall destroyed – nuke experts

Security expert David Albright told the ‘Post’ that some of the damage is likely irreparable.


Nearly three quarters of Iran’s main centrifuge assembly hall was destroyed by the recent explosion there, Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) president David Albright has told The Jerusalem Post.

Albright indicated that this latest revelation is based on two new satellite overviews showing a much fuller picture than footage that was released last weekend, indicating that the vast majority of the centrifuge assembly hall was wiped out.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS: THE CYPHER MOSSAD ! ?Explosion in Irans Atomanlage : Hat Israel eine Bombe in Natans plaziert?  –

Von Jochen Stahnke, Tel Aviv  – -Aktualisiert am 06.07.2020-19:42  FAZ

Blick auf ein Gebäude der Atomanlage Natans am 2. Juli, das von einem Feuer stark beschädigt wurde. Bild: dpa – Eine Explosion in Natans hat den Ausbau von Teherans Atomprogramm verlangsamt. Israel bestreitet nicht allzu energisch, dass es dahinterstecke. Und es gab noch mehr mysteriöse Vorfälle.

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Will Iran ‘go nuclear’ over its latest nuke site setback?BY SIMON HENDERSON, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR


 07/06/20 04:00 PM EDT – It looks as though a “nuclear war” of sorts has started in the Middle East. Iran’s centrifuge assembly plant at its main enrichment site of Natanz was destroyed last week, possibly with a bomb, according to some reports. What exactly occurred is the subject of much speculation. Iranian officials have said they know what happened but will announce it “later.”

Don’t expect the truth.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS FOCUS : Speculation grows that Israel may be behind spate of mystery blasts in Iran


tHere is growing speculation that Israel’s intelligence services may be behind a spate of blasts that have damaged military and civilian industrial sites in Iran in recent days. Citing a “Middle Eastern intelligence official”, The New York Times reported on Sunday that Israel was behind at least one of the blasts, which struck an Iranian nuclear complex.

The earliest known attack took place on May 9, when one of Iran’s busiest shipping hubs, the Shahid Rajaee Port, experienced a major cyber-attack that brought the port terminal “to an abrupt and inexplicable halt” and caused “massive backups on waterways and roads leading to the facility”. On June 26, a massive  blast destroyed a liquid fuel production facility for ballistic missiles in Khojir, a military complex located 20 miles southeast of Tehran. Four days later, on June 30, there was another explosion at a medical clinic in the Iranian capital, which killed 19 people.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS FOCUS : Iran confirms damaged nuclear site was centrifuge facility


10 hours ago Associated Press  6 July 2020

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran on Sunday confirmed that a damaged building at the underground Natanz nuclear site was a new centrifuge assembly center, the official IRNA news agency reported.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INTEL : The Mysterious Explosions at Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

By Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Raphael OfekJuly 6, 2020e Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,628, July 6, 2020 – THE BEGIN – SADAT ENTER FOR STRATEGG STUDIES – ISRAEL

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Three incidents, including two explosions at nuclear facilities, have shaken Iran in recent days. Were they connected? Were they caused by accidents or were they carried out by a foreign power? If the latter, were they executed via cyberattack? And what will be their domestic and international implications?

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Natanz “incident” was a blast at Iran’s largest enrichment site

4 July 2020 – US satellites photos indicated to analysts that the “incident” at the Natanz enrichment facility on July 1 was an act of sabotage caused by a bomb. The blast was seen to damage a newly opened centrifuge production site at the northwest corner of the Natanz complex, 250km south of Tehran.

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  • 1 July 2020 – The Iranian regime continued its crackdown on Kurdish political activity last week. Last Tuesday, Iranian authorities arrested a Kurdish activist from Dehgolan named Sirwan Rahimi. The Kurdistan Association for Human Rights (KMMK) claimed Rahimi had served a 13-month sentence for “cooperation with an opposition party” before his most recent arrest.
  • Meanwhile, Iranian security forces arrested an activist named Raza Sofiwand in Lorestan on Friday. Iranian authorities also arrested an American activist named Ashfeen Sheikhollah while he was visiting his parents on Friday in Sanandaj. Sheikhollah, who has a history of political and environmental activism, was previously released from jail five weeks ago. Also, in Sanandaj, Iranian authorities arrested a female environmental activist named Faranak Jamshedi on Sunday. Finally, an Islamic Revolution Court in Urmia sentenced a Kurd from Turkey named Sardar Ozmoushi to 18 years in prison for “membership of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.”
  • A statement from the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) claimed their Peshmerga forces engaged in “heavy clashes” with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) near the Halgurd Mountains and that, “The Peshmerga unit defeated the Iranian forces and forced them to retreat from the area. The Peshmerga unit did not suffer any casualties.” That said, Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (NEZA) Commander Brigadier General Mohammed Pakpour announced plans to attack Kurdish opposition forces near the Iran-Iraq border.
  • Iranian border guards killed three Kurdish border porters (Kolbars) and wounded three more in two separate ambushes near the Chaldiran District on Thursday and Friday. Several Kurdish human rights organizations published the names of the deceased, which were Qasim Sarbazi, Sajad Milan, and Shaker Broki. At the same time, Iranian authorities injured three Kolbars near Nowsud on Saturday.
  • Three Kurdish environmental activists lost their lives on Sunday near Paveh (Pawa), with initial reports claiming Mokhtar Khandani, Bilal Ameni, and Yassein Karimi were killed while trying to extinguish a wildfire. That said, the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights claimed the three activists were killed by a land mine planted by the Iranian regime to target Kurdish rebels. Dozens of Paveh residents protested the three men’s deaths on Monday, while arson and wildfires continue to plague Iranian Kurdistan every summer.


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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INTEL :  How An Iranian Judge ‘Fell Out Of A Window’ In Romania

by Hassan MahmoudiJune 25, 2020 TSARIZM NEWS

State corruption in Iran has spread its paws among various governmental organizations as well as those affiliated with the ruling elite in the aftermath of the 1979 revolution.

According to the International Transparency Organization’s report of 2020, the Islamic Republic of Iran ranks 146 among 180 countries when it comes to financial corruption, falling eight ranks in comparison with last year.

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