MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Araber &Israelis werfen Polizei Brutalität gegen Demonstranten vor

Die Demonstrationen in der arabisch-israelischen Stadt Umm al-Fahm gerieten außer Kontrolle, und Vorwürfe der übermäßigen Gewalt durch die Polizei erreichten die Knesset.

Afif Abu Much AL MONITOR 3. März 2021 – Anfang Januar erschossen bewaffnete Angreifer den ehemaligen Bürgermeister von Umm al-Fahm,Suleiman Aghbariah, und ließen ihn schwer verletzt zurück. Als Reaktion darauf haben sich die Menschen in der Stadt jeden Freitag nach Gebeten der letzten acht Wochen versammelt, um gegen die Welle der Gewalt und Kriminalität zu protestieren, die die arabische Gesellschaft überschwemmt, und ein angebliches Fehlen von polizeilichen Bemühungen, das Gesetz in den arabischen Städten und Dörfern des Landes durchzusetzen.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS: Arab-Israelis accuse police of brutality against demonstrators

Demonstrations in the Arab-Israeli town of Umm al-Fahm spun out of control, and accusations of excessive force by the police have reached the Knesset.

Arab-Israeli women take part in a protest after a student was killed in a reported police shootout this week, in the northern Arab-Israeli town of Umm al-Fahm on Feb. 5, 2021. Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images.

Afif Abu Much AL MONITOR –  Mar 3, 2021 Early this January, armed assailants shot the former mayor of Umm al-Fahm, Suleiman Aghbariah, leaving him seriously wounded. In response, the people of the city have gathered every Friday after prayers for the last eight weeks to protest the wave of violence and crime inundating Arab society and an alleged absence of police efforts to enforce the law in the country’s Arab towns and villages.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS “MISSING TRUMP?!” – Toward a Palestinian State? The US Confers Legitimacy on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas

By Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Mordechai KedarMarch 5, 2021 – ISRAEL  – BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,949, March 5, 2021

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Since taking office, the Biden administration has been in direct contact with Palestinian Authority leaders, encouraged and assisted by Israeli leftists who want to bring a Palestinian state into existence as quickly as possible. The Israeli government is not in the picture except in one regard: the administration is pressuring PM Netanyahu to enable Palestinian elections not only in the West Bank and Gaza but also in East Jerusalem, which would prove to the world that Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is no longer valid.

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GOP Grills Biden Nominee for Top Defense Post / COLIN KAHL CONTRA JERUSALEM


Colin Kahl supported Iran deal, attacked Republicans on social media

Colin Kahl /  Text by Alana Goodman – MARCH 4, 2021 4:50 PM THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON  – Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee hammered President Joe Biden’s nominee for a top Pentagon post over his support for the Iranian nuclear deal, his criticism of the U.S. embassy’s move to Jerusalem, and his history of “inflammatory” comments against Republicans and members of Congress on Twitter.

Republican members on Thursday cited numerous heated public statements by Colin Kahl, a former Obama State Department official whom Biden tapped for undersecretary of defense for policy, including some of his Twitter posts reported by the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Russia & Iran Sign an Intelligence Pact

By Dr. Ardavan KhoshnoodMarch 4, 2021  BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,948, March 4, 2021

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Islamic Republic of Iran has experienced a number of serious counterintelligence failures over the years. Last month, Iran and Russia, a close ally of the Islamic regime, signed a pact that should assist it as it attempts to reform its counterintelligence.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has an extensive and complex intelligence apparatus. Its two most important intelligence institutions are the Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) and the intelligence arm of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). A third key intelligence organization is the IRGC’s Intelligence Protection Organization, which operates independently of the Corps’s intelligence arm and deals in counterintelligence.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS REPORT: Netanjahu verurteilt IStGH-Sondierung gegen Israel

Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanjahu hat Staatsanwältin Fatou Bensoda Heuchelei und Antisemitismus für die Untersuchung Israels wegen Kriegsverbrechen vorgeworfen.

Die Anklägerin des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs, Fatou Bensouda, gibt am 20. Oktober 2020 eine Pressekonferenz in der sudanesischen Hauptstadt Khartum. Foto: EBRAHIM HAMID/AFP via Getty Images.

Rina Bassist  AL MONITOR –  3. März 2021

Die Anklägerin des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs, Fatou Bensouda, hat heute eine Untersuchung des Verbrechens gegen Israel in palästinensischen Gebieten eingeleitet. Sie schrieb in einer Erklärung: “Ich bestätige die Einleitung einer Untersuchung durch die Staatsanwaltschaft des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs unter Wahrung der Situation in Palästina. Die Untersuchung erstreckt sich auf Straftaten, die in der Zuständigkeit des Gerichtshofs liegen und die seit dem 13. Juni 2014, dem Zeitpunkt, an dem in der Verweisung der Situation an mein Amt Bezug genommen wird, begangen worden sein sollen.”

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS BLACK POER CONTRA ISRAEL : Netanyahu slams ICC probe against Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused prosecutor Fatou Bensoda of hypocrisy and anti-Semitism for investigating Israel for war crimes.


Rina Bassist Mar 3, 2021 AL MONITOR

International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda initiated a war crime investigation into Israeli actions in Palestinian territories today. She wrote in a statement, “I confirm the initiation by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of an investigation respecting the Situation in Palestine. The investigation will cover crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court that are alleged to have been committed in the Situation since 13 June 2014, the date to which reference is made in the Referral of the Situation to my Office.”

Bensouda called on Palestinian and Israeli victims and affected communities to be patient, noting, “The ICC is not a panacea, but only seeks to discharge the responsibility that the international community has entrusted to it, which is to promote accountability for Rome Statute crimes, regardless of the perpetrator, in an effort to deter such crimes.”

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : IStGH-Staatsanwalt kündigt formelle Untersuchung israelischer “Kriegsverbrechen” an

Hunderte von Israelis könnten durch Gerichtsentscheidungen in Gefahr geraten; Israel rüstet sich für einen langwierigen juristischen Kampf.


Die Anklägerin des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs, Fatou Bensouda, kündigte am Mittwoch an, eine umfassende Untersuchung wegen Kriegsverbrechen gegen Israel und die Hamas zu eröffnen.

“Die Entscheidung, eine Untersuchung einzuleiten, folgte einer sorgfältigen Voruntersuchung meines Büros, die fast fünf Jahre dauerte”, sagte die scheidende Staatsanwältin Fatou Bensouda in einer Erklärung.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS SEVERE WARNING : 1,800 former Israeli generals, service members urge Biden not to return to JCPOA

The 2015 Iran deal poses an “existential threat to the Jewish state,” warns the Habithonistim group, and returning to it would push Israel and its Sunni allies into a “dangerous corner,” potentially igniting a nuclear arms race.

IDF Brig. Gen. (res.) Amir Avivi, director of Habithonistim, a group of hawkish former Israeli security personnel, during an interview on March 21, 2018. Source: Screenshot.

(March 1, 2021 / JNS) A group of 1,800 retired Israeli generals, officers and Mossad operatives have written a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden urging him not to return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS RED LIGHT TO ISRAEL –  ICC prosecutor announces formal investigation into Israeli ‘war crimes’

Hundreds of Israelis could find themselves at risk by court decision; Israel bracing for protracted legal battle.


International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda announced on Wednesday that she would open a full war crimes probe into Israel and Hamas.”The decision to open an investigation followed a painstaking preliminary examination undertaken by my office that lasted close to five years,” outgoing Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said in a statement.

“In the end, our central concern must be for the victims of crimes, both Palestinian and Israeli, arising from the long cycle of violence and insecurity that has caused deep suffering and despair on all sides,” Bensouda said.

“My office will take the same principled, non-partisan, approach that it has adopted in all situations over which its jurisdiction is seized.”The Palestinian Authority said that it welcomed the decision to open a war crimes investigation.

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