MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INTEL : US warship seizes massive cache of illicit weapons in North Arabian Sea


AN AMERICAN WARSHIP HAS seized a massive cache of illicit Russian- and Chinese-made weapons, which were found hidden inside a small fishing vessel sailing in the North Arabian Sea, according to the United States Navy. A statement describing the seizure was issued on Monday by the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which is based in the Gulf state of Bahrain. It said that the seizure was carried out by a US Coast Guard Team aboard the USS Monterey, which is a guided-missile cruiser.

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Unruhen in Ostjerusalem : Die Angst vor der Vertreibung

  • Von Jochen Stahnke, Jerusalem FAZ 10.05.2021- Israelische Sicherheitskräfte während einer Demonstration gegen den geplanten Räumungsprozess im Stadtteil Scheich Jarrah am 8. Mai  – In Jerusalem gärt es seit Wochen. Die mögliche Enteignung von Palästinensern hat jetzt zu den schwersten Auseinandersetzungen seit Jahren beigetragen. Selbst Washington ermahnt die Netanjahu-Regierung.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS LATEST :  Six Palestinian rockets from Gaza aimed at Jerusalem reach environs

May 10, 2021 @ 18:42 DEBKA FILES ISRAEL

A multiple rocket barrage was launched from the Gaza Strip towards Jerusalem after a Hamas ultimatum to Israel to evacuate police from Temple Mt by 1800 hours on Monday. Some were intercepted by Iron Dome. Others exploded near Bet Shemesh, Kiryat Anavim and Maaleh Hahamisha and Beit Hakerem in Jerusalem, causing damage to property. A Cornet anti-air rocket hit an Israel car and set it on fire. Kiryat Gat, Lachish, Sderot were also targeted.

Shelters wrre earlier opened in areas around the Gaza Strip including Ashkelon ready for the attack continue, after the roads in the region were cleared and hospitals alerted to prepare for casualty victims of terror. And half an hour after the first barrage, Hamas fired another 20 rockets against Ashkelon and Sderot.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS ISRAEL/PALÄSTINA : UNRECHT WIRD IMMER UNRECHT BLEIBEN – „Die Siedler räumen freimütig ein, dass es ihnen darum geht, strategische Orte im besetzten Ostjerusalem unter ihre Kontrolle zu bringen. Dabei griffen mehrere Siedler während Unruhen am Donnerstag zu den Waffen. Die Polizei nahm ihnen zwar die Waffen ab, liess sie sonst aber in Ruhe.“ 


  1. Mai 2021 – NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG – VON INGA ROGG – Israel nach Polizeieinsatz in Jerusalem unter Druck: Die Spannungen zwischen Israel und Palästinensern sind während des Fastenmonats eskaliert. Auf dem Gelände der Al-Aksa-Moschee, einem der höchsten Heiligtümer der Muslime, war es am Wochenende zu Zusammenstössen gekommen. Kritik an Israel kommt nun aus dem Ausland.

Die Siedler räumen freimütig ein, dass es ihnen darum geht, strategische Orte im besetzten Ostjerusalem unter ihre Kontrolle zu bringen. Dabei griffen mehrere Siedler während Unruhen am Donnerstag zu den Waffen. Die Polizei nahm ihnen zwar die Waffen ab, liess sie sonst aber in Ruhe.

Israel gerät nach dem Polizeieinsatz in der Al-Aksa-Moschee unter Druck – Die Spannungen zwischen Israel und Palästinensern sind während des Fastenmonats eskaliert. Dazu trägt auch eine drohende Zwangsräumung in Ostjerusalem bei. –  Inga Rogg, Jerusalem –  9.05.2021, 20.06 Uhr

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS – Kurdistan’s Weekly Brief, May 4, 2021

A weekly brief of events that occurred in the Kurdish regions of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. 

Turkey :

Turkey’s Court of Cassation upheld Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtas’s four-year, eight-month prison sentence. At the same time, Demirtas and 105 Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) lawmakers are facing potential prison sentences due to ongoing legal actions known as the “Kobani Trial,” though the trials have been postponed until at least May 18 because of coronavirus lockdowns. On another note, Turkish police arrested at least ten HDP members and supporters in Batman and Van, including an environmental activist named Huseyin Akil. Turkish police also detained 220 people in Istanbul on Saturday for rallying on International Workers’ Day and accused them of breaking lockdown rules.

The HDP criticized the Turkish government’s latest incursions into Iraqi Kurdistan and described them as a “mistake” that has been ongoing since 1983. The HDP also accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government of attacking Iraqi Kurdistan to divert attention from domestic issues like the economy.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS ANALYSIS : The Old Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Dead—Long Live the Emerging Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Summary:  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become deeply ingrained in daily life. Work must begin now to heal deep-seated divisions, which are not likely to be resolved in a burst of diplomacy.

It is time to admit what most observers already know: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that diplomats have been dealing with for half a century is over. It is not that a solution has been found. Just the opposite: all the injustices and insecurities that afflict inhabitants of the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are now so deeply ingrained in daily life that no diplomatic framework can address them now. This leaves some people far better off than others, of course—and it leaves many quite satisfied. But even the smug have cause for worry—less about their own lives and livelihood and more about the world to be inhabited by their children and grandchildren. And many others are left stateless, restricted in movement, harshly policed, and pondering how to provide for their family’s needs now rather than for future generations.



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KNK’s Nilüfer Koç: The offensive in Iraqi Kurdistan ‘is Erdogan’s last hope. But Turkey can’t win this war’

Sharing her perspectives on the ongoing clashes between Turkey’s armed forces and the Kurdish fighters in Iraqi Kurdistan, Nilüfer Koç, member of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), stressed that this battle will have existential outcomes for the Kurds.

11:18 am 05/05/2021 MEDYA NEWS


The cross-border operation that the Turkish army launched in Metîna, Avaşîn, and Zap (also known as Medya Defence Zones) regions in Iraqi Kurdistan has entered its 13th day. Nilüfer Koç provided an evaluation of the conflict and the latest agendas of the US government in the Middle East.

“A new design of the Middle East in line with the USA’s agendas is being prepared. The operation started right after US president Biden spoke with president Erdogan. These forces see the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as a major obstacle to the invasion of Southern Kurdistan”, she told MA.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Israel not reassured by Biden’s meeting with Mossad chief

President Joe Biden told Mossad chief Yossi Cohen in the White House that the United States will not abandon Israel on Iran.

Ben Caspit May 4, 2021 AL MONITOR – US President Joe Biden and Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen met on April 30 at the White House. A spokesperson for the American National Security Council said Cohen’s original meeting was with the agency’s chief Jake Sullivan, and that Biden “dropped by to express condolences for the tragedy in Mount Meron.’’

But diplomatic sources told Al-Monitor the meeting was anything but a “drop by” — the kind of meeting senior Israeli officials have grown accustomed to over the years. It was apparently a full meeting set up by the White House at the president’s request. Cohen, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s final weapon in his desperate bid to derail the looming US return to the Iran nuclear deal, had a lengthy one-hour sit-down with Biden last Friday.

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by David Pollock Newslooks May 3, 2021

If only to avoid far worse outcomes, Washington should reject Assad’s bogus “reelection” and keep supporting Israeli strikes, the SDF’s viability, and refugee aid. Far beneath the surface of the Biden Administration’s understandable preoccupation with problems at home, and with China and Russia abroad, a quiet debate about its policy toward the never-ending Syrian crisis is simmering toward a conclusion. The basic question is whether to stay on the current inconclusive course, or opt for something different.

Private conversations with senior officials from interested parties indicate that the question has yet to be answered, leaving U.S. policy in limbo, or “autopilot,” until the review is completed and a decision is made. In fact, this uncertainty about American intentions is the one thing that all the major regional actors on this stage—Arabs, Israelis, Turks, and Kurds—can agree about right now.

After a decade of following the tragic Syrian conflict, in regular contact with all sides, my judgment—to my own surprise and dismay—is this: the decision should be mostly for more of the same, with just a few adjustments on the margins. This will not resolve Syria’s dire situation. It will, however, probably prevent it from getting even worse—which, amazingly, could actually happen. The focus here is on today’s most urgent diplomatic and security decision points. Other important, more medium-term issues—including the major humanitarian and political challenges in outlying areas like Idlib, Deir Ezzour, El-Tanf, Daraa, and Suweidah—will have to await a follow-up essay soon.

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US is far from rejoining Iran nuclear deal, Biden reportedly tells Mossad chief


UNITED STATES JOE BIDEN reportedly told the director of Israel’s external intelligence agency, the Mossad, that Washington has “a long way to go” before rejoining a 2015 agreement aimed at halting Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The meeting between Biden and Mossad director Yossi Cohen reportedly took place last Friday, during Cohen’s visit to Washington last week, to discuss bilateral security issues with a series of American officials. On Thursday Cohen met with a number of Biden administration officials, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Brett McGurk, who is the National Security Council’s Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa.

The following day, the Mossad chief visited the White House to discuss a variety of “regional security issues” with Biden’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, and Central Intelligence Agency director William Burns.

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