MESOPOTAMIA NEWS FORECAST :  Israel’s war with Iran will cause never-before-seen images

Former senior Air Force officer warns that while Israel’s foes have no interest in war, they may try taking advantage of government-less Israel


A war against Iran and Hezbollah will see Israel pounded by over a thousand rockets per day, causing never-before-seen images in the Jewish State, an unnamed former senior officer from the Israeli Air Force told The Jerusalem Post.

“It’s a severe threat to the homeland, and there will be images that have never ever been seen in the past,” he said.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS SPECIAL : Assyrians From Around the World Gather in Jerusalem to Discuss the Future of Aramaic

By Yehonatan Valtser –  2019-12-03 01:55 GMT

Aramaic conference in Jerusalem.

Representatives from Assyrian communities around the world gathered in Jerusalem on Sunday evening to attend a conference hosted by the Committee for the Resurrection of the Aramaic Language and the Tikkun Movement highlighting the survival of the ancient language, which was once spoken throughout the Middle East. Juliana Taimoorazy of Chicago and Hermis Shaheen from Sydney participated in a discussion about the meaning of the Aramaic language to the Jewish people and the Assyrian people.

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Alexey Khlebnikov@AleksKhlebnikov – 2 Dec 2019 – 6h

THREAD: BIG: #Syria|n #Kurds used an improvised explosive device against joint #Russia#Turkey patrol near Kobane. Reportedly 3 injured among Russian military police, although no threat to their lives.

В Сирии на маршруте российской военной полиции произошел взрыв

Трое российских военнослужащих получили травмы и ушибы в результате взрыва самодельной бомбы на пути следования бронированного автомобиля военной полиции в… РИА Новости, 02.12.2019


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Al-Masdar News@TheArabSource

2 Dec 2019 – 7m

Syrian Army takes control of more points to overlook large parts of key highway #Hasakah #Syria

Syrian Army takes control of more points to overlook large parts of key highway

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has taken control of several new points along the strategic Hasakah-Aleppo Highway this week, the


Al-Masdar News@TheArabSource


2 Dec 2019 1m

#IRGC commander warns #Iran has missiles aimed at 21 US bases

IRGC commander warns Iran has missiles aimed at 21 US bases

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:15 P.M.) – The top adviser to the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), General Allahnoor Noorollahi, warned on


Middle East Monitor@MiddleEastMnt


2 Dec 2019 –  3m

#Israel approves $11.5m in extra funding for West Bank settlements #LandGrab

Israel approves $11.5m in extra funding for West Bank settlements

Israel approved an extra 40 million shekels ($11.5 million) for settlements in the occupied West Bank yesterday, reported Haaretz. The majority of the funding allocation approved by the cabinet –…


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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS MIDEAST : Withholding Palestinians’ remains not befitting Israel

READ IN:    עברית Yossi Beilin December 2, 2019 – Article Summary – AL MONITOR – Caretaker Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, perhaps trying to maximize his time in office, has offered up discarded ideas on security that put Israel in the position of violating human rights and dignity. Israel’s political right is convinced it has the solution to terrorism and that implementing it will wipe out, once and for all, the security threats the country faces without making peace with the Palestinians. Their would-be solutions have encompassed a variety of ideas, including instituting the death penalty for convicted terrorists, demolishing the family homes of assailants captured or killed while committing terrorist acts, sealing off attackers’ homes, and to top it off, threatening to withhold the bodies of perpetrators from their families.

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Israel: 2 Dec 2019 – The country plans to build a new settlement (Haaretz) in the West Bank city of Hebron, the defense minister announced. A top Palestinian diplomat called the move “the first tangible result of the U.S. decision to legitimize colonization.”

CFR’s Philip H. Gordon discusses Washington’s policy shift on Israeli settlements in the West Bank

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Technocracy now: The US is working to turn Lebanon’s anti-corruption protests against Hezbollah

While Lebanon’s protests remain focused on the economy and widespread corruption, Washington is increasingly determined to exploit the movement as a geopolitical weapon in the region.

By Rania Khalek : THE GREY ZONE  2. Dec 2019

This is part one of a two-part report.Lebanon erupted in massive protests this October. The demonstrations transcended sect and class, and quickly spread across the country. The movement was spurred by the levying of regressive taxes and the persistence of a corrupt neoliberal order that has mismanaged the economy and hollowed out the public sector while enriching a handful of elites amid a looming economic collapse.

Though the protests remain focused on class issues and corruption, the US is increasingly determined to co-opt the movement for its own goals. At the forefront of Washington’s agenda is ousting Hezbollah from the Lebanese governing coalition and marginalizing the Shia political-military movement as a means of weakening Iran. In its place, the US and its proxies inside Lebanon are demanding a “technocratic” government with no interest in resisting Israel.

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Dhi Qar Governor Resigns After Tens Killed in Southern Iraq Protests
Basnews English 29/11/2019 – 15:18 Published in Iraq ERBIL — Governor of Iraq’s Dhi Qar province handed in his resignation after dozens of protesters were killed by the security forces in Nasiriyah.
According to officials, at least 33 people were shot dead on Thursday by the security forces in Nisiriyah. At least 233 others were wounded.
Adil al-Dikhili, governor of Dhi Qar, resigned following the bloody day.
Elsewhere in the Shia holy city of Najaf, 11 people were killed during clashes between protesters and security forces.
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– In Deutschland seien unter dem Begriff „Notstand“ nach der Amtsübernahme von Adolf Hitler die Demokratie abgeschafft und fundamentale Rechte wie die Pressefreiheit eingeschränkt worden. „Der Begriff löst in erster Linie Angst aus und weckt zudem Erwartungen an Sofortmaßnahmen, die Europa nicht liefern kann“, sagte Liese weiter. Ein Antrag, im Deutschen von Klimadringlichkeit statt von Klimanotstand zu sprechen, fand aber keine ausreichende Mehrheit.

Notstandsbegriff impliziert stets exekutive Sondervollmachten apart vom üblichen geltenden Recht. Der neue FÜHRER ist jetzt der PLANET. Kosmisch unnahbar, unbefragbar als übermenschlicher Souverän. Darauf wäre Carl Schmitt nie gekommen !

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INTEL : Iran poised to strike US/Israeli targets. US forces gear up for action. USS Lincoln carrier enters the Gulf


Nov 25, 2019 @ 19:37 DEBKA FILES – ISRAEL   – The US and Iran ramped up their preparations for direct military engagement on Monday, Nov. 25: A top Iranian general’s threatened to destroy the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Force moved into position opposite central Iran’s coastline..

Addressing a mass pro-government rally in Tehran, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief, Gen. Hossein Salami, shouted, while burning US and Israeli flags, “We have shown restraint… we have shown patience towards the hostile moves of America, the Zionist region and Saudi Arabia against the Islamic Republic Iran,” said Salami. “If you cross our red lines, we will destroy you. If Iran decides to respond, the enemy will not have security anywhere. Our patience has a limit.”

DEBKAfile’s military sources find the clue to Iran’s next move in his assertion that its patience has a limit. It indicates that while up until now Tehran hesitated to set a date for its next strike on an American or an Israeli target – or both – Iran has now finally decided to go forward.

Aware that this strike may come at any moment, CENTCOM chief, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie predicted on Saturday that Iran will probably launch another attack in the Middle East.  He was speaking at a regional security conference at Manama, Bahrain, and noted that, despite the American troop build-up in the region, Tehran had not hesitated to attack Saudi oil fields on Sept. 14.

Iran’s leaders were also spurred toward military action by the return of the USS Lincoln carrier strike force to the Gulf for the first time since May, when the vessel moved into the Arabian Sea. Large-scale US marine, navy and air might aboard the Lincoln are now in position opposite Iran’s shores.

They also took note of the arrival in Israel of Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, and his quiet talks with Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi. Their joint statement – “The two generals discussed operational questions and regional developments” – was interpreted in Tehran as meaning that the US and Israel had finalized coordinated plans for joint military operations against the Islamic Republic.

Since last week, Israel has been on high war alert for Iran’s potential payback for its wide-ranging air strike on Al Qods positions near and south of Damascus on Nov. 20. It is estimated in Israel and the US that multiple Iranian personnel were killed. They did not expect Tehran to let this go without responding.


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