MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : SYRIEN HILFE & HEIKO MAASSyrien-Hilfe blockiert” – Halbe Million Kinder könnte sterben”

Stand: 11.07.2020 09:24 Uhr – In der Nacht haben Russland und China im UN-Sicherheitsrat weitere Hilfen für Flüchtlinge in Syrien blockiert – es geht um das Schicksal von etwa drei Millionen Menschen. Doch Deutschland und Belgien wollen nicht aufgeben. Von Peter Mücke, ARD-Studio New York

Bis zuletzt hatten die Verhandlungsführer Belgien und Deutschland gehofft und an Russland und China appelliert, die Fortsetzung der humanitären Hilfe für Millionen Notleidende in Syrien zu erlauben. Doch am Ende musste der UN-Botschafter der Bundesrepublik, Christoph Heusgen, ein negatives Ergebnis verkünden: 13 Ja-Stimmen – und zwei Vetos.

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RUSSLANDS UNMENSCHLICHER SIEG – UN schränkt Syrien-Hilfe für Millionen Flüchtlinge ein


BILD – veröffentlicht am12.07.2020 – 08:22 Uhr –  Nach langem Ringen hat sich der UN-Sicherheitsrat doch noch auf eine eingeschränkte Fortsetzung der humanitären Syrienhilfe geeinigt. Doch ein Erfolg sieht anders aus. Die Lösung, die einem Sieg Russlands gleichkommt, könnte laut Hilfsorganisationen die Versorgung von Millionen Notleidenden gefährden!

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS SCANDAL : Russia, China vetoes threaten to end all UN aid to northern Syria

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – On Friday, Russia and China, for the second time this week, vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have continued a UN humanitarian aid program in northern Syria.With the vetoes of the two permanent members of the Security Council, the program has ended, at least temporarily, as of Saturday, and will not be renewed, unless the Council can reach a compromise understanding.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INTEL : • In-fighting erupts between Syrian intelligence and army in Damascus

JULY 11, 2020 BY IAN ALLEN intel org

Violent clashes broke out between Syrian regime intelligence forces and local militias affiliated with the army’s 4th Division and national defense in Damascus’ countryside, local media sources reported. Sporadic fighting reportedlhy broke out for the third consecutive day in the Daf Al-Shouk region between militiamen affiliated with the 4th Division and the national defense on the one hand, and security formations from the Palestine Branch of the Syrian military intelligence on the other. This came after the 4th Division and the national defense refused to hand over their weapons and end the military tasks assigned to them in the region.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : UN Report Details Rights Abuses, War Crimes in Syria / TOP OF THE AGENDA ​

July 8, 2020
Civilians in Syria endured “unfathomable suffering” during an offensive launched late last year by pro-government forces in the Idlib Governorate, a UN-mandated Commission of Inquiry said in a report. It alleges war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The report documents fifty-two attacks by all parties that killed civilians or damaged civilian infrastructure between November and June, including attacks on hospitals, schools, markets, and homes. Russian airplanes carried out two of the attacks (Reuters), the report says; other attacks were launched by regime forces, pro-government forces, and a militant group. Russia, which backs the Syrian government, joined China in vetoing a UN Security Council resolution (Al Jazeera) to extend crucial aid deliveries to Syria via Turkey, the authorization for which ends on Friday. Russia’s rival proposal includes approving six months of aid access at only one Turkish crossing.

“If a political resolution is not found, the regime will likely kill, wound, or displace hundreds of thousands of civilians as it seizes control over the rest of the province. Although the U.S. military has begun to pull back from the region, the outcome of the fight for Idlib should be a national security concern,” CFR’s Amir Asmar and Jacob Ware write.

“A Syrian-Russian victory in Idlib is not far off, and millions of civilians have nowhere to go except to try to escape to Europe. Washington needs to start laying the groundwork for a safe zone now,” Robert S. Ford writes in Foreign Affairs.


Peköz: Die Allianz mit dem ENKS setzt Ankara unter Druck

Der Mittelostexperte Mustafa Peköz sagt, dass eine Allianz des Kurdischen Nationalrats ENKS mit der Selbstverwaltung von Nord- und Ostsyrien das Potential hat, die Türkei auf einen neuen Weg zu zwingen. –  ANF  REDAKTION –   Sonntag, 5 Jul 2020, 10:34

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by Fabrice Balanche  – PolicyWatch 3342 July 1, 2020

The mixed Kurdish-Arab zone could buckle under any number of security, health, and economic threats, especially if the United States surrenders to Russian and Turkish interests by withdrawing its remaining forces.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Russia, Turkey and Iran coordinate anti-US Syria policy, slamming Israel

Today, the US says it guards “oil” in eastern Syria and has a base at Tanf near the Jordanian border.


Russia, Turkey and Iran held a virtual meeting on Wednesday to coordinate efforts in Syria.

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Russia holds key to UN Syria aid operation – ‘Those most vulnerable are first affected and worst affected.’

Aron Lund – 2 July 2020 – Freelance journalist and analyst specialising in Syria – STOCKHOLM

UN aid to Syria’s rebel-held northwest will come to a halt this month if Russia does not agree to a deal in the Security Council, potentially putting healthcare, food, and rudimentary shelter for millions of people in jeopardy.

After more than nine years of war, the government of President Bashar al-Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, controls most of Syria, except Idlib province and surrounding parts of the northwest, and the mostly Kurdish-controlled northeast.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : US SAVE KURDS! – US troops ‘secure’ northeast Syria oil, as contamination from it imperils lives

Dilapidated pipelines and oil waste coat polluted rivers and streams in Kurdish-run northeast Syria.

People walk from a rooftop overlooking a burning oil well on Nov. 10, 2015, near the IS-held town of Hole in the autonomous region of Rojava, Syria.  – Dan Wilkofsky – Amberin Zaman AL MONITOR – Jun 30, 2020

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