MESOP SCANDAL : SCHWEIZER SCHUTZGELD AN ISIS – Die LafargeHolcim Ltd. mit den Marken Holcim und Lafarge ist der grösste Baustoffhersteller der Welt mit Hauptsitz in Rapperswil-Jona in der Schweiz.

Chef muss offenbar nach Bericht über Syrien-Affäre gehen

Handelsblatt – 24.04.2017 – LafargeHolcim steht offenbar vor einem Chefwechsel: Nach einem Bericht über die Syrien-Affäre muss Eric Olsen laut einem Insider den Zementriesen verlassen. Einen Nachfolger soll es noch nicht geben. Im vergangenen Jahr hatten Menschenrechtsorganisationen eine Anzeige gegen Lafarge eingereicht und dem Unternehmen vorgeworfen, die Extremistenmiliz Islamischer Staat bezahlt zu haben, um den Betrieb eines Werks in Syrien aufrechtzuerhalten.

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New constitution will decide on Kurdish demands for federalism: Bashar al-Assad

23 Aprl 2017 – The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad has stated that most Kurds in Syria do not believe in federalism but in the case of any such demand they should wait for the new constitution to decide on the case.

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MESOP NEWS TODAYS BACKGROUNDER : Damascus Beyond the Propaganda – “Iranians Are First. And the Russians Are Gods”

By Scott Lucas – eaworldview – Writing for The Guardian, Ruth Maclean cuts through illusions and propaganda for a snapshot of life in Syria’s capital Damascus after more than six years of conflict:

Waiters dressed for the 1930s, with pencil moustaches and slicked-back hair, spoon tabbouleh on to the plates of women who take drags on shisha pipes at the grand Selena restaurant in Damascus’s old city.

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MESOP INVESTIGATION & DISCOVERY: Revealed: How Britain’s former Syria ambassador appeared on BBC to defend Assad… after quietly taking a job with dictator’s father-in-law

 23 April 2017 – THE TELEGRAPH UK – This was founded by Fawaz Akhras, a London-based cardiologist whose daughter Asma is married to President Assad, and is closely linked to the regime, frequently accused of acting as its mouthpiece in the west.

According to documents filed at Companies House, Mr Ford – who has been accused of supporting the Syrian regime in the past  – was appointed a director of the society on February 28 this year. Following the chemical attack in Idlib province, which killed more than 70 people and subsequently led to retaliatory US air strikes on a regime air base, Mr Ford appeared on the BBC casting doubt on whether Assad was responsible.

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MESOP “DEVELOPMENT”: ISIS MOVING ! – ISIS Moves Its Capital in Syria

By Lucas Tomlinson, Jennifer Griffin – Fox News – 2017-04-22 – In the wake of increased airstrikes and pressure applied from three directions by U.S.-backed Syrian forces, the Islamic State has essentially moved its so-called capital in Syria, U.S. defense officials told Fox News. ISIS is now centered in Deir ez-Zur, roughly 90 miles southeast of Raqqa, the officials said.

U.S. military drones have watched hundreds of ISIS “bureaucrats,” or administrators, leaving Raqqa in the past two months for the city of al-Mayadin located further down the Euphrates River from Deir el-Zour where U.S. Central Command announced that it killed mid-level ISIS “operative” Abdurakhmon Uzbeki.The looming battle for Raqqa is imminent but the ISIS government is no longer there, according to officials.

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MESOP NEWS FOCUS: Russia Complains About Investigation of Assad’s Chemical Attack

By  Scott Lucas – eaworldview – Russia tries another line to discredit inquiry into April 4 chemical attack in northwest Syria

22 April 2017 – Russia has complained again about the international investigation into the Assad regime’s deadly chemical attack on a town in northwest Syria almost three weeks ago.

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MESOP NEWS SYRIA Daily: US Turns Down Meeting With UN Envoy and Russia

By Scott Lucas – eaworldview –  US spokesman: “At this time there is no new trilateral meeting scheduled.”

21 April 2017 – The US has turned down a possible re-entry into the political process over Syria’s conflict, declining a meeting with UN envoy Staffan de Mistura and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov in Geneva on Monday. The session was to evaluate the next planned set of indirect talks between the Assad regime and the Syrian opposition, scheduled for May 3-4 in the Kazakhstan capital Astana.

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Syrien: Kein Geld für Aufklärung von Kriegsverbrechen? – 21 April 2017 – Die UN wollen endlich gegen Kriegsverbrecher in Syrien vorgehen und haben dafür 2016 die Einsetzung eines Sonderermittlers beschlossen.

 OPCW-Experten: Einsatz von Giftgas in Syrien „unbestreitbar“

DIE WELT  –  21 April 2017 – Laut Untersuchungen der Organisation für das Verbot von Chemiewaffen sei es „unbestreitbar“, dass im syrischen Chan Scheichun Giftgas eingesetzt …

Krieg in Syrien: Experten halten Giftgas-Einsatz für “unbestreitbar” – Tagesspiegel

OPCW zu Syrien: Einsatz von Giftgas “unbestreitbar” –

Diplomaten OPCW bestätigt Giftgaseinsatz in Syrien – Ruhr Nachrichten

Krieg in Syrien: Sarin-Einsatz ist laut Experten “unbestreitbar”

Tagesspiegel  – 21 April – 2017 – Der Westen wirft der syrischen Luftwaffe vor, am 4. April einen Giftgasangriff auf die Kleinstadt Chan Scheichun im Nordwesten Syriens geflogen zu   

 Giftgas-Einsatz in Syrien: Nervengas Sarin bei Angriff auf Chan Scheichun verwendet

Stuttgarter Zeitung  – 21 April 2017 – Nun besteht Gewissheit: Bei dem Angriff auf den syrischen Ort Chan Scheichun ist nach Angaben von Experten das Nervengas Sarin oder eine …

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MESOP DOCU: Monitor Confirms Sarin Used in Syria

 20 April 2017  MESOP  – The chemical used in an attack on an opposition-controlled Syrian town that killed at least eighty-six people was confirmed to be the nerve agent sarin or a substance similar to sarin, according to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (WaPo). France said it will soon present evidence of the Syrian government’s involvement in the attack.

MESOP NEWS INSIGHT : THE PROOF ! – Assad Regime Used “Sarin or Sarin-Like Substance” in Khan Sheikhoun Attack

By Scott Lucas – eaworldview –  20 Apr 2017 – France, the UK, and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons have each declared that “sarin or a sarin-like substance” was used in the chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in northwest Syria on April 4.

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