MESOPOTAMIA NEWS REPORT : Germany Convicts Syrian in Landmark Torture Trial

Thursday February 25th, 2021 by AL-ARABY AL-JADEED (London-based, pan-Arab newspaper)

In an international first, a former Syrian intelligence service member has been found guilty of crimes against humanity, writes Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

A German court on Wednesday convicted a former Syrian intelligence service agent for complicity in crimes against humanity, in the first court case of its kind.

Eyad al-Gharib, 44, was found guilty for helping to arrest protesters and deliver them to a detention center in Damascus in autumn 2011. It is the first-ever time an individual connected to the Syrian government has been tried for his role in state-sponsored torture in Syria.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS SCANDAL : Syria set to be elected to top post in UN human rights forum

Assad regime welcomes nomination to ‘decolonization’ committee opposing ‘subjugation, domination’; on same day, UN releases report saying Damascus likely guilty of genocide

By TOI staff 21 February 2021, 10:04 pm  -The United Nations announced on Thursday that Syria is set to be elected to a senior post on a UN “decolonization” committee charged with upholding human rights including the “subjugation, domination and exploitation” of people.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INTEL: GREAT SURPRISE ! –  Top Syrian chemical weapons scientist spied for CIA for 14 years, new book claims


THE TOP SCIENTIST IN Syria’s chemical weapons program, reputed to be among the world’s deadliest, spied for the United States Central Intelligence Agency for 14 years, according to a new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Toby Warrick. The claim is included in Warrick’s latest bookRed Line: The Unraveling of Syria and America’s Race to Destroy the Most Dangerous Arsenal in the World, which has been published this week by Doubleday.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INSIGHT : Efforts for national unity have accelerated / PKK/PYD SOURCES

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Nasruddin Ibrahim, and a member of the Women’s Council in NE Syria, Stera Qassim, called for continuing efforts to achieve the unity, and to take advantage of the historic opportunity.

NEWS 22 Feb 2021, Mon – 06:20 2021-02-22T06:20:00 NEWSDESK- ZANA DENİZ  – ANF

Participants in the “Intra-Kurdish Conflicts – Facts and Solutions”, organized by the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies (NRLS) in Qamishlo, called for resolving the differences between the Kurdish parties through dialogue.

Ibrahim initially referred to the importance of the (NRLS) forum, and said: “We discussed during the forum the importance of the achieving national unity, and what steps should be taken in this regard. We discussed ways to achieve unity within the framework of a democratic structure. ”

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : WILL JOE BIDEN PROTECT KURDS ? – Americans, Russians compete for Kurdish support in northeast Syrian border area

   February 21 2021   21:40

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – An area currently under the control of US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northeasternmost parts of Syria has become a point of serious contention between Russian and American troops. Dêrika Hemko (also known as Derik and in Arabic al-Malikiyah) is a district in Hasakah province that includes the unofficial Fishkhabor border crossing with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Its district center is Derik city.

Compounding local fears of escalation, local media reports in January indicated that Turkey—which backs Syrian Islamist groups accused committing of war crimes against minority groups, including Kurds—might attack Derik and its surrounding area. Ankara’s past assaults on Kurdish-held territories in northern Syria have displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians and killed thousands more.

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Conscription by SDF agonizing Raqqa residents

BY ENAB BALADI  20 Febr 2021

It has been two years since Jaber, who works in a car repair shop, was stuck in Raqqa city, unable to leave it at all. He fears the conscription checkpoints spreading across his city’s suburbs.

Jaber Muhammad, 28 years old and resident of the al-Der’iyeh neighborhood on the western outskirts of Raqqa city, fends for a family of five.

“It is a life-threatening nightmare,” Jaber called the conscription drives led by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). He relives this nightmare every time the SDF forcibly enlists people in Raqqa.

On 26 January, the nightmare started to haunt Jaber all over again. The Defense Office of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria dispatched a circular calling all persons eligible for the so-called “duty of self-defense” to “legalize their status and obtain mandatory service booklet.”

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What will President Biden’s Syria policy look like?


  • Paul Iddon AVAL NEWS – Feb 21 2021 11:11 Gmt+3 – After a month in office, the Biden administration doesn’t appear to have a Syria policy. President Joe Biden hasn’t shown any inclination toward withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria, which his predecessor Donald Trump insisted on doing.

However, no solid policy has yet been announced by his administration. It has yet to appoint a replacement for Ambassador James Jeffrey for the position of United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement. On January 25, Aimee Cutrona, the Deputy Assistance Secretary for Levant Affairs, was appointed to serve the interim role of Acting Special Representative for Syria Engagement.

Analysts consulted by Ahval News shared their views of what a Biden policy towards Syria could possibly look like.

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Wie wird Präsident Bidens Syrien-Politik aussehen?

  • Paul Iddon AHVAL NEWS – 21.02.2021 11:11 Uhr Gmt+3

Nach einem Monat im Amt scheint die Biden-Administration keine Syrien-Politik zu haben. Präsident Joe Biden hat keine Neigung zum Abzug der US-Truppen aus Syrien gezeigt, worauf sein Vorgänger Donald Trump bestanden hat.

Seine Regierung hat jedoch noch keine solide Politik angekündigt. Sie hat noch keinen Nachfolger für Botschafter James Jeffrey für das Amt des Sonderbeauftragten der Vereinigten Staaten für Syrien-Engagement ernannt. Am 25. Januar wurde Aimee Cutrona, die stellvertretende Hilfssekretärin für Levante-Angelegenheiten, ernannt, um die Interimsfunktion des kommissarischen Sonderbeauftragten für Syrien-Engagement zu übernehmen.

Von Ahval News konsultierte Analysten teilten ihre Ansichten darüber, wie eine Biden-Politik gegenüber Syrien aussehen könnte.

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Brigadier General Manaf Tlass To Head Syrian Military Council

Wednesday February 17th, 2021 by ZAITUN AGENCY (Opposition website) – High-profile regime defector Manaf Tlass will head the Syrian Military Council, according to Zaitun Agency.

The head of the Free Officers’ Association, Brig. Gen. Talal Farzat, emphasized in an exclusive statement with Zaitun Media Agency that the idea behind ​​the Military Council is both old and new, as it was first proposed in 2016 and brought back today with the aim of finding a solution to the Syrian situation.

The proposed joint Syrian Military Council includes armed factions and defectors from the regime, will seek to remove foreign forces and militias from Syria, unify the country and its forces, and sponsor the political solution.

According to Farzat, “The council is an urgent necessity at this stage and it would be the most important achievement, for without the Military Council there can be no stability in the post-Assad era.”

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Pressemitteilung: SYRIAN NETWORK FOR HUMAN RIGHTS  19. Februar 2021

Das Syrische Netzwerk für Menschenrechte (SNHR) enthüllt in einem heute veröffentlichten Bericht, dass die Syrischen Demokratischen Kräfte seit Anfang 2021 mindestens 61 Lehrer wegen Lehrplänen und zur Zwangseinberufung verhaftet/ inhaftiert haben. zusätzlich zur Persecuting fast 550 Lehrer willkürlich von ihren Jobs entlassen, weil sie zwangsweise Wehrpflicht in den Gouvernements von Raqqa, Deir Ez-Zour und Hasaka verweigert.


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