MESOP : COMMON POSITIONS – Security Council: Syria ‘largest humanitarian crisis in the world’ / Zarif, Lavrov declare “common position” on Syria

24 Aug 2015 – The UN Security Council announced on Aug. 17 that Syria “has become the largest humanitarian emergency crisis in the world today, threatening peace and security in the region.”

It is a mark of despair that many will hardly consider this news, and that the scope of the Syrian tragedy — “at least 250,000 have been killed, including well over 10,000 children, and 12 million people have been forced to flee their homes, including over 4 million who have sought refuge in neighboring countries, and more than 12.2 million people in Syria require urgent humanitarian assistance,” according to the latest UN tally, has become so familiar that it no longer shocks, which is itself shocking.We could of course note, in a review of the news of the week, the brutal killing by the Islamic State of two scholars of antiquities in Palmyra, the efforts to contain an outbreak of typhoid in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, and the Syrian government’s bombing of a rebel-held town that reportedly killed 100 civilians and which the United Nations’ top official for humanitarian affairs, Stephen O’Brien, termed “appalling.”

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Charles Lister@Charles_Lister 26m26 minutes ago – New NDF footage from #Latakia gives a rare sight of a BTR-80 APC delivered to #Syria after CW ‘destruction’ deal: …

MESOP TODAY’S ANALYSIS : Assad is more than happy to play a waiting game

WEST KURDISTAN (SYRIA) – August 23, 2015 Updated: August 23 – THE NATIONAL – During this month, a military escalation by both sides of the Syrian conflict has led to a dramatic increase in bloodshed. For weeks, the Assad regime has been pounding Zabadani, a city near the Lebanese border, and Douma, near Damascus. The rebels have shelled the Shia villages of Foua and Kafraya in Idlib. The regime’s offensive this year has probably been the worst in terms of human casualties and devastation. An air raid on a marketplace in Douma left more than 100 civilians dead and hundreds injured. The humanitarian situation in Zabadani was similarly catastrophic: Staffan de Mistura, the UN envoy for Syria, described “unprecedented levels of destruction” in the city, the last of the rebels’ strongholds in the Qalamoun region.

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 Interesting – #Syria Army now has GAZ Tigr infantry mobility vehicles – 


 “Similarly, a cache of documents belonging to one of the architects of IS that were obtained by German magazine Der Spiegel illustrates how a former Iraqi Baathist military officer designed in neat diagrams the structure of a future Islamic state divided into provincial councils dominated by intelligence and security services. The plan involved the provision of financial service and the operation of schools, day care centres, media and public transportation.”

MESOP PORTRAIT : KURDWATCH BERLIN GERMANY – SIAMEND HAJO & EVA SAVELSBERG Syrian Kurdish human rights group monitors fights to document violations

BERLIN – 23 Aug 2015 – Established in 2009, a Kurdish human rights group in Syrian Kurdistan says though its work started out monitoring the central Syrian government’s violations against Kurds, since the Islamic State group (IS) war they have also taken flack from their fellow Kurds for reporting on abuses committed by the newly autonomous Kurdish authorities in the area.

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Berp.ragihandina Ş.P.K.S : jiyan Omer – Wezîrê Sûriyê : Di şerê Hesekê de hevrêziyeke baş di navbera me û PYDê de hebû

MESOP REPORT : „KURDWATCH“ IN GERMANY – BERLIN ALMANYA – Kurd Watch li ser binpêkirina mafên kurdan lêkolînan dike

Ji aliyê RÛDAW 23 demjimêr berê – Berlîn (Rûdaw) – Li Almanyayê saziyeke civakî ya sivîl bi navê Çavderiya Kurd (Kurd Watch) ji bo diyarkirina binpêkirinên mafên mirovahî yên ji aliyê Hikûmeta Sûriyê ve li dijî kurdan û pêkhateyan dixebite.Rêveber û karmendên projeya Çavderiya Kurd li Berlînê ne û li wê derê derbarê pirsgirêk û pêwîstiyên Kurdan de lêkolînan dikin û gelek caran jî ji bo lêkolînan pêwendiyan li gel kesên li Sûriye û Rojavayê Kurdistanê çêdikin.

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MESOP : IS accuses Syrian government of bombing their areas in Aleppo countryside (Al Bayan)



MESOP TODAYS RECOMMENDATION : BETWEEN PYD & DAESH – Perspective on the Syrian Kurds after the Arab Spring: the Pressure and the Penalties


By Jana Muhammed 21 August 2015

The grass has not grown greener in Syria under the harsh edicts of the PYD. Syrian Kurds do not want to have no alternatives other than to choose between Daesh or the PYD.

Syria’s Kurds, like most Syrians, impatiently watched the revolution in Egypt and waited for it to come to an end in order to begin their own uprising against the Syrian regime. That is exactly what they did on 18 March 2011.

Syria’s Kurds had strong cause to revolt against a regime that had deprived them, since the 1962 Census, of Syrian citizenship – that had deprived them of using their language, had banned the giving of Kurdish names to their children, and had brought Arab settlers from other parts of Syria and given them the ancestral lands of the Kurds. Syria’s Kurds also suffered from the central government’s impoverishment policies as did ordinary Arabs. So if the Arabs’ suffering were two-fold – economic and political – the Kurds’ suffering was three-fold: it entailed economic, political and ethnic repression.

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