MENA WATCH :Rebuilding the Syrian Military: Significance for Israel

After a decade of a bloody civil war, the process of rebuilding the Syrian military – which still faces pockets of rebels in various locations in the country – has begun. Russia and Iran are struggling for influence in this reconstruction process, and Syria’s military will presumably remain dependent on them in the coming years. As this has direct implications for Israel, how might Jerusalem address this situation?

 Anat Ben Haim INSS Insight No. 1519, September 15, 2021 ISRAEL

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Seth Frantzman

14.9.2021 – Is it the Ankara occupied part of Syria, which is full of extremists, that is part of the Syria aspect?

Joyce Karam

UPDATE: #Afghanistan – US • Haines: Syria, Somalia Pose Greater Terror threat to US than AFG • US Intel capability “diminished” • Kirby: 08/29 Strike prevented “imminent attack” but no names • Saudi rescheduled Austin trip (DOD)



MENA WATCH: Putin & Syria’s al-Assad hold talks in Moscow on rebel areas

Syria’s most powerful ally in the decade-long conflict, Russia’s Vladimir Putin denounced ‘foreign forces’ still fighting in the country.14 Sep 2021

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MENA WATCH : Al-Joulani’s Afghanization of Idleb

Wednesday September 8th, 2021 by AL-HAL NET (Opposition website)

What HTS leader al-Joulani said in an interview with the Turkish language The Independent is a clear sign of his ‘Afghanization’ of Idleb, according to al-Hal.

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New UN update on the humanitarian crisis in and around besieged Deraa al-Balad, reflecting the situation just before implementation of the new agreement began.

OCHA Syria

Sep 8Just out: Sitrep on Dar’a, Syria 36,000+ civilians remain displaced In Dar’a Al-Balad Limited access to food, health & water reported The humanitarian community continues to advocate for rapid humanitarian assistance


The Syrian army has now entered Deraa al-Balad, says SANA.

Army units enter Daraa al-Balad area in framework of settlement agreement

Daraa, SANA- Units of the Syrian Arab Army on Wednesday entered Daraa al-Balad area, raised the national flag over the settlement center in al-Arba’in neighborhood in the framework of the settlement…



MENA WATCH NEWS  Syrian Kurdish parties feel abandoned by US in wake of Turkish-backed attack

Turkey stepped up its attacks against Kurds in Syria, which raised concerns among the Kurdish forces over the US and Russian roles.

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Qalaat Al Mudiq

NEW THREAD as #ISIS insurgency entered the 3rd year in the Eastern #Syria|n desert (W. of #Euphrates). For details: – (Homs) by @CalibreObscura – (all E. areas) by @GregoryPWaters Below schematic map showing main areas of IS attacks

Qalaat Al Mudiq·

Sep 5

  1. #Syria: soldier on the left, from #Daraya, was also killed yesterday by #ISIS in #Palmyra desert. He served in 11th Armored Division. 5th documented death past ~24 hours.

QalaatM  – Sep 5

#Syria: more pro-Assad fighters were killed past hours, without a front mentioned. First served in 11th Armored Division & was from #Daraya while second was from #Homs.

Qalaat Al Mudiq


  1. #Syria: another soldier was killed by #ISIS, this time in area of Sukhnah in the E. #Homs desert. HE was from SE. Homs CS.




MENA WATCH NEWS : BACKGROUND SYRIA – The Cycle of Escalation and De-Escalation in Deraa: Analysis

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi September 6, 2021

Over the past several weeks, there has been a constant cycle of escalation and de-escalation in Syria’s southern province of Deraa, though events now have primarily become focused around Deraa al-Balad (the southern half of Deraa city). Agreements have been struck between those representing the interests of former opposition figures, insurgents and the local notables and inhabitants who lived under them (the ‘Central Committee’) on the one hand, and the Syrian government with Russian mediation on the other hand. These agreements though have quickly fallen apart, resulting in rounds of bombardment by Syrian government forces and armed clashes.

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MENA WATCH NEWS : When Will Turkey Annex Northern Syria

Joshua Landis

5.9.2021 – When Will Turkey Annex Northern Syria? By Rauf Baker Turkey controls nearly 5% of Syrian territory. 15,000 Turkish soldiers are stationed there w some 80,000 to 100,000 dependent, Sunni-Arab fighters. 300,000 Kurds have been expelled.

Turkish Imperialism: When Will Turkey Annex Northern Syria?

In its quest to fulfill its expansionist ambitions, Turkey is pursuing a systematic Turkification policy in areas under its control in northern Syria. This takes various forms—demographic, economic,…

Joshua Landis


Turkish interior minister Süleyman Soylu, who in May of last year paid an unprecedented visit to Ra’i, stated that northern Syria “is part of the Turkish homeland in accordance with the Milli Charter of 1920.”


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Syrien: Dschihadisten-Chef will Afrin und Idlib unter einer gemeinsamen Verwaltung03. September 2021   HEISE NEWS

Die Türkei wird diesem Vorschlag keine Chance geben. Er zeigt, dass islamistische Extremisten wie der al-Qaida-Sprößling HTS nach dem Taliban-Erfolg ein größeres politisches Gewicht reklamieren

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