Rebels to Kurds: Stop Cutting Off Fuel into Northwest

23 May 2016 – MESOP – Aleppo’s rebels also demanded on Sunday that the Kurdish militia YPG stop its blockade of oil into opposition areas of northwest Syria.

The Fatah Halab operations room said it would target Kurdish checkpoints if trucks were not allowed ot transport fuel. The rebels offered to form a monitoring committee with the YPG to ensure the flow of traffic.

The Central Court in oppositon-controlled Azaz, near the Turkish border, said an agreement had been reached with Kurdish officials to lift the blockade; however, the YPG failed to recognize it.

The YPG has cut off oil, coming from areas controlled by the Islamic State, which is traded for food from opposition territory. Hundreds of trucks have reportedly been parked, waiting for permission to move.Kurdish groups reportedly reached a deal over the weekend to allow fuel to be moved into the Kurdish-controlled Afrin canton, bypassing opposition areas.

MESOP : 20 MINUTES AGO ‘Dark questions’ after Cizre deaths

23 – May 2016 – BBC  – The United Nations wants to send investigators in to examine allegations that Turkish forces massacred around 100 civilians in the Kurdish town of Cizre.

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MESOP BREAKING / 23 May 2016

FRANCE: PYD is set to open an office in Paris #France@metesohtaoglu

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Talal Slo:’General Votel said that they will support US military during

MESOP : READ IT ! DAVID IGNATIUS ! About US General Votel’s Contract with PKK/PYD


This by @IgnatiusPost, reporting on trip to NE #Syria with Gen Votel is quite extraordinary:


Riyadh- Asaad al-Zoubi claims there is plan to make Alawite state, and giving Western Aleppo to Kurds –   Opposition: Plot to Establish Alawite State Called “Handy Syria”

Fateh Arrahman Youssef and Caroline Akoum – Asharq Al-Awsat – 22 May 2016 –

MESOP TODAYS COMMENTARY : Israel’s Need to Take a Stand against the Assad Regime: A Moral Imperative & Strategic Necessity

INSS Insight No. 823, May 22, 2016 – By Amos Yadlin

The Middle East is being reshaped by an extended process that began over five years ago, and its end-point is currently impossible to predict. Still, it can be assumed that the parties involved with the conflicts in the region in general, and in Syria in particular, seek resolutions through an attempt to reshape the power relations between them and the state structures in the area. Against this background, Israel has a fundamental interest in ensuring that Iran and Hezbollah will not be the forces that are strengthened within the framework of a new order in the Middle East. Gone are the days in which Israel could impartially observe the developments in Syria from the sidelines.

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MESOP Syria Daily: Regime & Hezbollah Press Offensive Near Damascus

May 22 – By Scott Lucas – eaworldview -The Assad regime and Hezbollah continued their offensive near Syria’s capital Damascus on Saturday, hoping to complete the capture of the southern part of the East Ghouta area.Enabled by rebel in-fighting and the move of Hezbollah forces from the rest of Syria, the regime won its first notable victory in months last week with the capture of a series of villages, including Deir as-Safir and Zibdeen.On Saturday, Hezbollah and the Syrian Army — including units of the Republican Guards and the 4th Mechanized Division — attacked the last rebel-controlled village in southern East Ghouta, Harasta al-Quntara.The opposition has held East Ghouta since 2012, but defenses have been weakened by battles between the laading faction Jaish al-Islam and the groups Failaq al-Rahman and Jaish al-Fustat, linked to the jihadists of Jabhat al-Nusra. After weeks of fighting, with casualties on both sides, a tentative ceasefire was reached earlier this month. However, it soon broke down, and pro-Assad forces seized the opportunity to strike.

On Saturday, the rebel factions approached another truce with an exchange of prisoners. Failaq al-Rahman released 18 Jaish al-Islam members, while Jaish al-Islam handed over nine Failaq al-Rahman detainees.

Regime Forces Attack Besieged Darayya Again, Rebels Claim Assault Repelled

Pro-Assad forces have again tried to enter Darayya, the town southwest of Damascus which has been besieged since November 2012.

Regime aircraft bombarded Darayya throughout the day and night, but rebels said they repelled the ground offensive, causing significant casualties.

On May 12, the Syrian military turned back a UN convoy which was trying to deliver the first aid to the town in 3 1/2 years. People gathered for the assistance were shelled, killing a father and son and injuring five others.


Greek Decision Highlights Fundamental Flaws in EU-Turkey Refugee Deal

By Vishakha Sonawane – International Business Times –  2016-05-22 – As uncertainty looms over the refugee deal between the European Union and Turkey, Greek judges ruled that a Syrian asylum-seeker should not be sent to Turkey terming the country unsafe, according to reports Friday. Amnesty International said the decision might put the EU-Turkey deal in peril.

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MESOP : APO’S (PKK) IMPERIALIST COMBATANTS / Head of US Central Command Makes Secret Visit to Syria

Strategy Page – VOA – 22 May 2016 – – The top U.S. commander for the Middle East made a secret visit to Syria on Saturday to look at cooperative efforts among Arab, Kurdish and other forces to overcome Islamic State militants.

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