Russian forces refuse to receive Kongra Star delegation and receive their message

The Russian forces refused to receive the Kongra Star delegation, and to receive their message addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian forces in Syria,

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS DEBATE : 20 Years of the Assad Regime: Historic Lows for the Leader and the Syrian Pound

Syria’s President has survived nearly a decade of war rife with blood, but his power is far from stable. A severe economic crisis, consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, and rifts in the President’s inner circle offer a possible window of opportunity for an international move to stabilize the fragmented state – perhaps even in a framework without Assad.

Carmit Valensi –  INSS Insight No. 1340, June 29, 2020 – ISRAEL

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS SYRIA : ERDOGAN’S PROXIES – Is Hayat Tahrir al-Sham doing Turkey’s job in Idlib?

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the rebel group dominating Idlib, is turning up pressure on radical jihadis, facing accusations of acting at the behest of Turkey.

Fehim Tastekin – AL MONITOR  — Jun 28, 2020

Since its March 5 deal with Russia on Syria’s rebel-held province of Idlib, Turkey has remarkably increased its military presence in the region, while its plans to force radical groups to toe the line have given rise to some intriguing developments in jihadi ranks. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the group dominating Idlib, has adopted a conciliatory attitude toward Turkey after initial resistance to the reopening of the M4 highway, while a diehard radical camp sticks to its menacing posture.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS :  HUNGER IN SYRIEN ! –  Die Not in Assads ausgezehrtem Reich

  • Von Christoph Ehrhardt, Thomas Gutschker  30 Juni 2020 – FAZ  – In Syrien leiden immer mehr Menschen Hunger. Die Kosten für Ernährung übersteigen das Durchschnittseinkommen. Eine Geberkonferenz soll helfen, die Not zu lindern. Die setzt auch Machthaber Assad zunehmend unter Druck.

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A Russian delegation arrives at al-Ward oil field east of Deir Ezzor



29 June 2020 DEIR EZZOR NEWS –  by D24 – Today, Sunday (June 28), a Russian delegation visited Al-Ward oil field in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside west of the Euphrates, a source told Deir Ezzor 24 network.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Hilfsorganisationen warnen vor Hungerkrise in Syrien

29.06.2020, 04.26 Uhr  UN REPORT  – MESOP  

In zerstörten Städten im Norden Syriens warnen Bilder vor Covid-19. Die Pandemie und US-Sanktionen verschärfen die Lage hungernder Menschen in den Bürgerkriegsgebieten.

Vor dem Beginn einer Syrien-Konferenz in Brüssel schlagen Hilfsorganisationen angesichts der Hungerkrise in dem Bürgerkriegsland Alarm. «Die wirtschaftliche Situation wird schlimmer und schlimmer», sagte der Programmkoordinator der Welthungerhilfe für Syrien, Halil Kurt, der Deutschen Presse-Agentur.

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Will Kurdish Unity Talks Lead to a More Muscular US Policy on Syria?

By Irina Tsukerman ´´June 28 , 2020 – “BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,617,

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The US is backing Kurdish unity talks as part of a policy centered around appeasing Turkey’s national security concerns about the PYD’s essential role in Syria. However, all signs indicate that Turkey sees this gesture as no more than a ruse to normalize its enemies. Only a more involved and active US foreign policy will cement any gains around a more stable and unified Kurdish presence.

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Soleimani’s successor makes a secret visit to Al-Bukamal city


28 June 2020 – Written by D24 – DEIR EZZOR NEWS – The new commander of the Iranian al-Quds Force, Ismail Qani, secretly visited Al-Bukamal city east of Deir Ezzor last week, the Iranian Tasnim news agency reported.

Qani’s visit, according to the agency, is the first of its kind for a battlefield after succeeding Qassem Soleimani in the leadership of the Iranian al-Quds Force.

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Online seit gestern, 10.43 Uhr ORF ÖSTERREICH  28 Juni 2020


In Syrien droht eine Hungerkrise von ungeahntem Ausmaß. Mit rund 9,3 Millionen Menschen leiden mehr Syrer unter Armut und Mangelernährung als jemals zuvor seit Beginn des Krieges vor neun Jahren, teilte das World Food Programme (WFP) der UNO nach Angaben der deutschen Katholischen Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA) gestern auf einer Konferenz der Geberländer in Damaskus mit, wie Kathpress meldet.

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By Mark Bentley

Political tensions are mounting once again in Syria as Damascus prepared to send troops into Afrin, where the Turkish military has launched a large-scale operation against Kurdish militants, the People’s Protection Forces (YPG).

As news of the possible deal between Damascus and the Kurds broke, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu warned that no one would stop Turkish troops should Syrian forces enter the enclave, in a barely veiled threat of confrontation. Turkey’s main share index fell on the news.

Turkey, the United States and Russia, as well as Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Kurds, are vying for control of northern Syria, ratcheting up tensions in a seven-year war, after the virtual defeat of Islamic State. The area, home to a mixture of Kurdish and Sunni Arab minorities, is strategically adjacent to Iraq and Turkey, with important oil resources.

Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad will enter Afrin in the coming hours after reaching an agreement with Kurdish forces, Syrian state media said. Syria woukd also re-establish a military presence along the border with Turkey, which has actively supported a range of armed groups intent on overthrowing Assad’s government, including the Free Syrian Army (FSA), deployed against the Kurds, it said

“If they (the Syrians) are entering to protect the YPG/PKK, nobody can stop the Turkish army,” Çavuşoğlu said at a news conference in Amman, Jordan.

Militants of the Turkish-backed FSA in Syria

Turkey has rejected any talk of Assad retaking the border, saying his government has courted and supported the Kurds against Turkey.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ordered Turkish troops into Syria on Jan. 20, saying an operation was needed to cleanse the area of Kurdish militants allied with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has fought a three-decade war for autonomy from Turkey at the cost of about 40,000 lives, most of them Kurdish.

Russia, however, is concerned about possible clashes between Turkish and Syrian troops should Syria’s army be deployed, and has approached Turkey to negotiate a possible deal, according to Timur Akhmetov, a journalist and researcher for the Russian International Affairs Council.

The deployment of Syrian troops would come just three days after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Ankara and agreed with Turkey to set up working groups to deal with differences between the two NATO allies over Syria. Washington has opposed the Turkish incursion, saying it threatens to de-stablise Syria further and hurt the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) — the Kurds are the most powerful allies as the West does battle with the group.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now “pushing the Assad piece forward” after Ankara and Washington reached the agreement to patch up their relationship, Tim Ash, senior emerging markets strategist at BlueBay Asset Management in London, said on Monday.

Moscow, which has benefited from a closer relationship with Ankara as ties with the U.S. frayed, could now close Syrian airspace to Turkish jets, leaving Turkish troops exposed on the ground, Ash said.

Turkey has broken international law by occupying Afrin after it realised its support for Islamist terrorists flowing across the border from Turkey failed, Bouthaina Shaaban, an aide to Assad, said on Monday, according to Turkish news website Gazete Duvar.

Mutlu Civiroglu, an expert on Kurdish affairs, said the deal between Damascus and the Kurds isn’t done, though may be signed in the coming hours.

Turkey’s main BIST-100 share index fell 0.2 percent to 116,330 points at 3:04 p.m. in Istanbul, reversing earlier gains.

Mark Bentley

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