MESOPOTAMIA NEWS MESOP WATCH : Assad und VAE nehmen Beziehungen wieder auf

  1. März 2020 – Als eines der ersten arabischen Länder folgen die #VAE (Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten) der #Türkei und nehmen formelle Beziehungen zum Schlächter der #Bevölkerung in #Syrien Bashar al-#Assad wieder auf.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed (#MBZ) hat am Freitag mit Bashar al-Assad telefoniert, um dem syrischen Regime Hilfen für die #Corona-Krise zu sichern.

MBZ rechtfertigte dies, indem er sagte:


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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS IDLIB  –  Syrien und das Coronavirus aus ROT CHINA

Deutsche Welle Report 27. März 2020

Ein COVID-19-Ausbruch im kriegsgebeutelten Syrien wäre eine Katastrophe. Darin sind sich alle Beobachter einig. Drei Menschen aus dem umkämpften Idlib schildern der DW, wie sie mit der Bedrohung umgehen.

Am 23. März bestätigte der syrische Gesundheitsminister in den staatlichen Medien den ersten Corona-Fall im Land. Regelmäßige Updates gab es seitdem nicht. Die Johns Hopkins Universität im amerikanischen Baltimore meldet für Syrien derzeit fünf Fälle.

Die Deutsche Welle steht seit Tagen, teilweise Wochen in Kontakt mit drei Menschen in der Provinz Idlib im Nordwesten Syriens. Alle drei berichten von ihrer Angst, dass die syrische Rebellenhochburg zu einem Epizentrum der Corona-Pandemie werden könnte – unbeachtet von der Weltgemeinschaft.

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by Fabrice Balanche PolicyWatch 3288  March 26, 2020

Given the military situation on the ground and the overriding interests of each party, the jihadist-run rebel pocket will likely be further reduced into a small, overpopulated border strip north of the M4 highway.

Russia and Turkey’s March 5 ceasefire agreement in Syria’s Idlib province was the latest step in a process that has shrunk the rebel pocket in half since April 2019. Yet even this arrangement is only temporary given Bashar al-Assad’s determination to do away with what he and his allies see as “Jihadistan.” A closer look at the area’s territorial and demographic situation shows how ongoing developments will likely lead to the creation of a “New Gaza Strip” in northwest Syria—that is, an overpopulated refugee zone where terrorists are in control, essentially forcing the international community to work with them because they are the “de facto authorities,” as the UN puts it.


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Disparity of relief aids’ distribution in camps of northern Syria

Establishing a new camp for IDPs on the outskirts of Kaftin village in Idlib province – 10 February 2020 (Enab Baladi)   تفاوت في توزيع المساعدات شمالي سوريا

Enab Baladi – Eiad Abd al-Jawad 27 March 2020  – Tens of internally displaced persons’ (IDPs) camps are scattered in rural Aleppo, Idlib, and Hama province because of the repeated military campaigns launched by the Russian-backed Syrian regime forces, and its targeting of residential areas and infrastructure of cities and villages northwestern Syria.

The massive increase in numbers of IDPs’ camps led to poor coordination between relief charities and organizations on the one hand, and camps’ administrations on the other, which made it difficult to equitably distribute relief aids to inhabitants, as well as to the shortage of aid given to some camps, meanwhile, other encampments were deprived entirely of these aids.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS ANALYSIS : The Campaign over Idlib: The Dilemmas Facing the Salafi-Jihadist Organizations in Syria

עברית  Eli Galia , Yoram Schweitzer INSS / ISRAEL  INSTITUTE FOR NATIONAL SECURITY STUDIES  27 March 2020

The campaign to conquer the Idlib governorate, the collapse of the relevant agreements, and President Assad’s determination, with Russian support, to return the region to his sovereignty could pose an existential dilemma for the Salafi-jihadist organizations operating there. At that point, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the central force opposing Assad and an example of a Salafi-jihadist organization that has evinced pragmatism and openness toward the Syrian locals, will have two main options: fighting to the end and subsequently breaking into quasi-independent terrorist cells (similar to the Islamic State’s method in eastern Syria), or relinquishing its assets in the framework of a political arrangement. The other radical groups operating in the arena, including Hurras ad-Din, which is identified with al-Qaeda, may take cover in the mountainous, forested region in northwestern Syria and fight a guerilla war against “the enemies of Islam,” or try to flee Syria and join the global jihadist camp. If international terrorist attacks are renewed, “Syrian alumni” could also pose a threat to Israeli and Jewish targets abroad.

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The prices rise astronomically in Deir Ezzor due to Coronavirus, and Assad regime does nothing about it!

DEIR EZZOR NEWS – 26 March 2020 –  The markets of Deir Ezzor province, in the areas under Assad’s forces control, have witnessed a significant increase in the prices of food and vegetables during the past few days, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

Our correspondent said that the price of a kilo of potatoes have risen from 200 to 900 Syrian pounds, and the price of a kilogram of onions reached 200 Syrian pounds, and tomatoes to 800 Syrian pounds.

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25 März 2020 – Coronavirus: US demands Syrian government release civilian detainees

Conditions in Syrian prisons ‘are prime for the quick spread of the virus’, US State Department warns


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mesopotamia news Syria Pulse :Kurdish-led northeast under lockdown as Syria announces first coronavirus case


Amberin Zaman March 23, 2020 Article Summary  – AL MONITOR  – The Kurdish-led autonomous administration declares a two-week curfew in an effort to keep the coronavirus out of northeast Syria; Turkey cuts off water supply to Hasakah. The Kurdish-led autonomous administration in northeast Syria announced a lockdown in the broad swath of territory under its control today, just hours after the Syrian government confirmed its first case of the coronavirus.

The autonomous administration has declared a two-week curfew. It said in a statement this could be extended “in case of necessity and the public interest.” The administration said no cases of COVID-19 had been detected in the northeast so far. The area lying east of the Euphrates bordering Turkey to the north and Iraq to the east is home to between 4 million to 5 million people, among them hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians and Islamic State prisoners.

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MESOPOTAMIA NEWS KURDISTAN – SYRIA : Swedish Institute trains lab assistants in northeastern Syria on Covid-19 test kit

Lab assistants from northeastern Syria are now receiving training on using the ” test kit” of detecting Cornea virus. The Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration announced for its discovery in collaboration with the Swedish Institute  which was previously used at hospitals in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and was proven success

NEWS 22 Mar 2020, Sun – 20:41 2020-03-22T20:41:00  Qamishlo

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23 March 2020 – Syria:  Russia’s defense ministry said Russia and Turkey were forced to cut short (Reuters) a joint patrol of Syria’s Idlib region, where the two are working to uphold a cease-fire.

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