MESOP : Mixed Reaction to Kurdish Fight against Iran

Other Iranian Kurdish opposition groups are split on the KDPI’s new armed campaign against Iran.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—RUDAW  – 2.10.2014 – A Kurdish rebel group’s battles with Iran is drawing a mixed response from other opposition groups that have pledged to lay down their arms against the Islamic Republic.

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MESOP INTEL : Erdoğan’s Turkey & Iranian Intelligence

September 23, 2014  - THE XX COMMITTEE – (…) The transformation of Turkey, a frontline state which possesses the second-largest army in the Atlantic Alliance, into something like a frenemy on a good day, from any Western viewpoint, has led to awkward questions about what’s really going on in Ankara. These have been asked for years, with whispers mounting about covert Iranian influence at the highest levels of politics and security in Turkey, but it’s been easy to dismiss much of this as evidence-free conspiracy-mongering of the sort beloved by Turks of all political colorations. Yet there is now convincing proof that Tehran indeed has a disturbing degree of secret influence in Turkey’s ruling circles.

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MESOP LATEST : Kurdish Forces Kill Iranian Army Commander

28.09.2014 – Truska Sadiqi – BasNews, Iran – After a number of intensive clashes between the Peshmerga of Iranian Kurdistan and the Iranian Army, one Peshmerga and an Iranian Army commander have been killed.

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MESOP PORTRAIT : Mustafa Hijri: “Iran’s military doctrine is aggressive, not defensive” (KDP – Iran)

25-9-2014 – In an article, published on PDKI’s official website, Kurdish leader Mustafa Hijri raises questions on a classified Defense Department assessment on Iran’s military doctrine. The Pentagon report, delivered to Congress on July 7, has leaked to the press. The thrust of the report, which departs from Pentagon’s previous assessments of Iran’s military posture, describes Iran’s military doctrine as “defensive” rather than “aggressive.” In his thought-provoking article, Mr. Hijri questions this conclusion.

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MESOP : NEWS FROM THE IRANIAN “DIALOGUE PARTNERS” : Commander Vows IRGC’s Firm Response to Threats to Iran’s Kurdistan Security

TEHRAN (FNA)- 19-9-2014 – A senior regional commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps underlined that the IRGC will give a resolute response to anyone threat to the security of Iran’s Kurdistan region.”We will not allow the disruptors of security to emerge in (Iran’s) Kurdistan region,” Commander of the IRGC Beit ol-Moqaddas Corps Brigadier General Mohammad Hossein Rajabi told reporters in the western city of Sanandaj on Friday.

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MESOP : Intense Clashes Rage Between Peshmerga & Iranian Army

18.09.2014 – Hoshmand Sadiq – BasNews, Erbil – Clashes have intensified this week between the Iranian Army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, where a number of Iranian soldiers have been killed. According to an announcement made by the Kurdistan Revolutionary Party, intense fighting broke out between the Iranian Army and Peshmerga forces on 11 September.  

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MESOP FOCUS : Iran Prepares for a Leadership Transition / STRATFOR ANALYSIS

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 |- Summary : Though Iran has been broadcasting pictures and videos of top state officials and noted foreign dignitaries visiting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the hospital, the health of the man who has held the most powerful post in the Islamic Republic remains unclear. The unusual public relations management of what has been described as a prostate surgery suggests Tehran may be preparing the nation and the world for a transition to a third supreme leader. Iranian efforts to project an atmosphere of normalcy conceal concerns among players in the Iranian political system that a power vacuum will emerge just as the Islamic republic has reached a geopolitical crossroads.

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Iran’s Supreme Scorn: True to Form, Khamenei Blasts US-Led Campaign against ISIS


17-9-2014- Even as diplomats from around the world were meeting to launch a new campaign against violent extremists in Iraq and Syria, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denounced the American-instigated effort yesterday and insisted that Tehran will not cooperate with Washington against the group calling itself the Islamic State (IS, or ISIS.) His statements conformed to his unswerving hostility toward the United States and every aspect of its security policies in the Middle East, and further underscored the improbability of even tacit cooperation between Washington and Tehran on the regional crisis.

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MESOP: OBAMA’S CO-PEACEKEEPERS IN ACTION – 40 Percent of Political Prisoners in Iran are Kurds

14.09.2014 – BasNews, New York – The Secretary-General of the United Nations said that the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani’s consideration of human rights in Iran remains symbolic, with serious efforts for improvement yet to be seen.

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MESOP INTERVIEW : PDKI Secretary-General Mustafa Hijri

Iran’s Kurdish leader: Iraq’s crisis, an extension of Iran’s destructive policies

 “In essence,” the Kurdish leader said, “the policies of the Maliki government were an extension of the policy preferences of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” The results of such policies have been quite evident for years, not only in Iraq but also in other parts of the region where Iran has had the opportunity to gain a foothold. “Iran’s preferred solutions to any kind of problems, whether inside Iran itself or in other countries where it has influence, consist of suppression, duplicity, intrigue and sowing divisions in order to achieve domination [over others],” Mr. Hijri averred. He also invoked the outcomes of Iranian meddling in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.

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