MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: IRAN ERSETZT PUTIN IN SYRIEN  – Syriens Assad macht seltenen Besuch in Teheran

Der syrische Präsident Bashar al-Assad traf sich mit dem Obersten Führer Ayatollah Ali Khamenei und anderen iranischen Führern.

Al-Monitor Mitarbeiter 9. Mai 2022Der syrische Präsident Bashar al-Assad machte einen seltenen Besuch in Teheran, um sich mit iranischen Beamten zu treffen, darunter der Oberste Führer Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: Countering Iran’s Regional StrategyA Long-Term, Comprehensive Approach


Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir (IDF) has held many high-level roles during his distinguished career, including as deputy chief of the IDF General Staff, commander of Southern Command, and military secretary to the prime minister of Israel. In 2021–22, he was a Washington Institute visiting military fellow.

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MESOP MIDEAST WATCH:  EU Iran nuclear talks coordinator to visit Tehran amid stalled talks – Nour News

Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service (EEAS)  DUBAI (Reuters) – 8.5.22  The European Union’s Iran nuclear talks coordinator Enrique Mora is to visit Tehran on Tuesday, the semi-official agency Nour News reported on Saturday, as talks to revive Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers have stalled.”This trip could be seen as a new step in constructive consultations on the few but important issues that have remained in the Vienna talks,” Nour News said on Twitter.


MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: Irans Revolutionary Guard and the Rising Cult of Mahdism: Missiles &Militias for the Apocalypse


SummaryAs the U.S. administration considers whether to remove Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization, understanding its nature, development, and ideology is essential to making an informed decision. There is much about it that differentiates it from a conventional armed force. One fundamental aspect of its ideology that until now has been overlooked is the doctrine of Mahdism

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MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: Regional diplomacy could break deadlock on Iran’s IRGC

While the United States and Iran seem to have hit a dead end over the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, one answer could lie in Iran’s regional policies, including its dialogue with Saudi Arabia.


Ali Hashem (Iran Pulse) AL MONITOR- April 29, 2022 – TEHRAN

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For more of the latest Kurdish news, see these sources: NEWS

  1. 102 activists and lawyers from Eastern Kurdistan condemn invasion attacks by the Turkish state
  2. Turkish air strikes target Asos mountains
  3. Poverty more painful than bullets for kolbars in Iran

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MESOP MIDEAST WATCH:  White House worried Iran ‘weeks away’ from developing nuclear weapons

Announcement comes after Israel Hayom reports that diplomatic officials now see little to no chance of a new nuclear deal with Iran.

By  Neta Bar ISRAEL HAYOM 4-27-2022

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MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: “Von Anfang an war es unser Ziel, eine Atombombe zu bauen”, gibt ein iranischer Beamter zu

“Von Anfang an, als wir in die nukleare Aktivität eintraten, war es unser Ziel, eine Bombe zu bauen und die Abschreckungskräfte zu stärken, aber wir konnten die Geheimhaltung dieses Themas nicht aufrechterhalten …” sagt Ali Motahari, der ehemalige stellvertretende Sprecher der Islamischen Konsultativversammlung.

ISRAEL HAYOM – 25.4.2022


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MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: From very beginning our goal was to build a nuclear bomb,’ Iranian official admits

“From the very beginning, when we entered the nuclear activity, our goal was to build a bomb and strengthen the deterrent forces, but we could not maintain the secrecy of this issue…” says Ali Motahari, the former deputy speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. By  Damian Pachter ISRAEL HAYOM 4-25-2022

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MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: The Campaign to Thwart Iran’s Strategy

Colonel (res.) Prof. Gabi Siboni Expert on cyber security, military strategy, and technology.  Brig. Gen. (res.) Yuval Bazak

Militarysecurity analyst chief of the IDF Galilee Division Staff.

A proactive approach against Iran’s proxies is needed. THE JERUSALEM INSTITUTE 13.04.2022

Recent years have demonstrated that although Israel’s use of force may have slowed down the development of Iran’s plans, it has not been enough to derail the forces of the Shiite axis

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