MESOP Iran Daily: Top Official – “We Will Maintain Intervention in Syria and Iraq”

A senior Iranian official has asserted that the Islamic Republic will maintain its military intervention in Syria and Iraq.

17 Aug 2016 – By Scott Lucas – eaworldview – The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, spoke on Tuesday as Russia confirmed an agreement for its bombers to use a base in western Iran. Moscow’s Defense Ministry said Tu22-33M bombers, some of the largest in its air force, had begun raids across northern Syria on “terrorists”.

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MESOP INSIDER : Russian Bombers Begin Operations from Iranian Airbase

16 August 2016 – The US military has said that it was notified of the first bombing raids by Russian warplanes using a base in western Iran, with the Tu-22M3 bombers passing through territory where American aircraft also operate against the Islamic State.The spokesman for the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria, Colonel Christopher Garver, said:The Russians did notify the coalition as per the Memorandum of Understanding for safety of flight. They activated that system, as we have in the past. They informed us they were coming through and we ensured safety of flight as those bombers passed through the area and toward their target and then when they passed out again.

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Iran Daily: Amid Syrian Difficulties, Tehran & Russia Continue Talks

Facing difficulties in Syria’s 5 1/2-year conflict, Iran and Russia continue their political discussions on Monday. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov has arrived in Tehran for conversations with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari.

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„KNOW BETTER WITH MESOP „THE SECRET DOCUMENT“ – Audio file released: IRI involvement in mass execution of 4000 political prisoners in Iran

August 10, 2016 at 4:13 am  –  RADIO ZAMANEH  – In 1988, the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) executed at least 4000 political prisoners. IRI has never acknowledged these executions, nor provided any information as to how many prisoners were killed.

On 9 Aug 2016, the house of ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, a high-ranking political and religious cleric and jurist who passed in 2009 has released a audio file for the first time revealing the conversations of the late ayatollah with a number of high ranking officials in the Islamic Republic regime that all played key roles in the mass execution of political prisoners in Iran in the year 1988. The file is an audio conversation that is taking place in 1988 when ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri was named to succeed Ayatollah Khomeini, as the future leader of the Islamic Republic. Montazeri has called to his house members of what the public came to call the “death commission”( Heya’t Marg) – a special commission for the 1988 state-sponsored executions of political prisoners in Iran which had 16 members representing the various authorities of the Islamic government.

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MESOP : “DAS GEHEIME DOKUMENT” : Tonaufnahme belastet Irans Revolutionsführer Khomeini / 4000 Hinrichtungen in Iran – DER STANDARD – WIEN –

MESOP : “DAS GEHEIME DOKUMENT” : Tonaufnahme belastet Irans Revolutionsführer Khomeini  / 4000 Hinrichtungen in Iran  – DER STANDARD – WIEN

Amir Loghmany aus Teheran – 13. August 2016,  –  Ayatollah Montazeri bezeichnete die Hinrichtungen nach der Revolution als Schande – sie wurden mit dem direkten Befehl Ayatollah Khomeinis durchgeführt Die Vergangenheitsbewältigung im Iran hat neue Nahrung bekommen. Eine 27 Jahre alte Tonaufnahme von Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, dem ehemaligen Stellvertreter des Revolutionsführers, der später – von Ayatollah Khomeini abgesetzt – zu einem prominenten Regimekritiker wurde und 2009 verstarb, bringt neues Licht in ein dunkles Kapitel der Geschichte der Islamischen Republik und die Hinrichtungen fast zehn Jahre nach der Revolution von 1979.

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Iran & Turkey Agree to Cooperate Over Syria


2016-08-13 – Al Jazeera –  The foreign ministers of Turkey and Iran have pledged greater cooperation on resolving the Syria crisis, vowing to keep the dialogue open despite their differences.

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MESOP TODAYS OPINION BY MICHAEL J. TOTTEN – Iran Payment Wasn’t Ransom, but it Was Ransom

10 August 2016 – Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that an American plane carrying 400 million dollars in cash landed in Iran at the precise time the Iranian government released four American hostages.

Critics claim the 400 million was a ransom payment. The White House and State Department deny it emphatically.They’re right. The 400 million wasn’t a ransom payment, but it was a ransom payment.

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MESOP NEWS : IRAN: Verbrecherische Hinrichtung des kurdischen politischen Gefangenen Mohammad Abdollahi nach sechs Jahren im Gefängnis

  1. August 2016 – Das inhumane Regime der Kleriker hat heute Morgen, d.h. am Dienstag, dem 9. August, den kurdischen politischen Gefangenen Mohammad Abdollahi, 35, im Zentralgefängnis von Urumieh erhängen lassen. Auf diesen kurdischen Landsmann, der aus der Stadt Bukan stammte, wurde im März 2011 von einer Nachrichtendiensteinheit des IRGC geschossen und er wurde verhaftet.

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MESOP : FRIENDS ??? – Iran ready to promote political ties with Kurdistan Region: Shamkhani

10 August 2016 – MESOP – Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani hailed the long-term friendship between Iran and Kurdistan Region, saying that Tehran is prepared to expand its cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

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MESOP : ALL GOING FOR PUTIN – NOBODY FOR OBAMA OR BRUSSELS EU / Tehran Proclaims “All-Out Cooperation” With Russia

8 August 2016 – By Scott Lucas – eaworldview – Iran has proclaimed the pursuit of “all-out cooperation” with Russia as President Rouhani met Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Monday.Rouhani and Putin held bilateral discussions during a summit in Baku which also included the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.Iran’s English-language outlet Press TV declared that the two men “stressed the importance of accelerating the development of bilateral relations in all fields” and “said Tehran and Moscow need to make more efforts to speed up the development of all-out cooperation”.

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