MENA WATCH: Atom-U-Boote für Down Under -Australien, USA & UK bilden Bündnis gegen China/ EU NICHT BETEILIGT !

NZZ 16.9.2021 – Das ist passiert: Der australische Premierminister Scott Morrison hat gemeinsam mit dem britischen Premierminister Boris Johnson und dem amerikanischen Präsidenten Joe Biden die Gründung eines Bündnisses verkündet. Biden machte klar, um was es den Vereinigten Staaten mit dem Bündnis geht: «Die Zukunft unserer Nationen, und der ganzen Welt hängt von einer freien und offenen indopazifischen Region ab.» Die Initiative sei ein «historischer Schritt» für die Partner. In einem ersten Schritt werden die Vereinigten Staaten ihre sorgfältig geheim gehaltene Technologie für nuklear betriebene U-Boote mit Australien teilen.


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16.9.2021-New Zealand will not lift a decades-long ban on nuclear-powered vessels entering its waters in the wake of key ally Australia’s decision to develop a nuclear submarine fleet, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says

Kyle Orton


On its own, this could be passed over as just one of #New_Zealand‘s eccentricities, but under this government in particular the pattern of unwillingness to confront #China – or worse to actually abet Peking, as during the economic warfare against #Australia – is pretty consistent



Aron Lund 16.9.2021

UN aid boss Martin Griffiths on Syria: “I think I’m right in saying that early recovery assistance is about 10 per cent of the overall Humanitarian Response Plan, and this needs to be increased if the essential access to basic services is to be met.” 

Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Briefing to the…

English News and Press Release on Syrian Arab Republic and 2 other countries about Education, Food and Nutrition and more; published on 15 Sep 2021 by OCHA




Liz Sly 16.9.2021

Biden infuriated European allies by not consulting them on Afghanistan. Now he’s enraged France by not consulting it on the US-Australia-UK defense pact that cuts France out

‘Stab in the back’: France slams Australia, US over move to ditch €50B submarine deal

‘We had established a trusting relationship with Australia, and this trust was betrayed,’ Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says.





OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto 

16.9.2021 – Our #SDF partners w/the support of  @Coalition

continue to secure NE Syria & clear pockets of terrorists who are trying & failing to exploit the area to maintain a foothold. We are dedicated to the continued work w/the SDF to deny Daesh any chance of resurgence. #StrongerTogether


Farhad Shami

We are proud of what we and the international coalition @OIRSpox have achieved during first half of this month in arresting more ISIS terrorists in NE Syria, prevent their terrorist activity. next steps will be more decisive to rid the region, the world of remnants of terrorism .





16.9.2021 Anyone who’s been deep in the weeds on the Iraq +Afghanistan wars and then read Woodward’s distorted, DC-centric versions of those wars, will recognize this—the facts right, some of them new and interesting, but the context and analysis all wrong

A little more than a week ago, during an interview with Politico, Bob Woodward came forward to claim he’d been threatened in an email by a “senior…



MENA WATCH:  After Israel allowed Morocco the West Sahara (POLISARIO)

Aron Lund 16.9.2021

Perhaps a quid pro quo for Biden keeping Trump’s recognition of Western Sahara as Moroccan soil? Or, perhapsier, preparation for coming feuds with/within EU? (Court of Justice ruling expected Sep. 29.) Whatever it is, clearly no genuine interest in restarting talks at this point.

After stalling for half a year, Morocco greenlights former Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura’s appointment as UN mediator in the Western Sahara conflict.émissaire-de-l-onu-pour-le-sahara-occidental



ill Iran’s Position Toughen With New Nuclear Negotiators?

MENA WATCH INTEL : Iran International English

16.9.2021- Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s longtime nuclear negotiator is gone but it is not clear who will replace him. The man who is now deputy foreign minister, Ali Bagheri Kani has been an opponent of #JCPOA. No one is certain if this change #Iran‘s position.

Will Iran’s Position Toughen With New Nuclear Negotiators?

Iranian media and analysts evaluate the appointment of a new deputy foreign minister in relation to nuclear negotiations. Will Iran’s position get tougher?


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MENA WATCH I NTEL: United States reaches agreement with ex-NSA staff who helped Emirates hack targets

by Joseph Fitsanakis 16.9.2021 INTEL ORG

Three former employees of American spy agencies, who helped the United Arab Emirates hack targets around the world, including United States citizens, have agreed to cooperate with the investigation into their activities. The US Department of Justice said on Tuesday that it had reached a “deferred prosecution agreement” with the three Americans, Ryan Adams, Marc Baier and Daniel Gericke. At least two of them are believed to have worked for the US National Security Agency before transferring their skills to the private sector.

According to US government prosecutors, the three men initially worked for a US-owned private cyber firm, before being hired by another firm that is registered to the UAE, which offered them “significant increases in their salaries”. According to the book This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends, by New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth, the UAE firm was behind Project RAVEN, a highly intrusive cyber-espionage campaign against domestic and international critics of the UAE monarchy.

As intelNews reported earlier this year, the existence of Project RAVEN was revealed by the Reuters news agency in 2019. Its extensive list of targets included foreign governments, officials of international bodies, as well as lawyers, human rights activists and suspected terrorists. Several of those targets were reportedly American citizens. Perlroth claims in her book that among Project RAVEN’s targets was former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The information released this week by the US Department of Justice details an agreement between the three defendants and the US government, according to which they are required to cooperate fully with the investigation into their activities. They are also required to pay a combined total of nearly $1.7 million to the US government as a form of restitution for violating military export-control standards. Moreover, they are banned from holding security clearances in the future, and are subject to a number of employment restrictions.

Several US news outlets described the agreement between the US government and the three defendants as the first of its kind. Meanwhile, a number of US government officials, including Bryan Vorndran, assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, warned other former US government employees to not violate “export-controlled information for the benefit of a foreign government or a foreign commercial company”.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 16 September 2021



F.A.Z.-Ökonomenranking : Deutschlands wichtigster Ökonom

FAZ -16.09.2021 Das diesjährige F.A.Z.-Ranking der Ökonomen zeigt: Der größte Aufstieg gelingt 3 Frauen.

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