MESOPOTAMIA NEWS KURDISTAN – SYRIA : Swedish Institute trains lab assistants in northeastern Syria on Covid-19 test kit

Lab assistants from northeastern Syria are now receiving training on using the ” test kit” of detecting Cornea virus. The Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration announced for its discovery in collaboration with the Swedish Institute  which was previously used at hospitals in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and was proven success

NEWS 22 Mar 2020, Sun – 20:41 2020-03-22T20:41:00  Qamishlo

Following a strong effort with the Swedish institute ( PEAS-INSTITUT), the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of the North and  East of Syria announced at a press conference on March 20nd, in the city of Qamishlo a new discovery reached by its laboratories, a ” test kit” that can diagnose the corona pandemic contract in a short time. It can contribute in preventing the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

Today, the specialist at the Swedish Institute, Marzia began training a number of lab assistants from several regions in northeastern Syria on how to use “kit”. she conducted training at the People Hospital in Amuda district in northern Syria.

During the training, Marzia called on all the lab assistants, doctors and nurses as the first step in the training to use gloves, muzzles and protective clothing for the prevention of the coronavirus and to stay at least one meter away from the person suspected of being infected with the virus during the tests.

As for the way of using it, Marzia said: If there is no sputum, a little water is flashed to clean the mouth, cough several times, put a sample of the sputum in a bowl or plastic dish, dip the test strip of the “kit”  for 15 seconds, then leave the test kit for 30 minute maximum, and after the results appear, we should get rid of the used container or burn it.

The trainer noted that the “kit” of detecting the coronavirus pandemic is marked with three points. If the middle point on the “kit” is blue, this indicates that the person is infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, it is recommended to give him gloves and paws to wear and take  him to the nearest health center. There is a need to sterilize the place. She explained that if the blue did not appear, the results are negative.  The lab assistant at the Swedish Institute ( PEAS ) Marzia called on the lab assistants to use the kite on a daily basis if she gave negative results. This means he had recovered.

Once the training of the testers on how to use the kit is completed, it will be distributed on the  hospitals and laboratories in northeastern Syria.

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