MESOP : THE PRINCE OF PEACE PUTIN – TODAYS BODYCOUNT SYRIA : 105 Killed on Thursday Amid Russian-Regime Bombing

At least 105 people were killed in Syria on Thursday amid intense Russian and regime bombing, including of civilian sites such as hospitals.  The Local Coordination Committees in Syria documented the deaths, including 24 children and six women. Most of them were in the northwest, including 48 in Aleppo Province and 26 in Idlib Province.

Activists spoke of 20 air raids “within minutes”. The attacks included targeting of pro-opposition neighborhoods in Aleppo city with airstrikes and helicopter-dropped barrel bombs, and damaging of three hospitals.

Despite periodic declarations of “ceasefires”, both Russia and the Assad regime have stepped up air attacks in northwest Syria since April. Meanwhile, the Syrian military and allied foreign militias, enabled by the strikes, have advanced north of Aleppo city — effectively cutting off the last route into opposition-held districts — but struggled to contain rebel counter-attacks to the west and south.