PYD Blocking Delivery of Medical Supplies to Qamishlo Victims – It has confiscated the medical supplies sent by KRG to Qamishlo /

QAMISHLO – BasNews 29 July 2016 – Democratic Union Party (PYD), the ruling party in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), confiscated the medical supplies delivered by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to Qamishlo for the victims of the Wednesday terror attack in the city. Braim Bro, Head of Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS), stated that PYD has rounded up the medical assistance in the stores in Derik city in Rojava, preventing it from being transferred to Qamishlo hospitals where the wounded victims are in critical condition and suffering from lack of medicine. “The death toll will rise if PYD officials continue to impede the delivery of the medical supplies to Qamishlo hospitals,” he said.

The ENKS official explained that PYD has politicized the delivery and does not view it as a humanitarian assistance.

Despite preventing the medical supplies from being delivered to the victims, PYD also did not allow the victims to be transferred to the hospitals in Kurdistan Region to receive necessary treatment, he added. Following the deadly attack in Qamishlo, Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani ordered the General Directorate of Health in Duhok province to provide every medical assistance possible to the victims of the Qamishlo attack, and deploy medical teams to the Peshabour border crossing between the Kurdistan Region and Rojava. KRG later sent 4 tons of medical supplies to Qamishlo for the purpose of treating the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack in the city which killed around 50 people and wounded nearly 200 others.