MESOP SPECIAL : There are 18 Turkish military & intelligence bases in Kurdistan Region

22 July 2016 – MESOP  – The Awine weekly in Kurdistan Region has reported that there are 18 military and intelligence bases in Dohuk province in the Iraqi autonomous region of Kurdistan.According to the report a source in Turkey has told the daily that there are 18 military and intelligence bases in Kurdistan Region that belong to Turkish army and the intelligence organization of MIT in Dohuk and Badinan regions in the autonomous region.

The report has added that there are at least 500 Turkish soldiers and officers with advanced heavy arms and ammunitions and spy tools in the 18 bases and they are busy conducting intelligence and military operations.The report also reiterated that Peshmerga Secretary General, Jabbar Yawar, has refused to give any explanations about the bases and who has allowed the establishment of the bases and has reiterated that the force do not have any corporation with Peshmerga ministry.The presence of the bases has erupted demonstrations and protests by many parliament deputies who have asked for sacking the forces from Kurdistan Region.