MESOP NEWS – Masrour Barzani: Kurds Must Reach Agreement with Baghdad for a Peaceful Separation

SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) –  Sardar Sattar – BasNews – 6 June 2016 – ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) Chancellor Masrour Barzani reiterates that Erbil and Baghdad must ultimately reach an agreement for a “peaceful Separation.”

Barzani has previously stated that Iraq is a failed stated and an “amicable divorce” is the best option left to address the disputes between Erbil and Baghdad. On the eruption of Islamic State (IS) in Syria which has led the region to the current instability, the senior Kurdish official believes that “the absence of the West in Syria paved the way for the rise of extremism in Syria,” he tweeted on Sunday.However, Barzani insists that a quick defeat of of the group requires a more serious commitment from the international community as the current policy is one of containment.