Benaw Izzat |  23-11-2021 – It is not every day that one can draw a parallel between the situation of the Kurds of Iraq and that of the Israelis. Yet our elders remember that the past has forged indestructible links.

As from 1948 the operations Ezra and Nehemiah (name of the prophets of the return to Jerusalem) allowed the Iraqi Jews and Kurds to leave Iraq. The Mossad agent Mordechai Ben Porat was at the helm with the support of the clandestine movement He Haloutz but he also had the support of Mulla Mustafa Barzani.

In 1951 all those who wanted to leave were able to do so, the links between Israel and the Kurds of Iraq were never broken.

In 1966 the Israeli agent Tzuri Sagi came to the rescue of Mulla Mustafa and his peshmergas to enable him to defeat the Baghdad troops on Mount Handrin.

At that time, money was only a tool to build a civil society ideal. The commitment of the Israelis to build their country was unwavering.

Over the years, the country has been able to develop, to become stronger despite the great imbalances with families too powerful to respect others.

The 21 st century has brought us to the reign of “money madness” and corruption. As we published a few weeks ago, Qatar has been able to infiltrate Israel and the highest level of decision-making power. The consequences have been dramatic

Of course, it is a coincidence. In the wake of this news, four senior Mossad officials have just retired. The insistence that nothing unusual happened becomes dubious in light of what is also going to take place at the Shin Bet. Heads will roll soon , we just wonder how many will retire?

If the hackers of the team “Moses Staff” use symbols and graphics that recall the Judaism, do not be mistaken, it is indeed an Iranian group. In March 2019 at the time of the elections the Iranians had already hacked the cell phone of Benny Gantz who was heading of the alliance Kahol Lavan. He was then the main opponent of Netanyahu.

The Iranians of Moses Staff announced at the end of October that they had carried out an attack on the server of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. To prove it, they published photos, letters and files containing personal information about members of the Israeli armed forces.

In the last few days, we learn about the arrest of the cleaner of Benny Gantz’s home. The man has a heavy criminal record with 4 convictions including 4 years in prison. He was in contact with hackers called “Black Shadow”. They only had to pay 7000 dollars to convince this Israeli employee to hack into the home computer of the current Minister of Defense. You can imagine the danger if there was critical information in that computer. Fortunately, Benny Gantz is not Hillary Clinton, he doesn’t mix private business with his job.

In the KRG or in Baghdad this kind of “pay to play” infiltration is done every day. Anything is possible for those who can pay.

In Israel, the Shin Bet is in charge of conducting a thorough security clearance on every individual who can perform a service or even approach a minister. After the 50 million dollars paid by Qatar to Netanyahu, we have a serious criminal who manages to get a clearance and the Shin Bet sees nothing.

Is there a small problem of corruption in the Shin Bet? How much does a security clearance cost? Can we compare prices with Iraq? That would be fun!

When we ask the American officials why they let the Kurdish leaders strip the KRG of its resources, the answer is always the same. It doesn’t matter what they do with the oil money and the people, as long as they do services when asked. This is the most absurd policy imaginable.

The Israelis are like the Kurds, they do favors, render services. They do well to train their army to fight a possible enemy from within. Like us, they have to start with the gangrene of corruption.

Mrs. Benaw Izzat