MESOP GOOD NEWS : Christians Demonstrate Support for Kurdish Independence

SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ) –  The rights of Christians are protected in Kurdistan Region, Romeo Hakkari says

13 June 2016 – BasNews – ERBIL — A Christian Politician in Kurdistan Region affirmed his support for the independence of Kurdistan Region, calling on the Kurdish circles to take steps towards establishing an independent state.

Romeo Hakkari, the secretary of the Assyrian Democratic Bein al-Nahrain Party and the former member of the Kurdistan Region parliament, told Gullan Magazine that Christians are an inseparable and an active community in the Kurdistan Region. A Kurdish independent state will help the Kurdistan Region overcome most of the crises, particularly the financial and political issues, he said.

He also highlighted the support of Vatican for the peaceful co-existence of the diverse ethnic and religious communities in Kurdistan Region.Due to the threats of the extremist groups from both the Shi’ite and Sunni sects, Hakkari said “over 300 thousand Christians have been displaced and sheltered in Kurdistan Region.”Hakkari extended his gratitude to the people of Kurdistan Region for assisting the Christian IDPs, emphasizing the overwhelming support of the Kurdistan Region president, Masoud Barzani, for the displaced Christians.

The Iraqi government in Baghadad has always been evading the obligations towards Kurdistan Region since 2003, causing political and financial issues for the region, Hakkari noted.  He believes that Kurdistan Region, with its all ethnic and religious components, should secede from Iraq and declare a Kurdish state. He also confirmed Christians’ support for the Kurdish independence, arguing that Christians no longer trust the Iraqi army to protect them. The rights of Christians and other minorities are well preserved in Kurdistan Region while in the other parts of Iraq, Christians are being exposed to violence and their churches are being destroyed, he added.