MESOP “GOOD JOB!” – KRG Prepares Masterplan to Reconstruct Sinjar – 3,577 houses in Sinjar have been destroyed due to IS attack


SINJAR — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has prepared a masterplan for reconstructing Sinjar district which requires around $10 billion to accomplish, said the mayor of Sinjar on Tuesday.

Mahma Khalil detailed that 80% of Sinjar’s territory has been liberated by Peshmerga forces since November 13, 2015, and they are seeking to regain the rest which is now held by the Islamic State (IS).The Yazidi official stated that there are 8,105 houses in Sinjar district, from which 3,577 have been damaged due to the military operations in the area. KRG has prepared a masterplan for the reconstruction of the district and the Kurdish community is expected to fund the plan which requires $10 billion to reconstruct and rehabilitate the area, according to the Kurdish official.The Iraqi government in Baghdad has not provided the district with any financial assistance, he said, noting that the Yazidi people have decided to support the independence of Kurdistan Region from Iraq because major crimes and unfair treatment have been committed against Yazidis in the area without Baghdad making any efforts to defend them.