MESOP : DE MISTURY (UN) COUNTS KURDS – Syrian Kurds launch campaign ME & My family are 5% !

Ossama Muhammad | – 1 July 2016 – QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— Syrian Kurdish activists start a campaign on the social media, criticizing the lead UN envoy for his the statement which includes that the Kurds makeup only 5% from the Syrian population.Activists called for the Hashtag to ask the UN envoy to apologize for the Syrian Kurds, who make up about 17 percent of the Syria population according to the latest statistics.However, the activists asked the UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, to clarify his statement and present the references which he depend on them to claim that the Kurds present five percent of the Syrian population.

According the Kurds social customs the minor Kurdish family consists of five member and that is where the Hashtag came from.To add, the statement comes before the start of a new level of Geneva negotiations by the Syrian regime and the opposition which include the Kurdish National Council KNCS.Activists said that the statement will lead to negative results for the negotiations, according to the Staffan de Mistura statement, Kurds rights will not be preserved in the Geneva Negotiation. Over 3 million Kurds live in Syrian Kurdistan, mainly in the north bordering Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan region.