“KNOW BETTER WITH MESOP” : IRAN – Fighting Escalates with Kurdish Insurgents

Clashes between Iranian security forces and Kurdish insurgents have escalated in northwestern Iran, with the Revolutionary Guards claiming the killing of 23 fighters.

Brig. Gen. Majid Arjamand Far, the deputy commander of the Guards operational headquarters in the northwest, said the insurgents were slain in the Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan provinces.The general blamed the rising clashes on foreign powers: “Since last year, Saudi and US intelligence networks have launched a unified agenda to create insecurity in Iran.” He insisted, “No matter where these terrorist groups are present to create insecurity, we will nip their terrorist operation and plots in the bud, if we wish,”

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) claimed military success, saying it has “increased the presence of its Peshmerga forces” at “more points” in Iranian Kurdistan. It rejected the regime’s blame of instability on “regional countries”.

Since the spring, Iranian officials have proclaimed an increasing threat of terrorism throughout the country, including the fighting in the northwest. At the same, political and military leaders have insisted that they are dealing with the issue — from the arrest of two men accused of planning attacks on 50 targets in Iran’s cities to the killing of scores of “terrorists” in northwestern and southeastern Iran. The Supreme Leader has linked the campaign to his hostility towards the US, his approach to onal crises such as the civil wars in Syria and Yemen, and his warnings about foreign-backed “sedition” to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

On Saturday, the Secretary of the Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaie, accused Riyadh of bcking hte Kurdish insurgency:In an attempt to interfere in the affairs of Iran and Iraq, the Saudi consulate in Iraq’s northwest helps the Komala terror group dispatch terrorists to Iran.

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