YPG Warns Assad Regime Journalists

A YPG media centre statement on 30.10.2013 denies this regime media reports of a Syrian government channel that the regime captured several villages from insurgent groups in the Hasakah province. There were also reports by Orient TV and Yekiti media that the regime supported the YPG in their recent campaigns. Apparently the regime shot some video footage in the Arab villages still under their control of south of Qamishli. The YPG says they didn’t allow any media in the YPG-captured city of Tel Brak and that if any regime journalist would enter the frontline areas, they would immediately be arrested on the charges of espionage. The YPG appealed to media organizations not to believe the media organizations of the ‘criminal system’. Moreover, the YPG criticized the media in the KRG for using the regime reports and that this helps the ISIS and the Assad regime. The YPG denies that any Syrian soldier or regime supported them in their armed campaigns against Islamist insurgent groups.
Posted  by  Wladmir van Wilgenburg