WATCH : EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT “on air – live” debate on Turkey-Ocalan negotiations

Follow “live – on air”, tomorrow Wednesday @ 15h00, the official debate of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France) on the “Dialogue for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question in Turkey”.In order to do so, please go to the EP internet site , choose one of the languages shown in the “main page”, and immediately after that, on the right, please click on “LIVE BROADCAST – ON AIR”.  A full list of speaker will also appear “minute by minute”.

Please note that the debate will start absolutely ON TIME, EU Council and EU Commission will open the debate with two separate statements. After the debate, at 17h00, some MEPS will host a press conference with BDP Co-chair MP Demirtas (no live streaming). Please find attached additional information on the press conference.

Today, at 14h30, an open meeting with MP Demirtas is also scheduled .