Turkey leftist party releases Ocalan’s video file


8.2.2014 – Kurdpress – Turkey leftist Workers Party released a video file that shows Abdullah Ocalan during an investigation, daily Melliyet said. Ocalan, in the file, has reportedly vowed to apply the Kurdistan workers’ Party (PKK) power for Turkey. – Government cannot do everything directly and sometimes a force in needed for some affairs just like the US government, Ocalan has reportedly told the investigators, demanding Turkey should follow the policy. The party had earlier released a video file called Waran 1 and released Waran 2 yesterday. According to the file Ocalan said he has fought against the PKK more that what Turkey has done, Syria has no other solution but accepting his ideologies, some in the PKK want to shed blood and expect Ocalan to appreciate them and that he can help Turkey a lot. Ocalan ultimately asks he needs six month to change millions of people into a cure and solution.