TURKEY / KURDISTAN : In the last month of the year: 243 detainees, 31 arrests

1-1-2014 – SERKAN KURT – NEWS CENTER (DİHA) – Altough “democratic solution” process leaves behind a year, operations against Kurdish people lasted in the last month of the year. In only th elast month, namely in December, 243 people were detained and 31 others were arrested by creating organization links in the operations being carried out in varios centers.

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Leader Abdullah Ocalan launched the “democratic solution” process in the passing year and this process has left behind a year. Although lots of concrete steps were taken by the Kurdish movement along the year, the state and the government remained silent and watched the process. Öcalan stated many times that the “parallel state” ignore warnings from the government, in the last month Yüksekova (Gever) the murder of three civil citizens, Ocalan has been confirmed alerts. Yüksekova with the massacre, instead of solving the Kurdish problem during December, operations, detentions and arrests from Justice and Development Party(AKP) government employees to feel itself in the region, there was an intense reaction in the region.

Region, particularly in the provinces in December, increasing detentions and arrests , tens of thousands of people were arrested and thousands of people were arrested since operations of 2009. Although the process of solution in the area almost every month , hundreds of people still detained and continue to be arrested dozens of people.

Arrests and detentions inhibiting the process

On December 1 to 31 days, primarily in the provinces of the region, namely in many cities and towns operations were conducted with the claims of “committing crimes”, “meetings and demonstrations law opposition”, “conduct activities for the organization” and “becoming member of organization”. During December in raids on homes and the shows 243 people were detained in the intervention and 31 of them were arrested. Increasing every day for arrest and detention of any legislative changes be made, the process started for a year before being considered as one of the biggest obstacles. It has been stated by the public opinion that the arrests and detentions are inhibiting the solution process.

In first 11 months of 2013: 1280 detainees and 445 arrests

Human Rights Association (IHD ) and Turkey’s Human Rights Association (TÎHV) released, according to data of 2013 and the first 11 months of organization activities, 389 against Kurdish politics for the investigation, including 1280 people were detained and among of them 445 people were arrested that have been stated. Solutions throughout the process of arrest and detention to be this much attention is seen as a point. Latest in operations during the November 1 to 30 days, at least 261 people, including many young people were detained and 87 of these “organizations” connection established arrested.