Turkey Condemns Recognition of the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek Genocides

Armenian radio – 11.5.2013 – The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement condemning the motion of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of the State of New South Wales in Australia, recognizing the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek Genocides.

“We strongly condemn and reject this motion which is in no way compatible with historic facts. The fact that this motion has been passed through a fait accompli by a local politician, whose antagonism to Turkey in his attitude and behavior is well-known, shows how lightly and unsoundly such a sensitive issue is dealt with” the statement reads.

“Although the solid friendly relations existing between the peoples of Turkey and Australia will not deteriorate because of this unilateral decision which is the fait accompli of a small group, its negative repercussions are nonetheless inevitable. In this context, the proponents of such initiatives aimed at dealing a blow to the very special relations that exist between our peoples will doubtlessly be deprived of the hospitality and friendship that we will never withhold from the people of Australia,” Ministry said.

“Necessary representations with Australian authorities have been made, stressing that our primary expectation from the Australian authorities for the sake of our relations that have developed so far on the basis of friendship, is that they be more attentive to unacceptable claims directed towards Turkey and the Turkish identity and that they take timely action against initiatives carrying anti-Turkish content and hate-speech,” the statement concludes.