Syrian Kurdish Leader Sees No Future in Geneva

KDP-S head Abdulhakim Bashar in an interview with Welati sees no future in Geneva talks since arming armed opposition against Assad will lead to more support by Russia and Iran for Assad.  – Read more

Abdulbaset Sieda asks Syria Kurds to join SNC / Support by Barzani

Kurdpress 19.6.2013 – The former chief of opposition Syria National Council (SNC), Abdulbaset Sieda asked the Kurdish parties of the country to join the council, Anatolia news agency said. – “I came in Erbil again to demand the Syrian Kurdish parties to join Syria opposition national council and support us against president Bashar al- Assad,” Sieda Said. – Read more

PYD Visits ‘Rival’ Militia

(TEV-DEM visits Sheikh Mashuq al-Khaznawi brigade (affiliated to the Unity Party) in Qamishli reports Hawar. This might be related to improving relations between Yekiti and the PYD and a visit of the Yekiti party to Talabani’s PUK. Although Yekiti’s media organizations are still quite critical of the PYD.

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Some Tensions In Kobani Between KDP-S and PYD

Dr. Kashan Shaheen in Kobani was accused by pro-PYD supporters of not respecting his career. The PYD’s Asayish in a statement claims he refused to perform a treat the child of ‘martyr’ Adnan Sheikh Mohammed, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party.  – /

Welati Talks to Peshmerga Hawks

Welati interviews Peshmerga Hawk brigade commander in Aleppo. He denies ties with Azadi party. –