TODAYS MESOP QUOTATION : Iran Needs A Nuclear Bomb ‘To Put Israel In Its Place’; White House Pleaded For Meeting With Rohani

In a speech that he delivered at a January 3, 2014 political activists’ conference in Mashhad (northeastern Iran), Majlis representative Mohammad Nabavian, a member of Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi’s radical faction, said that despite its disinterest in a bomb Iran in fact does need one, in order to create a balance of terror vis-a-vis Israel.

According to him, he said that during Rohani’s September 2013 visit to New York, the White House had pleaded with him to meet with President Obama or at least talk with him by telephone. They also stated that Secretary of State John Kerry told the Iranian team about the vigorous protests that he had heard from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu before arriving in Geneva for the talks.

Below are the main points of Nabavian’s speech, as quoted by the moderate conservative website Asr-e Iran:[1]