16.03.2013 – KCK Info – Kurdish people have faced many massacres throughout its history. On 16 March 1988 Kurdish people faced a huge massacre at the hands of the fascist Saddam regime where chemical weapons were used. This is indeed a clear genocide and we would yet again strongly condemn the colonialists that have committed such a crime against humanity and, respectfully commemorate the Halabja martyrs.

We would like to give our word that we shall keep their memories alive by freeing all of Kurdistan and defending human honor and by heightening the resistance of the humanity against all the genocides committed around the world. 

The massacre committed in Halabja was a result of the policies of the Saddam regime to annihilate the Kurdish people’s will within the Arab nation-state instead of recognizing them. Such an annihilation policy was not only practiced by the Saddam regime but by all the other colonialist systems who wanted to rule Kurdistan. Other regimes who ruled over Kurdistan committed similar atrocities at different times and locations thus have threatened the existence of the Kurdish people. The powers of the Western capitalist modernity too have become a party to such genocidal games imposed on the Kurdish people through economic and political support they gave to the colonialist systems in the region. The genocidal policies against Kurdistan were in motion at the time of the massacre in Halabja thus all of the international powers and the colonialist states were in silence against the Saddam regime. This also allowed similar genocidal policies to be spread in time and an attempt is made to continue its implementation today.

The most significant duty before our people is to establish its unity if anything is wished to be done against these genocidal policies. This is simply because when a people has established its unity, organization and defense no one can commit against them a massacre or genocide; even if there is an attempt they cannot attain any results. Thus at such a period when our region is being re-structured in order for our people and our country to attain a free status that is befitting its history; it is not just a need but at the same time a necessity to accomplish national unity and struggle. 

Undoubtedly, our people were able to continue its existence despite the racist-genocidal mentality because of its tradition of Newroz resistance. However, it should be known that at such an important stage of our history, the duty of the Newroz resistance tradition is not only to maintain its existence, but at the same to procure its freedom. That is why at such a period, when our people are the nearest to their freedom, this Newroz should be a day to rise against discrimination and to march ahead for their freedom. Whether abroad or at home, the patriotic people of Kurdistan should take this Newroz to be an opportunity to condemn the Halabja, Qamishlo, Roboski and Paris massacres. Thus the participation in this Newroz should be the most populated of all years and demand their freedom and should display their will-power before a fascist-chauvinist mentality that is trying to prevent the attainment of their freedom. Such a stance would be one that is befitting the spirit of the period.

In order to be able to end the genocidal policies planned against Kurdistan and to be able to construct a democratic system in the Middle East on the basis of the acceptance of the existence of the Kurdish people, we call on all our people to unite in all parts, raise the struggle against genocide and construct free life. We also call on our people to heighten its unity, fraternity and democracy struggle on the basis of leader Apo’s Perspective of Democratic Liberation and Construction of Free Life.