STATEMENT : “Starvation or Submission” to Civilians

4-11-2013 – The Syrian Coalition demand that the international community deny Bashar Assad’s “politicizing of the humanitarian crisis,” manufactured by his own killing machine. The Syrian Coalition said in a press statement that “the real solution to the Syrian crisis requires that international actors fully deal with the scene of the revolution.”

The Syrian Coalition added that “the Assad regime is still seeking to deepen the humanitarian crisis in the country and to politicize it to serve the interests of regional and international allies in an effort “to convince the world that what is happening in Syria is merely a power struggle between two parties.” The Syrian Coalition lambasted the regime of Bashar Assad for preventing food and medical aid from reaching those who are in need.” An informed source in the Syrian Coalition considers this a “systematic attempt by the regime that seeks to put pressure on the social incubator of the revolution through starvation of civilians in besieged areas.” In this context, eyewitnesses in Ghouta stated that the regime’s shabeeha scrawled “starvation or submission” on the walls of the military checkpoints, suggesting they are keen on besieging civilians and putting pressure on the social incubator of the revolution in order to force the people to retreat from the goals that they rose up in order to achieve, as reported by the source. (Source: Syrian Coalition)