Barham Salih says it is my right to become General Secretary of PUK

February 5, 2014 – – SULÊMANÎ: — Kosrat Rasul and Dr. Bahram Salih, the two Deputy Secretary Generals of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), in a joint statement recently expressed their concerns after the PUK high-ranking members failed to hold the fourth convention of the PUK in its due time.

“Barham Salih told Hêro Ibrahim, Talabani‌’s wife, that he does not want to be an acting Deputy Secretary General of the PUK and that it is his right to be PUK‌’s General Secretary” Awene, the weekly newspaper reported, from a trusted attendant of the PUK‌’s meetings which was held in Dabashan. The source adds that in last weeks‌’ meetings, there were exchanges, use of harsh language and tough disputes especially between Barham Salih and Hero Ibrahim. Barham Salih adds: “from now on, I am not ready to take responsibility for running PUK and I will not take any accountability for running its politics and I do not want to be an acting deputy”.

“Barham Salih expressed his discomfort regarding PUK‌’s politics in handling party activities and clearly stated that he wants reform within PUK” the source confirmed. “Not even I deserve to be PUK‌’s General Secretary but I am worthy of being the Kurdistan Region‌’s first person,” Salih told Hero, the source reconfirmed. Dr. Barham Salih has resigned from his post as Deputy Secretary General of  PUK, saying that he does not have the right to hold any position in his party.