Syrian opposition fronts to meet again in Erbil

ERBIL, Aug.24 (AKnews)- The Kurdish and Arabic opposition fronts in Syria will meet again in the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region early September, Kurdish Xendan news agency reported.

The agency quoted Shelal Gedo, representative of the Kurdistan Leftist Democratic Party of Syria saying the People’s Council for Western Kurdistan (PCWK)  and Kurdish National Council of Syria (KNCS) will meet with the Syrian Opposition Council (SOC) to discuss the latest developments in their country.

The parties will also discuss the Kurdish issue and rights, uniting both the Kurdish and Arabic opposition fronts and the future of Syria, according to Gedo. The official said uniting the opposition forces has become an urgent demand not only by the peoples of Syria but all friends, the superpowers and regional forces which back the opposition. The PCWK (which has close links with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK in Turkey) and KNCS met once in Erbil and under the supervision of Kurdistan’s President Massoud Barzani signed an agreement for unification.

Under the agreement a supreme council from five members of each front was formed to participate in all negotiations about the future of Syria.The agreement and Barzani’s announcement of training Syrian Kurds in Kurdistan Region for protection of Kurdish part of Syria was followed by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu’s visit  to Erbil. This time Erbil gathered Abdul-Basit Sayda, the Kurdish leader of the SOC, Davutoglu and five members of KNCS in the supreme joint council of the Kurdish opposition front.

Not inviting the PCWK members of the joint supreme council for Erbil meeting led the front suspend its meetings with KNCS.