Syria Military Round-Up: Regime Struggles in Offensive Around Aleppo

EAworldview – 14.10.2013 – | by Joanna Paraszczuk

LATEST: Head of Revolutionary Guards Restates “Material Support” for Assad

SUMMARY: The Assad regime’s attempt to break the months-long siege of its areas in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, appears to be struggling.

The Syrian military briefly took Khanasser, on the north-south highway leading to central Syria, last week but reports indicate that it was soon recaptured by insurgents. And to the east, insurgents seem to be holding as-Safira, despite sustained regime bombardment. On Sunday, more opposition reinforcements arrived in the town, which is near a Syrian military complex reported to hold chemical weapons stocks.

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Claim Of 90 Kurdish Fighters Killed In Clashes With ISIS In Atmeh

Claims on Sunday from jihadist sources that over 90 Kurdish fighters from the Syrian YPG faction have been killed in clashes with ISIS around the village of Atmeh on the Turkish border.

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Civilian Deaths As Car Bomb Explodes In Darkoush, Idlib Province

Scenes from the immediate aftermath of a car bomb in the town of Darkoush in Idlib Province (click for map).

Regime Cuts Electricity To Damascus Province

Citizen journalists from the Shaam News Network report that the regime has cut off electricity supplies to the Damascus Province and surrounding areas.

Head of Revolutionary Guards Restates “Material Support” for Assad

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Mohammad Ali Jafari, has repeated that the Guards will continue to provide assistance to the Syrian regime.

Claiming that Western countries have failed in their military intervention, Jafari said, “They know well that the Islamic Republic provides material, spiritual and intellectual support for Syria.” The commander said last September that the Guards were providing logistical assistance and were helping train 50,000 members of the People’s Defense Militias in Syria. Footage taken from an Iranian cameraman, killed amid an insurgent ambush in Syria’s Aleppo Province in August, showed Iranian officers training a small group of local Syrian militia and accompanying them in the field when they were attacked by an opposition brigade.

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The Local Coordination Committees claim 58 people were killed on Sunday, including 17 in Damascus and its suburbs, 15 in Aleppo Province, and 10 in Daraa Province. The Violations Documentation Center records that 75,741 people have been killed since March 2011, a rise of 87 from Sunday. Of the dead, 56,496 are civilians, an increase of 59 since yesterday.

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