Syria Forecast: Opposition Repeats Pre-Conditions for Any “Peace” Talks

11-11-2013 – EAworldview – The opposition Syrian National Coalition, following a two-day meeting in Istanbul, has repeated its pre-conditions for participation in international “peace” talks in Geneva.

The Coalition insisted that President Assad must step aside. It also called for a guarantee of access by relief agencies to besieged areas and the release of political prisoners. The 108-member body also said it had appointed a committee to talks with insurgents inside and outside Syria.

The Coalition has faced strong criticism from a number of insurgent factions this autumn, with complaints that the opposition is detached from the situation inside Syria and is not providing necessary support. The US and Russia have pressed for the “peace” conference since April, only to delay it repeatedly with the inability of the regime and opposition to agree on conditions for attendance. In recent weeks, former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford has based himself in Turkey in an attempt to get a resolution.

About the Author –  Joanna Paraszczuk is EA WorldView’s Managing Editor.