Statement : Syrian Coalition – Assad Proves He’s a War Criminal by His Latest Admission

The Syrian Coalition state that Bashar al-Assad’s statements that he has “allies and fighters working for him inside the opposition forces” are a confession that the international organizations must take into account, as it clearly shows his responsibility for “human rights violations” in the liberated areas” and others.

Assad made this confession during a meeting with a delegation of Jordanian lawyers, who he asked for military intervention of the Kingdom of Jordan to “clean Dara’a province of the terrorists.” Louay Safi, the spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, described Bashar al-Assad’s remarks that he has “fighters in the ranks of the opposition,” as “futile attempts aimed at undermining trust between the fighters who are advancing on his troops and shabiha in many Syrian cities.” Safi went on: “Assad’s comments confirms our suspicions of a link between the regime and some armed units whose practices are inconsistent with the objectives of the revolution and serve the Assad regime, which seeks to justify the killing of Syrians in front of the international community under the pretext of fighting terrorism.” Safi described Assad’s request of the Jordanian government to help him in his fight against the Syrian people in the border city of Dara’a as “reflecting the weakness of his military forces and its gradual collapse in front of the revolutionaries.” Safi’s statements came during a speech to the Friends of the Syrian people in the United Nations in which he said “the phenomenon of extremism is far from the characteristics of the Syrian people and some extremist groups have been created and supported by the Assad regime, who has been overseeing their creation, arming and tasking them with carrying out its plans in the areas that are out of its control.” The Syrian Coalition concluded its statement by stressing it “will get through with quest to hunt down the perpetrators of abuses and bring them to justice,” noting that “factions hostile to the Syrian revolution and linked to the regime are still working in its favor and receiving support from him, in addition to carrying out acts of sabotage inside and outside Syria, threatening the security, stability and peace in the region.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)