Sêmalka Border Gate Closed?

Sêmalka Border Gate that is between south and west of Kurdistan is closed by Executive Committee of the Border which is linked to Kurdish High Council.

One of the committee members, Siyamend Osman stated that because of the policies of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which imposed an embargo on Rojava (West of Kurdistan) the committee decided to close the border gate which will be only a border point from now on.

Mr. Osman remarked that they made such a decision because of the PDK’s (Kurdistan Democratic Party) attempts to prevent humanitarian aid for Rojava.It has been more than one month that humanitarian aid which costs 33 thousand dollars have being kept by KRG and YPG (People’s Defense Units) fighters who want to get medical treatment in the hospitals of West of Kurdistan are not allowed to go to south of Kurdistan, says Mr. Osman.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 October 2013 14:22 )


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