Salih Muslim Speech on Sterk TV

S.Muslim: ”So this is the issue we want to find a solution for”. [12].

S.Muslim: “Both sides [Kurds&Arabs] are victims of this politics. One forced to move to Kurdish areas, the other forced to leave.” [11]

S.Muslim: “Kurds who lost their homes can get money for lost property, or Arabs who were settled there will get money to move.” [10]

S.Muslim: ”> so that those who lost their lands can return home, but we don’t want to force Kurds to return”. [9]

S.Muslim: “We want to solve this issue by peaceful means in the future, > ”. [8]

So how does S.Muslim want to solve the issue with Arab settlers who were brought to assimilate Kurds? Answer -> [7]

S.Muslim: “3rd group are Arabs who have been living among Kurds for ages. They are Kurdistanis” [& belong to the area]. [6]

S.Muslim: “2nd group are settlers who the Baath regime brought to Kurdish areas by confiscating homes of Kurds to assimilate Kurds.” [5]

S.Muslim: “1st group r 500k Arab,Kurd,Christain refugees as a result of this war. They will be able to move home when conflict is over” [4]

S.Muslim says following; “There are 3 groups of Arabs who lives in Rojava.” (10:45) [3]

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