Rojava delegation’s report released

ANF – HEWLER 03.09.2013 – The Drafting Committee of the Kurdish National Congress has released the report prepared by its delegation which was formed and sent to Rojava to observe the situation in the region and the circumstances of the people living there.

After finalizing its inspections in the Rojava region in western Kurdistan, the delegation conveyed its report to the Drafting Committee of the Kurdish National Congress. The demands in the report were confirmed at the meeting the delegation held after returning to Hewler on 23 August.

The report highlighted the following points as to the demands of the people in Rojava;

“* Fulfillment of the requirements of the Hewler agreement and activation of the Desteye Bilinda Kurdi (Supreme Kurdish Council) and expert delegations

* Initiation of urgent works with an aim to prevent the war in the Kurdish region and the participation of all relevant parties in the decision-making process on war and peace

* Formation of an entire and joint military force between all sides

* Urgent provision of medicine for the people in Rojava Kurdistan

* Opening of the Semalka border gate between Federal Kurdistan and Rojava to trade, management of the border on the basis of a joint program determined by all relevant circles in Rojava Kurdistan

* Initiation of urgent works with an aim to prevent the migration from Rojava Kurdistan to Turkey and Federal Kurdistan Region, and allowance passings into Federal Kurdistan Region only in the events of human circumstances and only for a short time

* Re-activation of party headquarters in Rojava Kurdistan

* Prevention of the mutual war going on between Kurdish circles through media

* Initiation of urgent works for setting up camps in Rojava Kurdistan to provide shelter for those forced to leave their houses, and to ensure the return of those who migrated to Federal Kurdistan back to Rojava

* Removal of the obstacles to the works of intellectuals and press workers and respect for freedom of the press and press workers

* People of northern Kurdistan should push the government to open the border gate between Turkey and Rojava

* Some circles in the society should provide the YPG (People’s Defense Units) with arms and ammunition.