PUK says when Turkish MIT’s operation against PKK failed, they blamed us


SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— PUK Spokesperson and a member of Political Bureau, Saadi Ahmed Pira, said their Ankara representative Behroz Galali has been deported because of an “operation the Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MIT) wanted to conduct against the PKK in Sulaimani but failed”.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Spokesperson and Politbureau member Saadi Ahmed Pira spoke to Dengê Emerîka (Voice of America – VOA Kurdî) on PUK Ankara Representative Behroz Galalî’s deportation from Turkey on August 24 and said that Turkey holds the PUK responsible for the failure of the operation they attempted within the Sulaimani city borders against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK. It Was a Failed Mit Operation

Saadi Ahmed Pira stated that the MIT attempted an operation against the PKK in the city of Sulaimani in Iraqi Kurdistan and added: “MIT conducted an operation against the PKK in a PUK controlled area, but they failed. This operation caused harm for Turkey. Turkey blames the PUK for not supporting this operation. First of all, Turkey does not have the right to conduct operations in another country. Secondly, they never actually informed anybody. They made this plan themselves, and they failed. Instead of admitting their failure, they make up a scenario and hide their failure. This is the reason for the deportation of Behroz Galalî.”

They Wanted To Conduct The Operation In Sulaimani

Pira said the following on the area Turkey attempted the operation in: “The area the MIT wanted to conduct the operation is within the borders of the State of Sulaimani, but I can’t give you more details. And the Behroz Galalî incident is due to the support for HDP and Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan]. These are not crimes. These are international issues, and we do not regret them. The PUK has paid a great price due to Kurdistani policies towards foreign states, and this is just part of that.”

“We Met With Çavuşoğlu”

When asked what the PUK’s stance in the face of the Turkish state’s approach will be, Pira said the following: “Myself and Qubad Talabani met with the Turkish Foreign Minister in Hewler [Erbil]. There are attempts to resolve the issue. I’m hoping for a timely resolution.”

70 More People Have Been Deported

Meanwhile, Iraqi Kurdistan Immigration Bureau Chairperson Ari Jalal spoke to the NRT television in Southern Kurdistan and stated that after Galalî was deported, the Turkish state deported 70 more people from Sulaimani. There are women and children among the deportees. www.mesop.de