PUK-COUNTRY – Prostitution on the increase in Garmian

WARVIN / MESOP REPORT – 15.7.2013 – Director of media department of Garmian police, lieutenant colonel (Hassan Muhammad) said: “many types of the crimes have decreased compared to last year including murder, robbery, kidnapping, fighting and other crimes, but prostitution is on the increase”.

The police official presented the crimes statistic of this year, 10 indecent cases were registered, majority of the cases were prostitution, the arrested ones are from south and middle of IraqThe prostitution bands and women trafficking is increasing without confrontation in the cities of Kurdistan region, many of them reside in the new districts and the surrounding areas of the cities. According to the obtained information, the women trafficking bands get the hang of the bad situation of women in the middle and south areas of Iraq, they bring the women to the region and give them a small amount of money in return, with the cooperation of some high ranking officials they get residence permit and their name will be registered in the security agencies, then they will be involved in sex trafficking.