PKK Military Presence in Halabja not Allowed: PUK Official / Even PUK say NO to PKK Invaders

Basnews English – 24/03/2017 –  HALABJA — Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) won’t be allowed to spread its armed forces across Halabja province, south of Kurdistan Region, said a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) local official.Ahmed Qadafar also rejected the reports on increasing PKK’s military presence in the area, saying that there are some supporters of the PKK across Halabja province, but their number is not concerning.

Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces are present in the area and no other armed forces are welcome in Halabja, Qadafar told BasNews. However, previous reports indicate that some PUK officials are facilitating the increase of PKK military presence and their political activities in the province, with locals complaining about the party’s recruitment of youths in Halabja.