PDKI Representative Met with German Foreign Ministry & CDU

19-11-2013 – MESOP – In two separate meetings, the PDKI’s representative in Germany, Hiwa Bahrami, met with the officials from the German Foreign Ministry and Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

In a meeting with Bertil Wenger, head of the CDU’s foreign relations, Bahrami discussed the latest developments in Kurdistan and Iran and the Islamic Republic’s negotiations with the p5+1 and the surge of executions of Kurdish political prisoners.

In a separate meeting with officials from the German foreign ministry, Bahrami discussed Iran’s recent attempt to buy more time through negotiations regarding the regimes nuclear program. Bahrami stressed that the election of Rohani has not changed the regimes strategic goals and hegemonic ambitions. Moreover, the rate of executions and human rights abuses during the short period of time Rohani has been in office is unprecedented, even compared to the period when Ahmedinejad was president.