Öcalan: Video is attempt to sabotage resolution process

One more Conspiracy

APO : “ a compilation of context-free extracted sentences”

ANF – News Desk 08.02.2014 17:50:07 – BDP parliamentary group president Pervin Buldan, BDP deputy İdris Baluken and HDP vice co-chair and deputy Sırrı Süreyya Önder have returned from İmralı where they have visited Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan in the afternoon.

In a statement to reporters the BDP-HDP delegation conveyed Öcalan’s messages which primarily included his comments about a video of the Kurdish leader recently published on internet. Öcalan said the video was produced as a part of a sneaky plan aimed at ending or disgracing the resolution process. The Kurdish leader emphasized that the content of the video was distorted with a compilation of context-free extracted sentences, and had nothing to do with reality.

“Those who did this are actors that imperialist operation centers have bloodily used in dirty businesses. What is aimed here is to prevent the peace and alliance of Turkish-Kurdish and all other peoples. Those who edit this video, released it and are defending it politically are those who attribute their existence to the Kurdish war and the pro-coup mechanism of this war. My basic approach concerning this issue is present in the most evident way in my statements of self-defense, also showing consistency since the very beginning”, Öcalan underlined and remarked that as the international conspiracy enters the 16th year, the conspiracy has substantially been shed light on and precautions have been taken against it in many aspects.

Öcalan pointed out that by exposing and condemning the international conspiracy, the İmralı process has created an important opportunity for a permanent peace of peoples. This exactly is why pro-coup powers are aiming the İmralı process, he underlined.

Putting emphasis on the need for democratization to be led by an assurance of social agreement, Öcalan remarked that the government’s introduction of unilateral packages to ensure its own safety is not democratization but being provocateur at the point the resolution process has reached.

The Kurdish leader also stated that the government has grown away from the seriousness of the issue on the excuse of elections, noting that the government would primarily be responsible for the ending of the process unless it underwent an immediate change in its approach towards the resolution process. Öcalan suggested that negotiation delegations should be formed urgently and the process should be grounded on democratic law of contract to ensure the advancement of the process. Öcalan extended his greetings to the Kurdish people, workers of the Kurdish press, sick prisoners, women in particular, all his comrades in prison and ranks of the Kurdish movement, and called on the Kurdish people to unite around their democratic peace politics.