Terrorist organization PKK/PYD stores weapons and ammunition at 13 different spots in Syria – By Levent Tok and Muhammed Misto – ANADOLU AGENCY – 1 Dec 2017 – ISTANBUL, Turkey

The PKK/PYD terrorist organization has weapons — given to them by the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) for fighting against Daesh in Syria — stored throughout its 13 main bases in areas they seized and control in the region.

Anadolu Agency reporters have identified armories and shipping routes established by terrorist organization in northern Syria, with information they retrieved from reliable local sources in the PKK/PYD-occupied territories and open sources.

The terrorist organization distributes these weapons to its members from these stores.

Anadolu Agency identified the locations of the terrorist organization’s armory bases and supply routes in northern Syria via information gathered from trusted local sources in PKK/PYD-held areas.

According to this, since April 2016, the terror group has been receiving military aid from CENTCOM via the Semalka border crossing at the Iraq-Syria border, and from the bases located in northern Hasaka province Rmeilan as well as Harab Isk village in eastern Aleppo province.

The terror group transports the heavy weapons, mine-resistant combat armored vehicles, fuel tanks and prefabricate containers used for military purposes from Semalka controlled by northern Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).

2 routes to storages in al-Hasakah

The weapons and ammunition are transferred to the terror group by two routes via land and air from Hasakah province.

The heavy weapons, armored vehicles and fuel tankers coming through the land route are distributed to the spots around the Euphrates River.

The weapons that arrive to the air base in Rmeilan from Erbil are distributed to three bases located in Hasakah; Darbasiyah, Tal-Baidar and Derik districts.

Various weapons, ammunitions, and vehicles are transported to main bases in Harab Isk village and Jalabiya at its northeast via land route to the PKK/PYD-controlled areas via Hasakah and Qamishli number 6 motorway and M4 transit-way which runs through from Semalka to Aleppo.

These two bases are also known as the largest bases in the terrorist organization controlled area.

The weapons and ammunitions brought to the U.S. main base that was built last year in Sarrin district near the Euphrates River are also transferred out to the bases in Harab Isk village and Jalabiya by the terrorist organization.

The weapons which are delivered to two main spots — both from the land route in Semalka and the air route in Sarrin – are then distributed to different bases in Ayn Al Arab (Kobane), Tal Abyad and Saluq in Syria.

Ammunition factories, bases in Afrin

The manufacturing of bullets and mortar shells belonging to the terror group and the production of artillery shells are done at some of the iron casting enterprises in Afrin, a district of Aleppo located across Hatay at the Turkish-Syrian border.

Commercial trucks leaving from the country’s southern Hasakah region, passing through Bashar Assad regime-controlled areas are carrying raw materials to the manufacturing facilities in Afrin.

These trucks bring iron, steel and other ignition materials suitable for constructing ammunition.

While some of the ammunition produced is stored in Afrin, some of it is sent to the other area-controlled by the terrorist organization.

Arming Deir ez-Zor

The CENTCOM is also arming the PKK/PYD in Deir ez-Zor region at Iraq-Syria border on the grounds of combating against Daesh.

The terrorist organization is receiving weapons through the land route.

The shipment arriving from Simelka gate at the Iraq-Syria border is being stored at two different settlements at the 47th region of al-Hul neighborhood of Shaddadi district of southern Hasakah.

US bases are also weapon storages

The U.S. security institutes, aside from its military support, are in active cooperation with the terrorist organization with its nearly 2,000 troops in 10 locations.

The military bases mainly located alongside the M4 highway from the Iraq-Syria border to northern Syrian city of Aleppo, are among the places used to deliver weapons to PKK/PYD terror group.

Aside from the bases in Tal Abyad, Tal Baydar, Ayn al-Arab and Harap Ishk in northern Syria where the CENTCOM forces and experts are deployed via Rmeilan air base, Cebce residences in Shaddadi and Sirrin also serve as repositories for the terrorist organization.

Weapons are supplied from the bases to U.S. forces and PKK/PYD terrorists.

CENTCOM troops and experts in the district of Ayn Issa, located at northern Raqqah, also train the PKK/PYD terrorists in using multi-barrel rocket launchers, artillery, and land-to-ground missiles.

Weapons stored, not used

Most of the weapons and ammunition CENTCOM supplied to the PKK/PYD terrorist organization on the grounds of combatting against Daesh is yet to be used.

According to the information obtained by Anadolu Agency, the unused weapons are being stored in Harap Ishk, located 21 kilometers off the Turkish border.

Multi-barrel rocket launchers and missile ramps, 80mm and 120mm mortars, MK19 bomb launchers, M4 Cabrine and M16 infantry rifles, U.S.-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles, Humwee type military vehicles, Cougar-type armored personnel carriers, unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles, and FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles, which the U.S. has repeatedly refused to sell to Turkey, are among the weapons and vehicles provided to the PYD/PKK terrorists.