New Kurdish mass graves located in Turkey: IHD Report

IHD  – 18.8.2013 – More than 253 mass graves of Kurdish people have been located in 20 province of Turkey, Diyarbakir Human Rights Institute (IHD) said in a report.

The institute reported 50 lawyers and human rights activists have conducted a two-year research over mass graves in southeastern regions of Turkey and situated 253 mass graves in the regions. The remainings of more than 3248 Kurds are buried in the graves, the institute’s website quoted attorney and activist Rakhshan Batar Aay. He added 24 graves have been already unearthed and the buried bones, clothes and belonging have been sent to judiciary centers for more study and DNA tests, stressing that the result of the experiments will disclose the fate of 195 lost Kurdish people in the 1990s. The following chart depicts Kurdish mass graves in 20 provinces. The massacres were conducted by Turkey Security forces during the 1990s.