SARDASHT OSMAN : Remembered on the third anniversary of his murder

Kurdistan Tribune – 5.5.2013 – Journalists and human rights activists in Kurdistan and around the world are remembering Sardasht Osman who was murdered three years ago today.

A group of writers and journalists are meeting in the Culture Cafe in Suli to launch a book that has been published to remember Sardasht’s life and his writing. In Erbil, there has been a gathering at the Literature College at Salahaddin University, attended by Gorran MPs, lecturers, human rights activists and Sardasht’s friends. In Norway and Australia, Kurds and other human rights activists are displaying banners and photos of Sardasht in their city centres, to show to the world what the young have to endure in the territory of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Other seminars and social gatherings are taking place around the world to honour Sardasht and analyse what exactly happened and how this young man became a victim of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) after he criticised the Barzani family’s power and wealth.