Muslim: our will would not be undermined by siege and starvation


31 May 2016 – ANH – KOBANΖ Salih Muslim the co-president of the Democratic Union Party(PYD) stated that no one is capable of breaking the will of Rojava people through starvation and imposing siege on them, noting that Kobanî witnesses two phases of progress since it is resisting on the one hand, and reconstructing the city on the other hand, this came in a meeting held with members of councils and communes of the eastern villages and people of the canton

Salih Muslim the co-president of PYD and Dilber Yousef and an administrative of PYD have met members of councils and communes of the eastern villages of Kobanî to discuss the status quo, evaluate the situation Rojava is going through, and seeking solutions to the plans and opposing policies carried out against Kurds.The meeting was held in Till Hajib village 9 km east of the canton while dozens of members of councils, communes of the eastern villages of the canton, and Till Hajib residents attended the meeting, and the setting was decorated with flags and fighters, Kurdish personalities’ photos.

Muslim delivered a speech which started with welcoming people and showed his joy at meeting with them for the first time.

‘Muslim evaluated in his speech the status quo of the Syrian and Rojava revolution, and pointed out that 6 years of resistance and struggle against forces that aim to break our people’s will has gone by, and praised the historic resistance Kobanî showed against the obscurantist powers and ISIS mercenaries.Muslim noted that Kurds today are not like those of yesterday as they are revived and are resisting for their freedom. In this context, Muslim noted to those who failed the revolution’’ the traitors who dedicated themselves to the opposing powers will lose and would not achieve their goals of undermining the Kurds’ will’’.

Muslim also assured that Kobanî experiences two phases; the first is its resistance and struggle for its security, and the second is reconstruction of the city and added’’ Kobanî resistance is unprecedented through human history, the mercenaries were mistaken when they headed to it and have been defeated there, too’’.      And talking about victories and accomplishments achieved on the political and military levels, Muslim added’’ we have established today relations with US and some European countries, which is a clear evidence that we have proven our existence as Kurds, since we confronted ISIS mercenaries and defeated them a many times, and today we struggle as Kurds for our case not for others as we used to’’.

Many questions were posed then, one of which is: is not essential to hold a national Kurdish conference in current phase? Are there any obstacles to achieve that?

Muslim replied that there are many determined attempts to hold a conference of all Kurdish parties to solve their problems and discuss the political status quo, noting that there are some obstacles since some parties refuse holding the conference under many fake pretenses.

Muslim noted that they hold meetings with Kurdish parties and powers, and discuss with them possible solutions and try to reach common grounds among them that satisfies the Kurdish street.

Another question was that: are there any connections between the federal system proposed and the siege on Rojava, closure of Sêmalka border crossing which coincided with the preparatory meeting of the federal system? Muslim however assured that this siege on Rojava is no wonder, since the border crossing was already shut aiming to lead Rojava people to starvation, hinder the entry of any humanitarian aids to it, restrict its breakthroughs, and undermine its military power fighting for Kurds and other coexisting components. Muslim then added ‘’ no one is capable of undermining the determination of Rojava people by starvation and besieging them’’.

The meeting was concluded with shouting slogans that salute Rojava, Bakur Kurdistan, and freedom fighters.