Rudaw – 9.2.2014 –  (…) On Thursday, the vice chairman of the Workers’ Party of Turkey, Hasan Basri Ozbey, released Ocalan’s video at a press conference in Istanbul.

The video appears to show the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) being questioned by Hasan Atilla Ugur, a Turkish military colonel who was later arrested for a plot to overthrow the government, shortly after his arrest in 1999. “Those who released the video belong to the deep state forces who are opposing a resolution of the Kurdish issue,” Onder said. “The deep state forces have released the video just before the elections to put negative influence on Ocalan’s status and role,” he added.  – Ugur, who appears to be questioning Ocalan in the video, was arrested in 2008 for alleged connection with the Ergenekon clandestine operation to overthrow the government. In 2013, a Turkish court sentenced Ugur to 29 years in jail for involvement in conspiracies against the government.

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