MORE ABOUT KURDISH DISUNITY : Thousands protested against Barzani in Efrin

ANF – Efrin 19.11.2013 – Thousands in the west Kurdistan city of Efrin staged a march to protest against Massoud Barzani, president of Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government, in relation with his statements against the Rojava revolution and the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Referring to the statements of Barzani who claimed there was no Rojava revolution and spoke against the PYD, Behçet Berekat, deputy president of Efrin People’s Assembly, said that “They are denying the revolution which has been attained with the blood of hundreds of youngsters. This denial is the denial of the blood of these youngsters and the denial of the labor of our people”.

Berekat, remarking that Kurds in Rojava have established dozens of institutions and are gradually building an autonomous system now with the self organization and power of the people, stressed that Barzani denied the revolution, the self-sacrifice and the labor of people in Rojava to give a message to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. “This is a message which declares support to the organizations acting together with gang groups, such as Al Parti and Azadi, and promises to continue the attacks against Rojava”, Berekat underlined. Noting that Erdoğan and Barzani made an agreement in Amed on keeping the attacks on Rojava going, Berekat underlined that “As a people and free citizens, we will be taking sides with our defense forces and responding to the attacks with an aim to institutionalize our revolution”.