The Iranian regime continued its crackdown on Kurdish political activity last week. In Mehabad, an Iranian court extended the detention of a Kurdish teacher, Hussein Hassanzada, who was accused of organizing anti-government demonstrations. Also, in Mehabad, Iranian security forces arrested a 23-year-old named Siawesh Rojkhoun for “cooperation with a Kurdish opposition party.” Meanwhile, a Tehran court sentenced a Kurdish citizen from Mehabad named Ahed Nokochian to five months in prison. According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK), Nokochian was arrested four months ago and subject to torture. Simultaneously, Urmia’s Islamic Revolutionary Court sentenced a Kurdish activist named Shanaz Sadiqi, who was initially arrested with her daughter by Iranian intelligence officers (Ettela’at), to 15 years in prison for “aiding a Kurdish opposition party.” Likewise, an Oshnavieh court sentenced a Kurdish environmental activist named Rashid Hassanzada to prison for “meetings and plans against the national security” on Sunday, while an appeals court in Piranshahr resentenced a Kurdish man named Wahid Saedi to two months in prison for political activism. Additionally, Iranian authorities arrested a Kurdish activist named Khalil Husseini for protesting the execution of two Kurds on social media and wounded another Kurd, Parsa Waisi, for an undisclosed reason. Moreover, Sanandaj’s Islamic Revolutionary Court sentenced a Kurdish activist named Foad Einaiati to 76 lashes for protesting Turkey’s October 2019 invasion of northeastern Syria, and a Bokan court sentenced a female Kurd named Fatima Dawand to five years in prison for organizing anti-government protests in August 2019. Finally, a Sardasht court sentenced a Kurdish citizen named Dara Rashidi to 10 years in prison for “membership of a Kurdish opposition party.”

  • Iranian border guards ambushed a group of Kurdish border porters (Kolbars) near Baneh on Monday and wounded five. Two of the wounded were transferred to the town of Penjween in Iraqi Kurdistan to receive medical treatment. Also, in Baneh, an Iranian Revolutionary Court sentenced 10 Kurdish activists to 3 months in prison, 25 lashes, and a 25 million Iranian Rial (600USD) fine for protesting Iranian security forces’ killing of two Kolbars in 2018.

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